Sunday, October 2, 2011

Baby Asian Dragon Amigurumi

Baby Asian Dragon
This is a mistake turn out great, well if there is errors in the pattern here (This is the original pattern that have not been tested out yet). I hope that you can understand the technique, so you know where the other part of the circle starts and ends. Just a note, the part where you have slip stitches, please do not do it tightly, or it will look weird.

Pattern Below :

Asian Baby Dragon Head
(This was a magical thingy made out of a mistake from making the pony version 2 head) in other words, you can use the pony head or dragon baby head to make this asian baby dragon, anything is possible after all :)

Asian Baby Dragon Body

Just for refference so you can make your own dragon body in different sizes too... Notice the dec or slipstitches goes to the curve inwards and inc goes to the curve outwards. well imagine each row as a circle, and slice the circle in half, i worked the first half and second half in opposite directions.

SC = Single Stitch
DEC =  Decrease Stitch
INC =  Increase Stitch
SP =  Slip stitch
RB = Repeat the pattern Backwards 
"..." = end of the first half circle

Oh the Ear Flap thingy is crochetted directly on to the head, 7 stitches to start, and another sc in all at the top of that 7 stitches, but i add an inc in the middle. 
for the example.

The Hands and Feet are also crochetted on. Using only 4 stitches in circle, and repeat 4sc at least 2-3 rows. And chain 3 and sc on the next stitch... do this 3 times (This also known as picot if im not mistaken), then slipstitch and end off hide it in the body, if can get the two edge yarn coming out of a hole on the body, tie and hide it. This will not give a loose end.

The mustache, well its a leftover yarn, i split it into two, and tie it up, if i use a whole yarn, it looks weird and heavy, so thin and curly is cuter.

Okay im done, i haven't make a second version, to test it out yet, so please if it turn out right do keep me informed. Thank you :D


  1. Thank you for sharing i allready commented on crafster (amigurumilover) so i'm very happpy that you posted the pattern! Going to start my own little dragon right away =3

  2. Woa! So fast!! And i was surprised knowing you are "Amigurumilover", Thank you :D Im looking forward to seeing your little dragon, i wonder how it will turn out?

  3. Wellll i just finished the head and started the body, didn't find any errors so far and he's turning out cute!

  4. Im glad the first part is well done, though the body was the one i fear having mistakes as, the slip stitch have to be done loosely. And here i did the second asian baby dragon to test it out, and yes it looks identical. (I tried using dec instead of slip stitch for row 8, but it doesn't give the "standing" look of the neck so i just had to go with slip stitch)

  5. Finished!
    Now i just have to get my camera tomorrow and send you a photo!
    Thank you for sharing the pattern and for exsplaining how to get the curves in the tail! I didn't incounter any problems =3 Now i want to try ALL your patterns :P

  6. Cant wait to see it! Im kinda excited knowing its completed and im able to help out :D Well, yes i didn't wanna do the plain straight long tail as its kinda "weird" when stretched into curves, so had to do it this way. Im super happy that ur able to understand the method :)

  7. he's so adorable-- love his cute little expression! wonderful work- thanks for sharing this pattern. :)

  8. Too cute! I can't wait to try him out. Thanks for sharing the adorable pattern!

  9. hi, I'm trying to make him by myself, but I cant understand the head pattern (row 5), the RB-part. Can you describe the pattern please? Could it 5sc,inc,2sc,inc-5sc,inc,2sc,inc? or 5sc,inc,2sc,inc-inc,2sc,inc,5sc?
    Thank for your help...

  10. This is amazing and I am definitely going to make this! I've been looking for a way to add those bends! Just wanted to get the 'gist' of it. Is it right to assume that if I increase on one side, I should decrease on the other? If I'm working in a circle I mean. For example, I there are maybe 24 stitches in the circle, would it make sense to increase in the first stitch and decrease at around stiches 12-14? Or am I totally off? Sorry for the long and kind of unclear question ><

  11. Thank you all,
    eily, the RB means repeat it back ward.... Its like ABCDEFG, then continue wit GFEDCBA.

    hanako, yes you are right, it will give the curve but try not to do too many rows and slip stitch is best for hard curves, but it may look a bit weird if you do tightly. Its like... Every row single stitch builds a taller wall then slip stitch which builds only half of the same wall. So combine it in a circle gives you up n down... But the dec n inc is opposite, it actually bends the wall instead.

    thank you again, note... im using a friends mobile pc to reply, will get back in couple of weeks.

  12. I have a strange question. What does "6 mg" mean in the pattern for the head?

  13. 6 mg... well sorry i have the habit of writing magic ring as mg, so its 6 stitch of magic ring.

  14. Just found your pattern for the Asian Baby Dragon, I'm super stoked about this. Because next year is the Chinese Year of the Dragon, I thought this would make a great gift for my cousin (who is having a little girl) and my Psychology teacher (who is also having a little girl). Can't wait to try out this pattern! So adorable!!! =^.^=

  15. Quick question about the pattern for the body (I'm working on it right now). When I got to row 6, I had to add one more sc to come out right with 14 for row 7. So it came out as 4sc, inc, 4sc, and then another 4 sc to get to 14. (instead of 4, inc, 3, 4). Am I missing something? I don't want to go through your whole pattern doing it wrong, haha

  16. Cpp and rosie, im glad You like it,
    rosie, nothings wrong adding sc as is wont make any difference, but inc n dec is the ones that curve. Just make sure you know which is the upper and lower part of the circle and it will turn just right. Do add row of sc in between if you want it to get longer.

  17. Love this pattern! Just one question, though. What exactly does 'sp dec' and 'sp' mean? Thank you.

  18. what do you mean by 6mg? inc in all I know inc is increase,but increase by what? NONE of this makes any sense to me!

  19. What does 6 sc,6 sp sc all mean? What does the ...4 sc, and 9 sp mean? To sum it up I guest I don't understand steps:1,2,4,10,16,and 17 for the body. Does 12 loops mean 12 chains? I'm pretty good at crochet,but none of the stuff that I've made had this many confusing steps. Plus I really want to make this dragon for a little girl.

  20. Keri and waffle,
    -sp means slip stitch, a normal single stitch has yarn over the hook while sp dont have yarn over the hook.
    -6mg is 6 chain stitch ring and known as magic ring probably because it dont have holes like the normal doily projects. Its usually used in amigurumi.
    Sorry for the super late reply, still kinda having things to sort out untill i can really spend time with my hobby.

  21. Love this pattern! Does the "..." mean to your work around? Also when starting the next row do you turn it back around. Really having issues with getting it to line up.

  22. Hi! This dragon looked amazing! && I wanted to try it out....since I don't know much of the crochet vocabulary, but does 12 loops mean like 12 chains? Thank for replying in advance if I do not get back to you sooner!

  23. what does the 12 loop mean for starting the body?

  24. This pattern is very confusing. If you could fully explain each step your amazing patterns would be more accessible and so popular. There are steps that are incomplete (such as the first step of the body) that could use some clarification.
    Your patterns are beautiful, and worth struggling through, but they would be so much better with some more explanation, perhaps common terminology.

  25. for the body - you mention 12 loop - is this the beginning of a tube or a chain?

  26. Anonymous 1, when you cut a row circle in half, you get the top part pattern then i place the "..." as a marker and then the lower part marker. Its just to show the body changes from top and bottom so you can see if the top expand with inc, then the bottom must retract with dec. Its just a marker for understanding only.

    Anonymous 2, 3, 4,

    Yes, 12 loop is 12 chain which the start and end is bind together to form a loop.

    Sarah Myers, thank you and you are right, but for now i cant spend much time on editing the pictures to upload as i've already written above the terminology (unless there are other meanings to it?)

    SP = Slip stitch
    Dec = Decrease
    inc = increase
    sc = single stitch
    loop = a loop of chain (12 loop is 12 chain which the start and end is bind and working over it in circles)
    MG = magic ring
    The numbers at the corner from 1 to 10 and above is actually the rows.

    Dont worry of the unbalanced total stitches at the top portion or the lower portion of the rows as it changes. Sometimes i tend to "borrow some stitches from the next or previous rows" and use it with the current row.
    If you understand the method, its easier to do without a pattern. I hope to show the method more instead of pattern in this baby asian dragon. Thank you and sorry for the tedious process here. When i get my free time i will get back to updating the old post.

  27. I have finished the body and head.

    My head looks more like an egg shape and the nose area does not seem to stick out like yours.. Maybe I messed up on round 9. It says to SC in stitch going down???? did not understand that part. .

    Can you explain how you did your EYES? and what kind of EYES you used, and size. They are just perfect. Did you add a black stitch around the eye??

    Do you count stitches down--across-- etc for placing EYES-EARS-ARMS-LEGS- & WINGS What is the rule for adding these to your pieces so that they look even. Yours look so even.

    Thank You

    1. Its an ordinary 2mm circular beads for the eyes.
      Try placing a long needle to mark the eyes across, it helps to sew in the proper place.
      Thank you too :)

  28. Im glad you have finish the head and body.

    If you wanna make a new one : The row 9 for sc in stitch going down is actually meant as the part on row 7 previously the "sp" area, you should sc over it. At the jaws, stuff in a liitle and stop give the bending of the jaw some space then stuff the head, try using a pen to push the stuffing's in the jaw.

    The eyes were round beads that i bought at "popular bookshop". I used blue beads with black thread to sew it up, and i gave a little eye liners with permanent black pen (careful on what kind of ink it is as it may blot or smudge, test in on a wasted yarn leftovers to see if it blots) When you sew the beads, try sewing both together after deciding the area of the eye. i use the same thread, from left to right then left again and repeat.

    Nope i dont count the stitches for placing eyes, and i usually give a "dent" like area for the face where the eyes should be. usually at the row 6 at dec area. As the nose started building with the row 6 "inc inc then rb" part.
    After the eyes are placed, the ears are kinda "marked" with tiny dots of similar color which will be chain stitched over (but instead i kinda start with chain stitch at one end and sc over to the other)
    The ears if you start from right, then start from the nose to the back of the head. if its the left of the head, then start from the back of the head to the nose area. the curves on the head should be there to guide the flow. just make sure every stitch you do is symmetrical. yes, for the other side, every stitch you need to check and do with the one side ears you did.

    You are welcome, and Thank you. Have few days left to be on9 for these Chinese new year holidays.

  29. What size HOOK did you use for this dragon???

    Would you happen to know what size yarn? Is it like a 2 ply--4ply Or????

    I was starting another head and I am using 2 ply with a D hook & am not liking it-It appears to be VERY tight. and difficult to work with. I think the hook I am using is to small.

    Thank you

  30. Im not sure what ply exactly, it has 4 strings in 1 so i guess its 4ply? My hook head is equally the same size of the yarn, thats how i check for size as i dont understand the size of 3-4 means. Try exploring with multiple yarn and see how it turn out :D
    Your welcome and Thank you too :)

  31. In the first row of the body, CH 12 loops (chain) Join (circle)

    Row 2: Am I going to do the sc and SP into EA CHAIN ST. (LOOP) OR do I place all SC & Sp stitches in the center of the loop (chain) circle. I've done both and at this point Iam not sure which one to do???? Please advise.

    If your using 4 ply yarn would'nt these dragons be of fair size? They look on the small size. I know the cameras can be decieving..Just curious

    Thank You

  32. Yes, first row chain 12 and join a circle.
    row 2... continue in circle, 12 sc directly instead of "6sc, 6sp" as it will be hard to do at the start. Then you do another extra row "6sc, 6sp".
    Unless you can do 6sc, 6sp directly for row 2.

    It is my palm size actually, well longer though if i stretch it. I think it is 4 ply as it has 4 strings twisted into 1 yarn. I use "Nona Brand" acrylic yarn here which is kinda less thicker then lion brand yarn. The pictures are directly from my nokia n73 phone. I tried googling for nona brand yarn but cant find it till i saw this post.
    Thats nona brand yarn im refering too.

    Thanks you, glad i could reply in time before my holidays are over.

  33. Yes I was having problems in the circle with the sp spaces. Would not work.

    So the 12 sc in the circle around first will work out much better.

    Thank you for responding so fast to all my questions. Seems like I have been on these patterns forever and still don't have a completed piece yet. LOL


  34. Can you explain parts 7-9 on the head? I'm getting confused trying to follow your pattern. I don't quite understand what to do after you turn with the whole skipping part.

  35. Sure,
    On Row 7, from the first sp to the last sp is actually the front nose/mouth area.(the sp is placed to give the face a tighter form on the cheeks thats not like the dec form that will curve inwards instead.) Since you are turning half way at the cheek, assume that you pushed the remaining reverse part of "sc, dec, sc, inc, sc, dec" that you start at row 7 earlier to row 10.
    Row 8 is only on the mouth area which is from the previous rows sp to sp only. Same as row 9.
    That should form the mouth.

    BTW = SP is slip stitch, i usually skip a stitch at the turning point and start crochet at second stitch to form a triangle or curve at a corner. that way the corners dont stretch much.
    I hope that helps :)

  36. I love this pattern, but as I'm reading through it (as I like to do since so I make sure I understand everything I'm doing), I find it hard to understand your steps. I was reading through the head and got to step 7 where you have "sp dec". I understand your "sp" means slip stitch, and "dec" means decrease. So I was just wondering what you mean/how you do a "sp dec", or if what you meant was "sp, dec"? I'm fairly new to crocheting, so it's extremely hard for me to even understand a lot of what you're trying to say since I'm used to patterns that explain each step, such as: "*sc in next st, 2 sc in st after* repeat til end"

    Also, I was reading through the body, and (I prefer to know how many stitches are in each row) trying to figure it out. So you start with 12 chains. Now, do you sl st (slip stitch) it close, or..? Then in the second step you have 6sc (6 single crochet), 6sp (6 slip stitch) and then you have sc all after that. Does this mean you are you starting another row? Then you have 12 sc all (I assume you mean that's 12 single crochets for the row). Then you have "3 sc, inc, 3sc ...4sc" which I understand means 3 single crochet, increase, 3 single crochet and then 4 single crochet, which is fine, but in step five you want us to do 13 single crochets, but in step four you're only getting 12 single crochets... so where is the 13th single crochet coming from? Then you also do the same thing in step six (we end up crocheting 13 single crochets in step 5, but in step 6 we're supposed to have increased so we could have 14 single crochets to do step seven.)

    I haven't read much further than that, since I'm trying to figure out what I've already mentioned.

    Again, I love the pattern, the directions are difficult to follow/understand.

  37. Yes, it is sp, then dec as in after slip stitch then decrease comes. Sometimes i forget to place the "," in between... so yes its "sp, dec".

    The body, well i didnt place the number of rows as i kinda add and substract alot of stitches from "previous" row, "current" row, and "next" row. Since imagine up the body with each row is kinda divided in half, so the adding and substracting stitches varies greatly to actually place a starting and ending point of row. So even if you place a different color yarn marker to state your start at the first row, eventually it will not be vertically aligned at several rows later.

    yikes, i cant mumble, sorry got to cut things short here (frm ur question):

    yes i do slip stitch it close.

    yes, the "12 sc all" mean that's 12 single crochets for the row.

    yes i placed only 1 inc in row (2, 4, 6).

    Sorry im running out of time here, i got to go now. Will get back to you if you didnt understand it. Thanks for the compliments :D

  38. Okay so I love what you made, but your pattern is very messed up. And how could you not know what size hook you used? Are you a noob at crochet or something? I just started a month ago, but I can make some pretty awesome stuff, and I can understand every pattern I read, except yours. Because you wrote it wrong. You said you placed only 1 inc in row 2, 4, and 6. You NEVER stated to inc in row 2. Only row 4 and 6. So are you saying you don't even know your own pattern? I really wanted to make this for my unborn daughter, because this is the year of the dragon and she is coming very soon. But this pattern makes no sense. Why do you do sp as chains instead of actual chains? You realize that no other pattern does this, because you are not supposed to.

  39. I tried making this cute little dragon, but couldn't understand it good enough and it came out bumpy in spots that don't line up. It's cute, but I think I'll stick to my other stuff. Thank you for sharing, though!

  40. Sin... No I dont know my own patterns after long time completing it. Gosh... and why so rude calling ppl noob? My original pattern had inc at row 2, and yes my mistake referring to my note book thinking its the same as the one posted here. I remove row 2 inc, so the neck wont have an adams apple. the rest of it is pretty much the same flow. Again the technique is more important then the pattern here, for learning purpose.=.='..........

    Anonymous, Glad it turned out cute, but bumpy? the head should be symmetrical, so i assume its the body especially the slip stitch area if its not done loosely. Thanks :D

  41. this is sooo cute! what size hook did you use?

  42. Hi, recently i've received some hooks thanks to bonnie and realize my hook was B size hook (its around 20 years old hook that says 3/0 but its the same as B size hook. 2.25mm).

  43. hi, I try to make him by myself, but I cant understand the head pattern (row 5), the RB part- Is the RB the same to the reserse single crochet? I tried to reserse sc but it is thick. Can you describe the pattern please?
    Thank for your help


    1. Row 5,

      It says :

      5sc, inc, 2sc, inc (RB)

      Which means,

      5sc, inc, 2sc, inc, inc, 2sc, inc, 5sc

      You read the pattern backwards. Usually the RB is placed at the center of the head to give symmetrical effect.

      Hope this helps :D

  44. Can you make a video on how to make the head, I'm so confused when it gets to row 8.

    Also, is there a pattern for a bigger version??

    1. Video? That i have yet to try. Not sure though.

      Row 7 ;
      1. before the slip stitch,it is the right side cheek area.
      2. The part between the slip stitch are the nose/muzzles.

      Row 8 and 9 is worked on ONLY Muzzles/Nose.
      Try these instead of row 8 and 9, it still works but im not sure if it would turn out right.

      "3 dec, turn , skip the stitch, dec, skip a stitch,"

      then you will need to add an SC to even out the deformed look at the corner,... (its bar stitch like the example in the vampire wing)

      Continue on With row 10, to finish the other side of the cheeks.

      Never thought of making a Bigger version of these, when i get back into crochet mood, i will see what i can whip up :D

      Hope im able to help out :)

    2. Thank you so much. The only reason I asked if you could make it bigger, is because I was wanting to make one that you could cuddle with, not a key-chain sized one :)

    3. Making a bigger cuddle version takes time (Im lazy in things that takes days), but the trick
      is the same, for the body,
      - use loose slipstitches at the curving parts
      - use dec ONLY for reducing the diameter and inc for Increasing the diameter.

      However, bigger version means everything x 2 or x 3 depending on how big you make it. you may need to add (sc in all) after every rows. If the size is 3 times bigger, add 2 sc in all after the "curving" rows.

      The Head ~ im not sure how to explain, so i guess after my few other projects done i will make a large dragon after all.

  45. Ok, I love this pattern. It's so cute, and the head worked out fine. But I'm stuck on the body. What do the "..."s mean? I never end up with the right amount of stitches to go all the way around. Help please?

    1. Oh Dont worry about that "..." just ignore it and ignore the total number of stitches and it will be fine. you only need the total number of stitches for enlarging the body.

      If you want to enlarge the body, you will need to add or remove a couple of stitches to get it as per total stitch in a row.

      The easiest no-math way to enlarge is, keep a marker every 2 rows (one the original pattern and the other is the "sc all"). just make sure the sc all reach the marker before you move to the next original pattern (Only for the body, the head have to be accurate)

      Hope it helps :)

  46. I would TOTALLY LOVE A VIDEO!!!! My sister and I are both very consfused as to what you mean by 'TURN'... I would also LOVE to see a larger version... I think it is absolutley adorable!

  47. Thank you so much for posting this pattern. It IS a little difficult to understand, but I am astonished at the rudeness of people who blame you for this, when you have so generously put it on line. Commenters, please remember your manners!

  48. They shouldn't be rude, but the pattern is not written to standard, nor is it using all standard terms. I am actually having to rewrite the pattern so I don't have to constantly refer to her key.

  49. SO I discovered your pattern and loved it!! I'm trying to make it for my older sister for christmas since she;'s a dragon fanatic!!! The head was easy for me to understand and most people asked the other questions about things that were fuzzy at one point. My trouble is with the body, I've made two different attempts at it, but with each one the places in the pattern where the neck cinches and the tummy flares out and the tail curves aren't getting really distinguished...I've just done the pattern as you say, not using a marker and kind of ignoring the "..." as you've informed others to do, but that body came out bumpy and too thick in the neck area, meanwhile the second one I did wasn't as bumpy but there were practically no curves :( ?? I've tried to do it a bunch more ways, but it hasn't been coming out real well....was wondering if you had any advice?

    1. Its the crochet tension, practice a bit on how tight the stitches are, when its even give it another go and see the difference. If the stitches are too tight its bumpy, if the stitches too lose the shape doesnt form well. Different hook sizes and yarn sizes do effect the crochet tension there. Play along with it and you will find the right one.
      Thank you :)

  50. Thank you for posting the pattern, this little dragon is adorable. I have made the head, and it has turned out fine, but doesn't look exactly like the one in the picture above?The nose doesn't stick out as much as i'd like, does anybody have any tips?

  51. Hi, I just learnt how to knit, and I'm getting the hang of it pretty fast. Do you know if it would be possible to make this little cutie by knitting? 'Cause I can't do crochet and I think my nephew would really like one of these

  52. This is so incredibly confusing to me!


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