Tuesday, September 14, 2010

My First Amigurumi

Figure out how to Crochet Amigurumi's : Pikachu

As i was googling on crocheting, i stumble across a word called "Amigurumi" and so i googled up what is amigurumi and peek into the images.... omg SO CUTE!!! I must have one, best of all u can make this, well here is where i get the Pattern on how to make Pikachu Amigurumi!! You can also find so many cute pokemon amigurumi too. Here is the First ever amigurumi i crocheted.

Well back to what i have learned from following the steps of amigurumi creating a cute little pikachu; i realise the increase and decrease works to shape the amigurumi.
I also learned that by doing two sc (single crochet) in a chain/sc repeatedly in a row makes a circle look flat :P

Um while googling earlier, i found this lovely heart shape amigurumi pattern and it matches with my sweet pikachu lovers well.

Besides that, 'inc' and 'dec' plays a huge role in creating 3D like shapes, and i played with those 'inc' and 'dec' alot for the ears and tail, thats why it looks weird. However the body is made following Umbreon's Body by Wolfdreamer.

Now that i practised my basic Amigurumi, i cant wait to make my own pattern. Gosh it is really annoying to write down every few steps along the way and remove couple of rows when it dont look right... There must be a better solution, i keep saying that to my self though :P

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