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How to write Amigurumi Pattern draft before Making it with Yarn

Happy New Year, Belated Merry Christmas and Soon to be Chinese New Year!! Missed out alot on this festivities and holidays. So to make up for it, here is some "Wisdom" and also reasons why my pattern scribbles always get messed up and missing...Yikes... Sorry.

Here is a demonstration on how to imagine out the potato body before even making it... Just for learning purpose and you will be undoing somepart along the way. Have patience and Confidence :D

See you can start from bottom or top, Lets say we start from bottom to top, 6mg, then follow on the inc in all (12), sc inc in all (18), 2sc inc in all (24), 3sc inc in all (30), 4sc inc in all(36), STOP. you reach the 36 max stitches. Place an "SC IN ALL" to just double check your stitches and increase the lenght of it or skip it to see how the curves takes place.

So now you go decrease but then again, you need 15 stitches next, so in between the 15 and 36, what can be divided with the same number that can divide both 36 and 15? Its hard to count even for me... but i guess. 30 obviously, as 15 can be divided with 3, and so as 36, so in between that 30  also can divide 3 (I just do 3x equation table and take the one i like between 36 and 15).

 Okay now we know we need to go to 30 stitches first, remember the 6, 12, 18, 24, 30, 36 thingy above highlighted? (6 is actually the Magic ring which already have 6 stitches on). From 30 to 36 it was "4sc inc in all", so to reverse it, its "4sc, dec in all". That will reduce the number of stitches to 30.

Now you have 30 and want to go to 15, but 15 is not in 6 multiplications, its okay try the 5 multiplication table. 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30.... from 5mg, inc in all (10), sc inc in all (15), 2sc inc in all(20), 3sc inc in all (25), 4 sc inc in all(30). So you need to go from 15 to 30 but you have "sc inc in all (15), 2sc inc in all(20), 3sc inc in all (25), 4 sc inc in all(30" which is 4 rows in reverse replacing inc with dec. Depending on whether you want to keep that 4 rows by replacing it with decrease or taking the "4sc dec in all(30)" and trying the extra dec in it to reduce the number of rows, but to do an extra dec, minus 2 from the 4sc and you will get "2sc, dec, dec (6 used stitches)" in all also equal to "sc, dec in all" (3 used stitches). So "sc, dec in all" for 2 rows i think? then you have your 15 stitches

Keep in mind that the curve will force inwards when dec to the number of stitches it suppose to make. so directly going from 30 to 15 will stretch the yarn. Keeping the 4 rows is better and stay as close as "sc, inc/dec in all" instead of "dec in all", as "dec in all" will flatten and try to close the hole up.

Finish it up by using the 5 multiplications of 5mg, inc in all (10), sc inc in all (15), 2sc inc in all(20), 3sc inc in all (25), 4 sc inc in all(30) so that from 15 it repeats again to 30 and then back 0 to end off.  ( Looking from top, the row of rings grow outward with increase and grow inward with decrease, so from 15 to 30, you increase then from 30 to 0 you decrease based on the technique above)
So this is how i roughly shape the dolls before making it. For the actual Potato, try using 25 or 27 stitches minimum for the diameter instead of 15 as 15 would make it look like number 8.

Any Questions please feel free to ask, as i will sure to reply but takes really long time sometimes. Depends on the situation actually.

Here is Basic  Multiplications :

2mg, inc in all (4), sc inc in all (6), 2sc, inc in all (8), 3sc inc in all (10), 4sc inc in all (12)

3mg, inc in all (6), sc inc in all (9), 2sc, inc in all (12), 3sc inc in all (15), 4sc inc in all (18)

4mg, inc in all (8), sc inc in all (12), 2sc, inc in all (16), 3sc inc in all (20), 4sc inc in all (24)

5mg, inc in all (10), sc inc in all (15), 2sc inc in all(20), 3sc inc in all (25), 4 sc inc in all(30), 5sc inc in all (35)

6mg, inc in all (12), sc inc in all (18), 2sc inc in all (24), 3sc inc in all (30), 4sc inc in all(36) 

7mg, inc in all (14), sc inc in all (21), 2sc, inc in all (28), 3sc inc in all (35), 4sc inc in all (42) 

Okay Thats it, so to add extra inc or dec just take 2sc from the main and replace it with dec or inc. Have fun Playing :D


  1. What is


    and what is


    I can not follow the patterns because I don't know the abbreviations! could you please support me with this?

  2. Here : inc = increase (2 sc in 1 stitch), and mg is magic ring (a loop of chain stitch thats tight) .

  3. what else can you do with your demonstration cause im trying different free patterns Im not understanding them to do a unicorn/horse

  4. Um if you are trying to make a unicorn/horse, chop down the horse in imagination into body parts.

    Draw them roughly on a "math" paper (the one with grids) its way more easier then roughly estimating the size.

    If you know geometry, re-size the object thing well, use the squares as your "ruler" (i used the lines at the top example) and lets say the hoof is 1 square, and so as the thin legs but when it reach the thigh it got bigger into assuming around 3 to 5 box at the thigh. notice that every row the size changes.

    So lets say you start with 3mg at the hoof, since it is 1 row (1 box). Keep in mind that you only made the base of the hoof, so add in an inc in all that will have 6mg, and your base of the hoof is done.

    Now you need another row going up... in my mumbles up above i call it the wall... place in your wall of sc and it will curve up.
    (The main formula: inc will make it look flat, sc will make a wall, and dec will close it up)

    (not important, but good to learn)You may want to shape the legs bended to a side or so... so be brave enough to place the amount of inc equally with the number of dec to bend the walls. when you are used to bending it with inc and dec you can shape/sculpt it well.

    The legs are plain sc assuming its 6 rows? not sure its all in my mind so you need to draft it out first. Anyway, after that 6 rows of plain sc in all you will want to add few inc to make the thigh bigger...

    Refer to the table above, from 6 you wanna curve it slowly in circle right? so lets say 18 as end of the thigh... (i guess its 18 as remember earlier i said its 3 to 5 box, well i took 3 box for trial and error, so 3 x 6 is 18). So continue on with "sc inc in all" like the table says ("3mg, inc in all (6), sc inc in all (9), 2sc, inc in all (12), 3sc inc in all (15), 4sc inc in all (18)") or you can mix and match, lets say you want to start with 8 multiplication to give a bump curve at the thighs so add 2 inc in previous leg row and continue with 8 multiplication. if you wonder it ends with 16 - 20... dont worry, you are the creator, so skip 2 inc's at the last row of 20 stitches. that way you still get 18.

    Well done here, so make 4 and make the body up. (Note : This pattern is not tested out as its just quick explanation, you may want to add or remove rows and resize it)

    Okie, the unicorn horn is a little tough, as its so tiny if you make a palm size horse. suggest try using the thin crochet thread instead with 3mg to start and keep going around as the trick is "sc, inc, sc, inc... um it will grow 45 degree cone shape. try reducing some inc when it reach 7 or 8 rows so you can end off. (really painful to do this as its tiny and you need to do tight) (Conclusion... making a bigger horse is better for horns but it may be stretchy after some time. the smaller one is my fav as it doesn't stretch much yet its painful to make the horns.

    Woa sorry for the super long explanation... Probably hard to understand if you dont have a picture of a horse. Try exploring and Thank you :D

  5. Thank you so much for this wonderful information. Sharing knowledge is about the most wonderful thing a person can do. I have been struggling with reproducing what is in my head and what I see. I love to crochet but have so little imagination, and math was really difficult for me. Practical application makes it easier. Again, thank you so much. I will review this over and over until I own it.

  6. Thank you for this!! I'm attempting to write out patterns for the dolls I make and this made it 100x easier


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