Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Mini recycled container

Havent posted anything and my pc is still broken to update the previous posts. So just trying to blog with this blogger app for android. Here you go:
Things i used..
Container, uhu gum (similar to elephant gum), ribbon, metalic color paper, permanent pen and an old torn down brown fabric flower petal.

Glued thr metalic paper onto the cover... It looked messy and had to press it out even carefully so it dont get torn. Cut and cleanned the sides and it still looked messy! So i used more drops of uhu gum at the corner covering up the sides (better use a double sided tape or be extra delicate as the gum slips through the ribbon fabric and can create smudge).
Finally i made a rose out of that same ribbon leftover and glued the brown petal and the rose in the middle. Used permanent market to draw the vines and added drops of golden glitter to cover up those smudges on the ribbon. Done!

Currently working on another biscuit tin, so far just painted it black and made 8 maroon roses and glued maroon ribbon around it. It looks almost like a blackforest cake and it will as soon as i figure out how to make white whip creap effect. I guess pvc glue and mash down tissue? Looking for alternative though.

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