Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Medium Angel Wing

The Baby Dragon's wings are made recently with some special abbreviation like "BAR stitch" which can be found on Vampire Wing Page. It also can be used as applique.

The Baby Dragon Body Other wings can be found at the main Baby Dragon Site.
This is just an add on parts to the Baby Dragon Size Amigurumis.

The Angel wings are pointy and i sewn it as if its wide open instead on the other way around. No wire is needed but Modge Podge to make it hard is recommended. (I didnt use it since i just hate getting glueiiiiiieee...)

The Green Baby Dragon in the Picture was made from the same pattern but half way there. This is more of a Tutorial then Pattern to show how Pointy curves can be done with "Bar Stitch". Do try the pattern below for practices and tell me how it turn out :D

Note on Abbreviation used often :
inc = Increase (Not needed in this pattern)
dec = Decrease (Not needed in this pattern)
BarSc = Bar Stitch Similar to Front or Back Post But this is Side Post?
sc = Single Crochet
"5in1sc" = it means place 5 single crochet on the same stitch. its like a huge increase.

This can be used as APPLIQUE.

Stop at STEP 8 if you want the wings look like green baby dragon, Continue on if you want it to look like Yellow baby dragon.

Make your Own Size Doll Wings.

If you want a larger wings, its the same technique actually... Make a long enough chain like step 1. You may need to repeat step 1 and step 2 with keeping the Slip stitch at one corner of the work. so it would be something like this :

- 36 chain,
- sp on sec, 35 sc, turn
- 35sc, turn <-- SC ALL replaces the chain in step 1
- sp on sec, 34 sc turn....

STEP 3 is to form a round curve, you can skip this and sew it on a simple circle applique (5mg, inc till it reach the size you want)

STEP 4 is to work around the work, this is not usefull on large wings but of you want to, no harm trying as it only makes your work neat (This is just to cover up the bottom part of the work.

STEP 5, Okay estimate where you want those pointy edges to be, and sc all the way there (roughly 75% of the total chain you started out with) and You may want to turn sc all back and forth depending on how thick you want it, 


The trick is to use that BarSc 2 chain, turn, sp on second chain from hook sc all the way back to the start.

Okay then it repeats itself probably too many times at 75% of the previous wing curve and so one. This can be seen in Step 9 and Step 10. 

Just some suggestion : If its too big, when you reach the end, you may want to sc back to the start just to give the sides a nicer look.

You may want to make a huge wing, and many little ones, sew them up layer by layer for a stunning effect. Next in list to do, the phoenix based on this wing but its a long way to start working on this though.

Hope this helps for the BarSc Practices.


  1. It's soooooooooooo cute!!! Thanks for posting!!! xxx

  2. WOW...all your works are so lovely and very original..that's what i love about you,always designing yours own patterns :) How did you make the last blue dragon(the one infront of yellow one)....i love it

    1. Thanks Monali,
      That Baby Vampire Dragon... well i still havent figure out how to write down the pattern, but its simple to do if you could work on freeform methods.

      Just start off with any regular dragon heads and add horns on (surface stitch). But my methods are a little offtrack.

  3. I thank you very much for the dragons tutorials. They're all soooooo cute :-)

    I would like to make just a little remark concerning these kind of wings. I found the pattern a little confusing because in place of the number of the row, I found a number of steps. I got lost at step 4 and I went back to the cute type dragon wings :-s


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