Monday, April 16, 2012

Mini Baby Dragon (Keychain Size)

Based on the Medium size Baby Dragons. Had this pattern Quiet a while now, but never tested it till recently till i "dug" up my messed up patterns in a pile of plastic bag. Its so small and cute that it only fits the "Tiny Baby Dragon Wings". Making the wings are a little tedious to me, so i never made it much.

Hook Size : B (2.25mm)
Yarn : Acrylic "Nona brand" (Like lionbrandS Vanna's glamour?)

 Note on Abbreviation used often :
inc = Increase
dec = Decrease
sc = Single Crochet
sp = Slip stitch
mg = magic ring/circle for amigurumi
RB = Read the same pattern in reverse (ABCDE=EDCBA)


Row Instructions Total
1 5mg 5
2 Inc all 10
3 "sc, inc" all 15
4 sc, inc, sc, dec, sc, inc, inc, inc, sc, dec, sc, inc, sc 18
5 4sc, dec, dec, inc, (RB) 16
6 4sc, dec, sc, inc, (RB) 16
7 dec. dec, dec, 4sc, dec, dec, dec, + sc
8 dec the rest of. Till 2 or 3 stitches left, prefer no stitch left if can.
9 The tricky part is to pull the yarn to the "neck" area and knot it tight.

Body N Tail

I worked this part in "side way design" but still being symmetrical some plus and minus of stitches.

Row Instructions Total
1 5mg 5
2 Inc all 10
3 "sc, inc" all 15
4 "2sc, inc" all 20
5 sc, dec, sc, dec, sc, dec. | 3sc, inc, 3sc, inc, 3sc 19
6 2sc, dec, 2sc. | 4sc, inc, sc, inc, sc, inc, 4sc 21
7 sc, dec, dec, sc. | sc, inc, sc, sc, inc, sc, 4inc, sc, inc, sc, sc, inc, 2sc, dec, sp.
8 end off long yarn to sew the tail and body up.
9 Mattress stitch from sp to the peak of the tail (At 4 inc stitches), end off here or

bring the needle to the neck (at the 5mg) and sew the head on with this extra yarn.


Row Instructions
1 7mg
2 sc all (7)
3 sc all (7)
4 sc, dec, sc, dec, sc, sp end off.

Incase you dont like the arm too small to be legs...


Row Instructions
1 5mg
2 sc, inc, sc, inc, sc, +inc,
3 sc all (8)
4 sc, dec, sc, dec, sp end off and sew.

Okay Thats it, Pretty easy to make once try it. the first time took 2 days to do, then it takes 4 hours or after 6pm - 12midnight with some dinner and relaxation inbewteen. Roughly 3-4 inches.


  1. i dont understand where it sais 5mg on row one. Could you help?

    1. Um 5mg... Well its 5 magic ring/ magic circle, um, just like the other patterns i wrote.

    2. Well, what means (RB) in row 5/6 ?

    3. RB = Reverse Back
      example :
      12345 (RB)
      12345 54321


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