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Gizmo Amigurumi another missing project

Gremlin Gizmo Work in progress


Since i have been inspired by gremlin last november and been working on it, though... I couldnt get my first try amigurumi pattern written down as this time its extremely complicated methods as usual. Nope i just cant give up so i made the pink version.
Last year june till december was in extremely "anti-net" world i live in and now its getting better. compiling all the messed up pattern works i made during those time are gone with the clean up clutters. Made the first just the head at the top with weird eye button (just ordinary button), then the remade version turned out great but i didnt write down the pattern the second time... so i made the pink head next, which seems to be similar with the second one but again its hard to write down the pattern exactly. So here is no pattern version of gizmo... Okay enough with my mumbling... (Conclusion... No Pattern available till i get my mood swing to make better heads of the quality i wanted)

Here is the Messy Method i used (Not Complete Pattern) :

- Make a Patch of white Circle and brown Circle with an extra long long yarn for the white and some few inch for the brown.
(5 magic ring, then you inc the next row and end off with a white long yarn about a meter is more then enough)

- Tie the white circle and brown circle yarn together. (Simple knot 2 or 3 times will do and leave the yarns hanging at the back) + (The normal way of amigurumi is inside flipped out, so make sure you know which is the inside part)

- Use peach yarn, hold the white yarn with inside facing you and the brown circle pointing left. from the knot count 3 stitches on the white circle and start your sc there. (On white circle 3sc, on knot 1 sc "marker for nose embroidery with left over yarn later", on brown 3 sc, turn, dec, inc, inc, inc, dec, turn, on second stitch dec, dec, dec, slip stitch end off.)

- hold the long white circle yarn... from the knot edge of the white circle, use that extra yarn to inc around over the white circle to the peach yarn and end off. Do the same for the brown eye circle but from the peach lips instead. Leave the brown yarn hanging if you dont wanna end off here.

- With new white yarn for the chin, You can see the lips curve take shape at the peach, right below that (skipping 2 or 3 stitches from the white eye patch) start with slip stitch and 4sc and slip stitch again. make sure the (sp, 4sc, sp) is positioned center under the peach mouth area. Turn from second stitch (beside sp) dec (twice if not mistaken) end off the white chin yarn.

- At the edge of white chin towards the brown eye patch... use a new brown yarn from that edge with... " 2sc, dec (the dec must be on the peach only), 2 sc, inc, 2 sc, inc, 2 sc, inc keep repeating 2 sc inc over the white eye patch and when you reach the peach mouth again, make sure it is dec. when it reach the white part of the chin, just dec twice will do.

- start a new white yarn at the top of the head above the brown eye patch or just end off and continue (My scribbled old notes say 5th from the cheek top, but it may vary with no exact pattern) Okay keep in mind we will be mixing colors. I have 2 different notes not sure which is the right one... (You will have 2 to 3 rows of white line at the top of the head, im not sure how big is the real white patch on gizmo... no reference for back of the head while making this and its based on what i remember)

NOTE 1 :
# The first note says : with the white from top brown eye patch,9SC WHITE, brown sc around till the white again,
# 9 sc white, then 2sc dec all the way back to the white,
# continue the 2 sc dec if not mistaken "dec, 2sc, dec, 2sc, dec", then with brown sc dec all the way back to the white. Brown, dec arond. stuff in a bit. sc dec around, dec the next row and dec all the remaining row ending off a head. (stuff the cheeks out first and less on the eyes)

Note 2 : Not that clear, it says if white is 3sc dec, then brown is 2 sc dec, and it repeats with minus 1 sc for both in each rows.
It also says when it reach dec for brown, mix sc around the top part and chin part so the dec dont stretch.

- 5 CHAIN turn, from second stitch 3 sc, inc turn, inc, 4sc, turn, slip stitch, 3sc, inc, slip stitch, 9sc (around till the edge) inc at edge, sc twice if not mistaken to the other edge, inc at the edge, sc, inc, sc, inc end off with few inch yarn to give the crinkle when you sew in back hidden to the edge.
- use brown, 5 or 6 sc from right making sure the front part of the ears are facing you. at the back of the ears surface stitch at the bar looking stitches as you have used the top portion of the normal single crochet method. once back to the start of brown yarn, if it is the top part of the ears, place an inc and slip stitch around. end off. Keep track of your work so it looks identical.

- Peach yarn, 6 magic ring, 2sc inc twice in next row, 3sc inc twice in next row, 4sc inc twice in next row, Okay the tricky part... keep marker here. 3 sc, turn the whole thing and sc on the marker putting the hook from out to in and pulling the yarnas if its creating a tiny 4 stitch loop. add in another row above that 4 stitches to create your first toe. do the same for the toe next to it, with two stitches front and two stitches back becoming 4 stitches toe, the same for the last toe.

THE WHITE thigh area
- Im not sure... 6 magic ring, inc in next row, 2 inc sc in all next row, sc in all next row, sc dec in all next row, sc in all and end off. something like that. i sew it to the body then i sew the foot on the white puff with peach yarn.

- Similar with foot, but starting with fingers, 4magic ring, sc around for 2 extra rows of 4 stitches. make 3 little fingers and sc around it once of 2 stitches for first finger, then continue on with second and third finger with 2 stitches each. TOTAL 6 sc around and end off. with white, inc all in the first row of white, then sc all in second brown of white, lastly "dec, dec, sc" the last row, but add in extra dec dec sc till it reach the edge of the finger corner. end off. With brown, first row, sc all, second row, 3sc dec in all, third row, 4sc dec 4sc, and last row sc all. end of.

Again Im not sure as no complete pattern as its just drawings on methods i wanna try. I started with white and made a patch of triangle with slowly "xx"sc dec reducing to only sc dec at the neck. then i sc all of the hand and body and hand again and sew it to the head. that gives the shoulderless look.


  1. Thank you :D (Got lazy to chain stitch over the eye patch circle to give a popping look.)

  2. Oh my gosh please please please let me know when you get this pattern done! My boys would love me to make them each a Gizmo!

  3. Im sorry pineappleworks, im not sure how to write down the pattern as its pretty complicated, though i have written the method on doing it. If its not too hard you can try writing down your own pattern from the step by step methods i written for your own reference. That way you can make more of identical gizmos.

    if you just follow my methods only, it will have its unique facial expression. If you got lost in any method, feel free to ask so i can help you out :)

  4. Hey thanks so much for this pattern thing. I love Gizmo, I am pretty good at making patterns so am going to use these method you posted ( and the picture you have here to) in order to fix and make the pattern. If its alright with you. Again thanks so much!!!! When I make him I will post the picture! <3

  5. Thank you!!! Ever since i started going deeper into uncommon ways to crochet i realize its harder to write down the pattern. Im so glad you could fix it. Again Thank you Very Much!! Oh im really looking forward to see him :D

  6. Hi My Skills Guide, lol don't know your 1st name! I just gave you the Liebster Blog award. This is like a networking award meant to bring some new members to bloggers with less than 200 members. You were one of five I've chosen. I too was given the award by another blogger. Check out my newest blog post for the details.
    Have a great day!

  7. Hello. Firts I gotta thank you for your creativity and for sharing it so freely with the world.
    But I gotta admit, I'm really frustrated because I'm trying to make one but the first time I did the head backwards and ended up with the white eye spot on the right... Now I gotta do the whole head again. Now I'm stuck on the ears and they seem to be coming out wrong...
    Sorry, I must not have understood it right, but if there was a pattern it would be a million time easier.
    Sorry if I seem rude, actually I'm just kinda leting it out.
    Well, hope everyone else has a better outcome than me... :C

  8. Just got a letter from my brother to invent a pattern of Gizmo. Came to google to check for ideas, and found you! This is SOOO NICE, you should be very proud of yourself!! Keep crocheting, you have a great talent! :) Julianna

  9. I'm slightly spooked right now! I posted my own Gizmo pattern this weekend past so finally gave into the curiosity to look what other Gizmo ami's were out there, and so much of what I've done with mine you did here a year ago too!
    They look pretty different finished but obviously great minds think alike! Wish I'd found yours first though, he's pretty perfect :D

  10. Has anyone been able to write a pattern for this or made Gizmo off of the directions given? I read through them & its kind of confusing for me but I would love to be able to make Gizmo.

  11. is the best gizmo that i see.
    i want the pattern when you finish it ¿yes,please?
    it¨s fantastic your work
    please sorry my english iam spanish

  12. He's a great looking Gizmo. I'm very tempted to have a go at this one myself.

  13. He's a great looking Gizmo, I'm tempted to have a go at this one myself.

  14. Has anyone figured out a full pattern for it, i want him so bad!


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