Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Crochet Ganesha Amigurumi doll

Pillayar /Ganapathi / Ganesha / Vinayagar / Hindu Elephant God

It is said that Ganesha have many hands, and 4 are the common. A friend of mine said that Ganesha in his relax mode can have 2 hands while the war mode have more. So here you go, The Cute "relax mode" Ganesha, i really don't like the crochet tusks as it look ugly, so i left it out. I have basic crocheting skills, but as i finish making this little one, i realize i could do more by adding sequence on the crown and some additional feature like making his food pot and cute mouse and so :D I guess i'll blog that on another time.

If you are tired of large ones like this, here is the Miniature Ganesha
Here is an example of 2 handed Modern Ganeshaat Ireland as i kinda doubted my friend about Ganesha having 2 hands only...

The Pattern... Below. As this is my first pattern, so it may have few errors. After all i havent remake this yet and kinda wrote down the pattern along the way. So Enjoy, and please feel free to comment on my mistakes and possible modifications. Above all that, please do share your final piece :D I really do wanna see them!!

Head and Body
(Using Skin Color or light peach)
Row 1 : (Magic Ring) 6 chain (6)
Row 2 : [inc] in all (12)
Row 3 : [sc, inc]x6 in all (18)
Row 4 : [2sc, inc]x6 in all (24)
Row 5 : [3sc, inc]x6 in all (30)
Row 6 : [4sc, inc]x6 in all (36)
Row 7 : [sc] in all (36)
Row 8 : [5sc, inc] in all (42)
Row 9 : [sc] in all (42)
Row 10: [sc] in all (42)
Row 11: [sc] in all (42)
Row 12: [sc, dec]x5, 3sc, inc, sc, inc (should be half of row here, continue)
Row 12: inc, sc, inc, 3sc, [dec,sc]x5 (36)
Row 13: [sc, dec]x4, 6 chain... sc at 10th stitch from the chain, [dec,sc]x4 (24)
(this part to make the trunk for later, continue with the body if you want or do the trunk first like i did)

Row 14: [sc] in all (on the 6 chain also) (24)
Row 15: [sc, dec]x8 in all (16)
Row 16: [sc] in all (Neck) (16)
Row 17: [2sc, inc]x5 in all (20)
Row 18: [3sc, inc[x5 in all (25)
Row 19: [4sc, inc[x5 in all (30)
Row 20: [5sc, inc[x5 in all (35)
Row 21: [6sc, inc[x5 in all (40)
Row 22: [7sc, inc]x5 in all (45)
Row 23: [sc] in all (45)
Switch yarn to White:
Row 24: [sc] in all (45)
Row 25: [7sc, dec]x5 in all (40)
Row 26: [6sc, dec]x5 in all (35)
Row 27: [5sc, dec]x5 in all (30)
Row 28: [4sc, dec]x5 in all (25)
Row 29: [3sc, dec]x5 in all (20)
Row 30: [2sc, dec]x5 in all (15)
Row 31: [1sc, dec]x5 in all (10)
Row 32: [dec]x5 in all Finish off (5)
Done with the basic Head... Now the trunk
(I forgot to Write this down, so i actually counted the stitches :P As i wasn't okay with the trunk shape earlier, still am not as i havent find the perfect curling trunk so he can hold a laddu or that food thingy, By the way, this is a straight plain trunk)........... [Edited : I just add in this picture to help, as i try doing ganesha doll again x 2, yet my own pattern is pretty confusing to me in the trunk part :P , forgot to mention that you will have to work from the upside down of the chain and it gets pretty confusing as where to start exactly and the edge should be decreased for every row. Any improvements are welcomed to share :) ]

From the first chain earlier at row13 -14 where the trunk hole is, slipknot and stitch clock wise or just stitch according as the increase are for the top of the trunk (Make sure its equal balanced).
Row 1: [inc, sc]x4 and remaining 4 sc (16)
Row 2: sc around (i think) (16)
Row 3 : dec, 6sc, dec, 6sc... (14)
Row 4: 7sc, dec, 3sc, dec (12) <-- Around here i didnt follow the usual straigh trunk, and played with it, thats why the trunk looks weird :D

Row 5: 7 sc, 2dec, sc (10)
Row 6: sc in all
Row 7: sc in all
Row 8: dec all and Finish Off
Done with the trunk and body, now the rest of the parts...

Ears x 2
Row 1 : 2 chain (2)
Row 2 : 3 sc in second chain from hook (3)
Row 3 : [inc]x2, 5sc in last stitch, chain (7)
Row 4 : sc, sc, inc, sc, inc, 3 sc in next stitch, 4 sc in last stitch (14)
Row 5 : [inc, sc]x2, 3sc in stitch, 9 sc rest 9 stitch, chain (18)
Row 6 : [sc] in all (18)
Row 7 : [sc] in all and around the whole ear piece for neat and Finish Off.
Row 1 : (Magic Ring) 6 chain (6)
Row 2 : [sc, inc] in all (9)
Row 3 : [2sc, inc] in all ()
Row 4 : [3sc, inc] in all ()
Row 5 : [4sc, inc] in all ()
Row 6 : [5sc, inc] in all ()
Row 7 : [sc] in all ()
Change color here if u want, or continue with next row
Row 8 : [sc, inc] in all ()
Row 9 : [2sc, inc] in all ()
Row 10: [3sc, inc] in all ()
Row 11: [4sc, inc] in all ()
Row 12: [sc] in all ()
Row 13: [sc] in all ()
Row 14: [sc] in all ()
Row 15: [4sc, dec] in all () ß?
Row 16: [sc] in all and End Stitch ()
Attach to the head a little bit falling back wards

Arms x 2 or 4

(Using Skin Color or light peach)
Row 1 : (Magic Ring) 6 chain (6)
Row 2 : [inc] in all (12)
Row 3 : [sc, inc]x6 in all (18)
Row 4 : [sc] in all (18)
Row 5 : [sc, dec]in all (12)
Row 6 : [sc] in all (12)
Row 7 : [sc] in all (12)
Row 8 : [sc] in all (12)
Row 9 : [sc, dec] in all (8)
Row 10: [sc] in all and Finish Off (8)
Bangles on Both or Four Arms
(Using Yellow)
Row 6 on Arm: Surface Stitch around Row 6 and finish off (If you want a thick bangle, sc over the surface stitch)
Yellow Decoration on tummy
Is the same as Bangles, Just Surface Stitch around the tummy on the first row of white for the pants decoration.

Um yup, i was going half insane doing this as i did this around 3 am in the morning and my parents are not around to scold me, hahaha.
Legs x 2

The foot are a bit tough as usually do it by just feeling on where to inc and dec…
Starting from the toe..
(Using Skin Color or light peach)
Row 1 : (Magic Ring) 6 chain (6)
Row 2 : [2sc inc] in all (8)
Row 3 : [2sc, inc, inc] in all (12) <-- keep track of the shape so it would start turning into huge plumpy foot

Row 4 : [sc ] in all (12)
Row 5 : [2sc, inc, inc, inc, inc, 6sc] (16)
Row 6 : Turn and work 4 sc (4)
Row 7 : Turn and work 4 sc (Foot Base) (4)
Row 8 : Turn and 3sc in first stitch, 2 sc, 3sc in last foot stitch and dec, slip stitch over around to last 2 stitch and dec over it.
Row 9: dec, dec, sc, dec, sc, sc over to the ankle edge, and dec over it so it looks like a foot
Row 10: 3 dec, sc over all and last dec, Finish Off
This is so tough!! I cant seem to even say what i have done exactly as it turn out right but those were the pattern i follow and its in red where i get confused. Oh done with the legs, do change color and continue with the pants

Continue on for the Pants
(Haven't been counting and the image is really bad... sorry)
(Using White or Any color you like)
Row 11: sc in all then when you get to the front (above) of the legs [4in1 increase]x4 (?)
Row 12: [sc] in all (?)
Row 13: [sc] in all (?)
Row 14: [sc] in all (?)
Row 15: [sc] in all (?)
Row 16: [sc] in all (?)
Row 17: [sc] in all Finish Off (?)
When your done, sew all the remaining parts in place and don't forget your eyes

Okay, the basic of Ganesha is done, I guess the tusk, the pot, and the additional stuff next time

Oh to those who wish to use my pattern for profit and publications please do get my permission. But if its for charity project, please use it as you wish, and please show me what you have done with it :D For any other usage of my pattern please do contact me :)


  1. This is awesome! Thank you for the pattern :)

  2. You are very welcomed :D Hope the pattern is error free :)

  3. Thank you so much for this. In a society that think their god is the only right one, it is hard to find patterns for deities. I found some on Etsy. I've not made any of the ones I have collected yet. This fits right in with them.

  4. Thanks wwillow15 im glad you like it,
    The "difference" is what make things look pretty ,i believe. Im in love with all kinds of Ancient Cultural Art, but not that into gods except for that feel of... err magic :P

  5. i loved your crocheted ganesha nd i made one by following your pattern..thanks a can see it in my blog..hope you will take a visit to my blog and will give your feedback..

  6. I love all your crochet prettys, but I can't follow how the patterns are written :(

  7. I loved your crocheted ganesha.neat and perfect. can you post video crochet ganesha.

  8. Thanks for your lovely designs, I made the pony, now making Ganesha, managed to get the trunk to turn to the right side, as that is auspicious, also made ladoo on the trunk, as if HE is holding it !


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