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Princess Jasmin

I was not supposed to blog this pattern. But here goes even though i dont think i would re-make her again... (Its the actual notes i wrote down so it will have mistakes) She is HUGE! well im not used to crocheting large sized dolls like i used to those days.

Anyway, for now the progress pictures, in few days the pattern will follow up part by part, since im not making the redo version, so the pattern will have to be tweaked while you make it. (If there is tweaking needed, pls do inform me so i can update it here for other readers to follow up)
The Head Pattern :

There is two ways i made the head... Currently uploaded only first method, the second method is the same, but i used "5, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30, 38" em... the 5multiplication method at start to 30 stitch then symmetrically adding 8 inc in the next row forming 38. (Might not be getting that pattern done for now. Again its the same, so nothing to worry about, the only difference is the size of the heads roundness at the forehead area.

Dont Stuff in anything till you have done the nose right. I didn't add the ears directly but if anyone can do this with ease then i would get the ears and nose pattern out, but for the smaller version im currently working on. So you will have to crochet the ears out on own... 

Ears : I used surface stitch with 3 stitches, 1 or 2 rows on it and inc at the forehead side of the corner stitch and sp at the jaw side of the corner stitch. end off and sew it to the edge and hide it in the head.

I have skipped few rows... because my notes was scribbled too badly till i cant differentiate whether the additional rows i wrote (the skipped rows) were actually crossed out or added. i believe even a doctor cant read my hand writing lol!

The WHIDEC well i dont know what to call when you try to do a dec(skip2 stitch) but by yarn overn the hook the first and the 4th stitch (skipping the middle 2 stitches) and pull through. tightly to form the nose.

How to tie the the nose up :

The Head picture is a smaller version of the doll head i made. Place the yarn (same skin color, the red i use is for reference only) at the Row 8 which the inc was placed symmetrically (" (RB)")

-Either Tie the inside two yarns together gently (make it tight but not until the nose deforms it self ). or Criss cross the yarn tightly 

-Pull the yarn out of those same root area where the double inc are like above.
(" (RB)")

- get those yarn down to Row 9 or Row 10 (depending on how big the nose you aim for)

-Tie it gently inside as tight as possible but make sure its not too tight till the stitches deforms.
-Now you can start stuffing in and continue finishing it off.

The Head... to make the chin, take the last remaining 5 stitches "Yarn over" and make it into (5 in 1) dec. Not the usual dec but err how do i say these... yarn over for the remaining 5 stitches and pull through it all once. Like the picture below shows

Once done, Pull the yarn to the back of the head and tie it to secure it. (slip-stitch on any area where the hair would be replaced on later would do.

Im leaving the rest of the body parts unwritten here till someone capable to complete just the head at least, afraid too many weird abbreviation may come up soon. Comment below to confirm that the head is done.


The Legs... Press down flat the both legs.

At the very center of the legs, you will need to whip stitch 2 to 4 stitch. Assuming there are 28 stitches, in each legs, when you whip stitch 4 center stitches together you will have roughly 48stitches in total around.

This is why i didnt like how the doll turn out, sooo huge legs! I went too much into the feel of polyfil and forgot to keep track of the sculpting instead. But after filling with poly-fill. it looked okay i guess. So this is once again a failed work (in my mind). The Remake version im currently working on is entirely different, smaller for start :D

The Arms... Well i Started from the wrist and to the fingers, i know there should be a better and easier way to do but somehow while working on fingers to shoulders, i realize, i didnt like the fingers and im just too lazy to painstakingly make those "gremlin" like fingers on the hand, so i though why not start the fingers off with a whip stitch, but i had to reverse the work. So i did, instead of reversing the work entirely, i started from the wrist. Confusing till you actually crochet it.

The Arm... THUMB! Okay for the thumb dont panic, its simple actually but really hard to navigate the hook at the turning point. You will start with 2 stitch at front and continue 2 stitch at back, turn the work back to the front, and work around ON the 2 stitch at front earlier and continue in circle for the thumb. end off and pull the yarn into the wrist (hide it off in the arm later)

The Body... Always remember to give in dec or inc equally to the other side. I didnt exactly count here, so the trick is at the hips, you want it to curve only at the sides and NOT the tummy. so Tummy is definately "sc all" area, the hip corners are "dec" and um, the back depending on whether you want that "apple" curves or not.If not treat the back like the tummy, "sc all" area"

If you want those apple curves bottom, the second row after you bind the legs at the back should have some INC to push the butt out. then when you came on the same area again, sc all for giving the bulge, but dec once only at the butt line. after like 3 or 4 rows, of the same thing, you could just sc all like the tummy. at the spine half way up the back bone, add an inc if you like a push up chest.

For the ladies blossom... Its sewn on, since i tried several ways to crochet it in rows but non looks as neat as the sewn on version.  Except for the blouse, its insanely ridiculously complicated at first to get it in row and it turned out impressive fitting the curves just right.

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  1. I would like the pattern when available. One of my grand daughters wants a Princess Jasmin doll and this is the perfect size.


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