Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Cat from Devil?

I wanted to make a Manchester United Devil Amigurumi for Navles  who is one of the MU Soccer fan but since MU Devil on the logo is so confusing to me, i just made up an imaginary Devil Amigurumi... and being me (child~like toy lover) making devil are kinda a huge challenge.

 (Sorry about the extreme poor picture quality)
It turn looking cute and with characters like a cartoon cat?! I love how it turn out, but Navles said it dont look like a devil, its more of a cat, so i tried in a different color and yeah... it does look like a cat (Especially when i gave a muzzle to it!).

Its kinda simple Ami and the only thing that was hard was the ears.
Lets start with the Head :
Notice the ears, well its attached separately to the Head
- 6 magic ring/circle
-INC all to get 12 stitches in total

 It could be 5mg then INC and 10 stitches in total. (But the pattern below may vary unless you adjust it accordingly)

The ears are 5 or 6 chain binded at the same stitch to forn a loop ring. sc all over that circle, sc inc the rest off, the end off yarn is pulled inside out gently yet tight. Both sides are done so...

Cheers!! thats how i did the Vampire Dragon head too (The one in the Vampire Dragon Wings in Wings Section), just the pattern that comes after this part is way different then this one. Well... the rest is easy,

- "(sc, inc) in all" to get 30 stitches (The Binding stitch between the ears and the head are considered as a stitch too.
- sc in all (3 rows)
- sc in all But dec at both corners where the ears are (3 rows)

The dec at the left and right corners are meant to curve the head in circle, it has nothing to do with the muzzles as i didnt write that down here.

- (sc, dec) in all (2 rows)
- dec all till end off.

Okay Thats it for the head.

The Body, arm and legs are way easier to do.

- 6mg
- inc in all (12)
- (sc, inc) in all (18)
- (2sc, inc) in all (24)
- (3sc, inc) in all (30)
- (4sc, inc) in all (36)
- sc in all (36)
- (2sc, dec) do this 10 times
- sc 26 stitches
- (sc, dec) do this 9 times
- (2sc, dec) do this 4 times
- 13 sc end off ( the end off will be at the left side where the front is the tummy and the rest you can guess)

- 6chain turn
- 5sc, turn
- 4sc, inc turn,
- dec, 4sc ,
- continue inc , 2sc, inc, 9sc, dec, dec(center), dec,
- continue 8sc, dec, sc(center), dec,
- continue 6sc, dec, sc, dec,
- continue sc inc, sc inc, 3sc, inc, 22 sc end off.

- 6mg
- inc all
- 4sc, dec, 4sc, dec
- 2sc, dec, 2sc, dec, 2sc, dec,
- 8 sc end off.

- Im leaving this out unless it is requested, since i used "Bar stitch" at the fork part of the tail. Running out of net time to type more... 


- 6 Surface stitch in circle at where the tail suppose to be (clockwise)
- 2sc dec, 2sc, dec
- 32sc, turn 
(Okay the part where the sharp pointy part at one corner comes in)
- Bar stitch at last sc (the 32th sc), Bar stitch again on the last Bar Stitch.
- 2 chain (3 chain if you dont like the curve it makes later on), TURN (Unlike the Vampire Dragon Wing, i turn here which is probably the main difference)
- SP on second chain from hook, 3sc (4 if you used 3 chains earlier).
(The Middle Sharp Pointy Part)
- Continue on with 4 chain (if its not long enough add extra chains)
- Sp on second chain from hook, 2sc (+ the extra sc for the number of chains if you added)

(Last Pointy part, working just like the first pointy part but probably messed up the additional part)

This part need some tweaking since i dont understand my notes again :P  It says :
 "Not sure why note"
(Dont remember why i added this barstitch here, it dont make sense, substitute with sc and see how it goes? or follow on and see what happens exactly as i did it ~it might be a mistake though)
- Bar stitch on last sc (ignore the chain still hanging, its just to give a base ~Adjusting here is advisable since its not perfect or symmetry in geometry both looks symmetrical enough... weird) 
 - Skip an RH hole (skip the area where the bar stitch was placed) and sc... probably at the chain.

 This is the right pointy corner and seems like the last corner is just forming in this part (see its same as the first)

- Bar stitch, Bar Stitch, 2 chain ( or 3 chain like the first pointy part)
- sp on second chain from hook, 2sc (or more like the first pointy part)

(Again i have no idea why i added another bar stitch below)
- Bar stitch from last sc, skip RH hole like the previous " not sure why note"
- sp and end off pull the end off yarn into the center of the tail gently... There its done :D

Im not sure why some part has additional bar stitch, but is written in my notes and please feel free to adjust it as you wish.

Oh, Just a suggestion, adding a tiny ears would make it look more of a devil then kitty :)

Alright, enjoy :D


  1. i've tried several ways to get the tail for my little devil to look the same as yours, even using your BARsc and i just can't get it to work. any help in getting it to look better would be awesome. thanks for the pattern share

    1. Im surprised and excited to help, so i've updated the tail at the bottom page. Though im really worried if some part is just too confusing.. Hope you can get it turn out right, i made only 1 devil for navles and never made a test try. Thank you for trying out, it made my day!

    2. thank you so much!! tail looks so much better now. if i ever get around to putting up pictures of him ill link it to you

    3. Thank you! Thank you!! I was worried the pattern was too hard :) Just feel soooo glad now, Thank you again :D

  2. i'm trying to make another of these little cutties, and this time i can't seem to get the horns/ears to cooperate with me. i'm not sure what exactly i'm doing wrong, but if you could help that'd be wonderful.

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