Saturday, December 17, 2011

Gryphon Amigurumi Pattern

Gryphon Amigurumi (Updated by Shara)


After a long harsh moments in life, im finally able to fix this post the way i do, but im not willing to do much changes on the pattern below till my hard moments in life gone. For now, the pattern below is just draft. My scribbled up notes were gone in this few months and i manage to "sms" text them to NavlesDA so he could upload them, though might have a few mistakes but overall it works. the simple body with no neck pattern was missing, so for now the pony body is substitute. Sometimes when things are hard in life, everything just gets messed up along the way, not easy to untangle from this mess and even though i keep my pattern notes in a file, the notes that i didnt write down that comes naturally in mind is missing.

Both the yellow and brown gryphons head are based on Head type 2, though i have to admit its really hard to sew it on the "Little Pony body" as the neck of the body goes inside the "fur neck thingy" of the head.
Important :

  • Head type 1 = is easier though not recommended for it will look different as i have not made this and it was just a pattern i wrote down to make later on... Suitable for Potato like body.
  • Head type 2 = harder to make as when the light brown yarn is done, instead of ending of you cold just create a triangle patch infront so it looks nicer. From sc all the way left to front to right and turn then skip a stitch, sc back to the front and left and turn then skip a stitch, and repeat sc all the way back and forth reducing stitches to create triangle front patch. this is better done after the head is placed on the body as its hard to sew.

 Yes most of my pattern i write down imagining in before making it, and while making it i make some changes.Its suitable for any cylinder like or potato like body with diameter of 36 stitches the max. So you can make your own version of body if the sewing "head neck layered lap on little pony neck" is tough. Here is how to do it how-to-write-amigurumi-pattern-before. Though you do need to adjust the size by adding or removing rows and "sc in all".

Gryphon Wings
Notice the Wings are whipped stitched flat in brown, and the left over yarn is used to sew on the the body. (The pattern wings may have an error as i have 2 type of similar wings pattern and i forgot which is the improved one that i used, if it didn't turn out like the picture after you flatten it, please do inform to replace the wings pattern with the other one)

Front Legs

Back Legs

The back legs i tried doing like a lions leg but some what just not satisfying and maybe as i never added the paws, which should be light brown made separately and embroider on (5mg, tun 3 sc, end of with a slip stitch and use the left over yarn to sew it on the paw)

Gryphon tail

For tail 3Sc from butt, add row as long as you want, end off. Tie a knot bunch of yarn to give lion tail. If got any other better idea for the tail please do share.


  1. I would love to try this one, too, but I can't read the Front Leg Pattern Part.

  2. I can't read the Front Leg part of the Pattern. Can youo reprint it?

  3. Hi! I know I'm coming in a bit late but I noticed that the wings didn't come out like the picture. Is it possible to update with the other pattern?

  4. Any chance I can get the pattern instruction larger? I can't read them and can't enlarge them :(


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