Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Wheel Bracelet Maker

Nostalgic memories during my diploma college years, i always wanted to tie one of this friendship bracelet on my guys wrist... and he always runs away. back then he was just a friend and i told him, if i tie it on his wrist, he will be my official bro... well glad i wasn't able to tie it. He manage to snatch both the bracelet and the wheel from me and hide it till now. Years later i saw my little cousin sis was wearing one of these and i asked for my wheel to make more of the friendship bracelet yet my sweetheart still doesn't wanna give me back my old friendship bracelet wheel as superstitious enough that i would tie one on him :P. So here i google up on bracelet makers but couldn't find what im looking for till i bump into this site... its exactly what i meant :D <-- this has a template on making your very own marudai (the disk looking thing) <-- this is a must try for making the bracelets, its flash and the pattern-making tool is great too

So once again i used a small polystyrene board and a cd to draw the layout on and cut the polystyrene circle out, then i divided 32 equal sections and cut half a centimeter at the edges just like the kumihimo tutorial. and of course i cut off the center hole making it a little bigger from the cd inner circle shape.

(The pictures will be posted as soon as i get my net and my cam working again... but please do take a look in the second links gallery, it has practically everything i was mumbling about.)

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