Friday, July 6, 2012

How to Enlarge an Amigurumi Technique


I've been receiving many requests for large Baby Dragon and Asian Baby Dragon.

Since i just have no "mood" to work on large projects, here are the most simple way to whip up a large Amigurumi to cuddle...

1) Use a Large yarn lets say size 4 and appropriate Hook for it. (Depends on your crochet tension actually)

2) Get any small Ami Pattern and set how big you want the work to look.
(Example you want it Two or 3 times the size or even 4 times the size of the Actual small Amigurumi. So lets say two times bigger then the actual amigurumi.)

3) Rewrite the whole pattern in x2 multiplication row by row. give a line spacing after each row for later use.

Break :  Understanding the Rule to Enlarge Ami.
Dont get what i mean when it comes to multiplications right?
Well it means, when you see a pattern says "2sc, dec, 3sc inc, 2sc, dec", and if multiplied by 2, it will be "4sc, dec, dec, 6sc, inc, inc, 4sc, dec, dec". BUT THATS NOT NEAT AND LOOKS BUMPY. Thats because the dec and inc when multiplied, it creates a tension when you enlarge it.
So the trick is to do it like this " (2sc, dec)x2, (3sc, inc)x2, (2sc, dec)x2"... It also can be written like this "2sc, dec, 2sc, dec, 3sc, inc, 3sc, inc, 2sc, dec, 2sc, dec". Notice how i combined the sc with the inc and dec... Well that helps alot in making it less bumpy.

Sometimes you see patters like this "3sc, inc, sc, dec, sc, inc". It can be written like this too... "(3sc, inc)x2, (sc, dec, sc)x2, inc, inc". Notice the "inc inc", its near!! it will look bumpy, yes it will, but depending on the purpose, if its a muzzle or intentionally placed bump, you know that giving an sc like "(3sc, inc)x2, (sc, dec,)x2, (sc, inc)x2" wont give the deeper dent/bump. Similar to "5sc, inc inc, 2sc, dec". Looking at it in a glance, you know 5sc is huge number and not meant to smoothen the inc. so it will be "10sc, inc, inc, inc, inc, (2sc, dec)x2". 

How to know if the "sc" is was originally intended to smoothen the rows? it always repeats or looks small  in number based on the Multiplication Table at How to Write Ami part 1.

4) Compare Total Stitches. Once done that in every row... Look at the Small Original Pattern and the New one you just created, When compared, the total number of stitches are twice the number of the enlarged one you just did. If its wrong, then please do double checking on the pattern both in the Original and the one you just wrote.

5) You cant wait to crochet and test it out? It wont work still... Why? You need to add a row of "sc in all" after every row you just did. Again why? because its x2 Multiplication, you multiplied the row, now you need to multiply the columns... Confusing again right? Okay just add "sc in all" after every row and it will be just fine. If you enlarge the pattern triple the size of the original pattern, you must add 2 rows of "sc in all" in-between. Notice that taking in count of the row you multiplied and the additional rows of "sc in all", It is the number of multiplication?

6) Okay go ahead and crochet!  + If some part dont make sense, do exchange stitches between the pattern and additional rows.

Oh you got stuck at "row 1 : 5mg" enlarging it is from 5 stitches it should be 10 stitches but how to make a neat 10mg? The trick is using the additional row of sc in all.
You keep in the bank (your mind) you need 5 stitches and start with 5 mg. the next row (the added row) "inc in all" instead of "sc in all". see it will be 10 stitches right? You just used the additional row! similar to that when it ends ~ i dont count, i just dec in all just so it ends lol :P but its the same trick. Now go on and give it a go!

So far i tested on the Baby Dragon Head only, it turn out just right. the additional rows are for adjustments, sometimes the multiple inc placed close together can exchange evenly with the sc in all part (the next row thats right under the "inc"). 
Example : "inc inc inc inc"................ Remove the inbetween inc and replace with sc like below :
"inc, sc, inc, sc" and place it at the additional "sc in all" rows. It will look like "sc, inc, sc, inc" on the additional row. See the inc was exchanged with sc. That evens out the stitches.

Sometimes working on large project looks messy but until you are down to the last 2 stitches and filled with polyfil, it wont look anywhere near the project. It definitely can be annoying when you cant see how the shape turn out till you nearly finished with it.

If this trick work, do comment below on how it turn out since i did this only once and it worked month's back. Just no heart to finish it! (Some tiny patterns may not work, Unless the inc and dec's are symmetrical... then again its just my theory until i try it on freeform works)

Note :  Dont take any pattern multiplied for granted as while crocheting you may need to adjust especially if the original pattern has "exchanged" or "borrowed" stitches between the original rows. (Like Asian Baby Dragon body, it will turn out just fine, but may turn out angled)

The Asian Baby Dragon head has a turning point at a certain row, The math on that row may vary, as everything as to be multiplied even the turning points. This is a little tedious and not advised to be tackled by beginner in crochet.

Extra~ If in case you want to enlarge a pattern that have no proper "total stitches" in a row, well, place a marker at end of the "original pattern row thats multiplied" and sc all until it reach the marker. This is tested on a patch of Baby Asian Dragons Body, it works.

Will write down a sample later here based on that Baby Dragon Head.
Out of time again...


  1. this tricks.out of all tutorials there your hypothesis seems most logical to make amigurumis bigger...i also try this method when i want to make something bigger,but depending on the detailing of the original amigurumi,this formula sometime did not work as neat as the original pattern.but for most of the basic amigurumis it really works.Another way to make a bigger ami is to replace sc with "half double crochet"(hdc).it gives a taller stitch.But it looks good with the ami you want to brush n make fuzzy,as the fur hides most of the stitches.

    1. Thank you Monali, i've never tried hdc on ami's before afraid it might have holes for the poly-fill to pop out. But i guess i will try it with fluffy yarn, it sure will look great :D

      Yes, if the Ami is tiny, it will get distorted along the way, but if the Ami is well made with symmetrical and balanced "sc" in between, it will turn out juss fine. Its similar to painting with stitches.

  2. Do you double the count for the starting magic ring? For instance, in the pattern I'm trying to enlarge, the initial magic ring is six stitches, so would I do twelve? It seems like that would end up not "circling" very well...

  3. Ok I sort of understand this, im trying to enlarge pattern thats starts with mg of 6 and then inc al sc next row (this is where I kinda get stuck) you show if there inc and dec in same row but dont show how to if they all inc

  4. Hi,

    So I have a pattern that says:
    Rnd 1 - 5mg
    Rnd 2 - 2sc in each st around
    Rnd 3 - etc.....

    So when you want to multiply by two it should be...
    Rnd 1 - 10mg
    Rnd 2 - sc in all (this is for your point #5 "add a row of "sc in all" after every row")
    Rnd 3 - 2sc in each st around
    Rnd 4 - sc in all (this is for your point #5 "add a row of "sc in all" after every row")
    Rnd 5 - etc.
    Rnd 6 - sc in all (this is for your point #5 "add a row of "sc in all" after every row")

    Thanks for your help in advance

  5. I have having trouble making my pattern larger. If i post the original pattern can someone help me do that?


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