Sunday, June 3, 2012

My Flash Collection

When i was a teen, i loved Both Art and Science Equally... but i grew to hate programming just few years ago and Navles kinda kept knocking my head with motivation quotes "GO FIND YOUR TECH LOVING YOU AGAIN SHARA!". But I just didnt had the heart to as i gave in thinking that i just turned into a woman and no longer could code or do anything related to codings. (The rest of my mumbles are moved below)

So here is what i still have with me.

(Roughly 2mb so its better to Right Click and Download first before Clicking the Link if The Internet Connection is Slow)

Extra Notes about ABC Game :
- Clickable Picture
- The Mouse Picture is hard to click
- Its my voice on the pictures
- the music is not mine at all
- POOR QUALITY WORK but i learned alot of important codes

 (Roughly 200kb so it can be Viewed directly on WebPage)

Extra Note about the Pet Game :
- Extremely Lame Quality as did this in just few hours to spare in this couple of days
- Migrating to Actionscript 3.0 is not that hard, reminds me of Object Oriented Codes
-Try rolling the mouse over the bunny :P
- The bunny dies so fast... Sorry about that
- Probaby have a lot of Bugs to be tested out and improved but it works, Im Happy :D

Will see what the future holds for Flash Works... To be Update for another few years perhaps.

(Continued Mumbles) ... During my diploma, i made the ABC game~sort of for toddlers with Macromedia Flash MX. Back in those days, it was so much fun programming and coding with my friends. My passion for programming was still alive... But as i move into Degree, it was a "black and white ethic coded" life style. There was no fun, no colors or art in that world and everything came crumbling down when i just couldn't code a simple C++ program anymore. I thought it was the growing up stage of becoming a woman... The passion for Art, Fashion, Music, and girls stuff took over me. I WAS ABSOLUTELY WRONG! It was not the evolving stage of a girl to a woman, but actually the lack of "colors" in those business like environment which artistic people struggles to relate to... um... Not sure how to express that, but i felt programming was boring and just plain dull, i was forcing my self to code and ended up failing miserably. What happened to me...? Well many issues arose during this 7 years gap so i'll leave those out.

Ever-since my Hard Disk crashed... I nearly lost all hope that my 'ancient' data and work has all gone especially my "Fun Exploring Happy Years" at Diploma. Being ignorant to search for any back ups, i ran from the pain of lost data for few years and just last few days i found an old CD filled with my My works from 5th Semester and some extra back up.

I wondered... am i capable to do simple flash applications still? HTML was easy but flash has Actionscript 3.0 now and im familiar with the older version.  I did!! Its the Pet Game. Hehe, Still need to get out of those old habits of 'in frame codes', but im satisfied for my first try in ActionScript 3.0 :D

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