Monday, April 16, 2012

Wing : Vampire Wings

Made this for a friend, and sharing the wing pattern here, (Sorry for the bad quality pictures, the Dragon in purple cant turn out as pretty as the real one... it turn blue somehow...)

Since i got too excited crochetting, i didnt write down the body pattern... so i will have to try making another one, too bad it may never be like the first one... (This one belongs to Bonnie!)

So i will only add the wings for now and will try to figure out what i did for the body later (Maybe which need to be inspired heavily... Oh the "ring" on my hand is not tattoo but was bitten by my bro months ago and still not healed, weird)

Hook Size : B (2.25mm)
Yarn : Acrylic "Nona brand" (Like lionbrandS Vanna's glamour?)

 Note on Abbreviation used often :
inc = Increase
dec = Decrease
sc = Single Crochet
sp = Slip stitch
turn = turn the work around
On sec = Start from second stitch from the hook and onwards
bar sc = Sc on the Bar
RH = Sc on the last sc placed
Additional Note : This is Applique type crochet

Before we move on to the wing pattern, few "stiches"  you  need to know, since i have never seen anyone using it before and dont know what its called if it exist either. So from "My way of Crochet Terms"... 

Bar Stitch (Not exactly front post or back post, but its side post?)

Imagine a Single Crochet as a Plant, It has its leaf, stem, and roots. 
So, the leaf is "Stitches" which is commonly used.
The Stem or "Front.Back Post~Post" is "BAR"... But instead of doing it like front or back post, we do side post, crochet in the 2 yarn of the post. Thats it! (But it will be side ways = Left or Right)

Example : 4sc, Bar sc, Chain, turn, 6 sc. <--- The Bar sc means, Single crochet on the last 4th "Bar" not the 4th Stitch! This will give a diagonal effect.


RH means Root Hole in my terms, Just like the earlier example based on plants, Single crochet in the exact same place where the last single crochet were made. Similar to "Increase" which places the next single crochet in the same stitch the previous single crochet were made... "RH". I use "RH" because, in cases i want to add a chain in between on an "increase" stitch or add "Bar SC Stitch", How do i refer to it as short and easy to understand way? so this is how i write my messy patterns out usually.

Example : 6 chain, turn, 5 sc, chain, RH sc, 5 sc. <--- It means At the last Single crochet (the 5th sc) after you chain, place another single crochet in the last sc.

Sometimes i mix "Bar" and "RH" together.

Example : 6 chain, turn, 5 sc, Bar sc, chain, RH sc, 5 sc. <---The Bar Stitch will be on the 5th Single crochet stem/bar/post, then Chain, The last "Root Hole" will be at the same 5th Single crochet NOT the Bar single crochet's root (This is because when you crochet on the bar more then once or twice, and try to get that particular bar hold more stitches it will stretch the crochet work and ruin it)

Okay, here is the Wing Pattern assuming you understood the top tutorial first :D

Number of Rows
1 12 chain, turn
2 12 sc, turn
3 12 sc, 15 chain, turn
4 On sec, 12 sc, sp at chain , turn
5 On sec, skipping the previous sp made, 12sc, turn
6 12sc, sp at chain, 12sc, turn
7 11sc, dec, 9sc, sp, turn
8 On sec, 8sc, dec, 6sc, turn
9 5sc, dec, 6sc, turn,
10 5sc, dec, 5sc, turn
11 4sc, dec, 5sc, chain
12 continue on… Bar sc, RH, Bar sc, RH, and this goes on till corner (Around 12 stitches in total)
13 continue on… Bar sc on the last sc made in row 12. RH, 12 sc, turn (This is the top of the wing)
14 12sc, bar sc, sp at next stitch, 2 sc, sp turn
15 On sec, 4sc, turn
16 3sc, turn
17 On sec, 3sc, turn
18 2sc, continue around 12 sc down till reach the curving peak, inc at the peak,
19 bar sc (on last inc), RH, 9sc, Bar sc, RH, RH, RH, sp on last RH end off long yarn.
20 sew the yarn to the corner, bend the top 2 flaps and sew with a floral wire on.

Notice the 12 sc on row 12 and 18, this may vary 13 stitch since in my First trial pink wings had 13stitches.

Oh after sewing it up, you will notice a hole at the bend, well with new yarn to create the horn, sc all around that hole roughly 5-7 stitches and "sc dec" till it ends. This is to create the horn like effect at the wings. If you start out with 6 stitches, make sure the other wing is also 6 stitches or the horn would look weird. If you could sc dec all from the start, would be better though.

Okay Enjoy :D Hope it can help out for halloween themed designs. If you use my patterns, please do link the page. Thank you and if there is any mistakes, do feel free to inform me, (i may not change it in the near future but it will be on the list to do for some time later)


  1. do you have any videos on you tube showing your special stitches?

      Its not mine but these helps, and weirdly its the same name :D

  2. These directions are horrible but thanks for the picture. I made up a completely different pattern that looks similar and obviously very different.

  3. I love these wings just not sure i grasp your pattern well enough to yet to do it :( do you ever do YouTube tutorials I'm more visual.

  4. Hello

    have yourself the manual for the dragon I find the totally cute!


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