Friday, May 18, 2012

Smocking Technique Finally Learned

Lately i keep getting distracted from projects to projects and never get anything done!
Well, i told myself, its MAY and still in the taurus ruling part of the month ; Let it be as now you start at december you finish everything.

So while working a little bit of everything on folded Roses for sale, Disney Characters, Fairies, Other Language Practices, extra crochet dolls,... Now... SMOCKING is tempting me so badly to ignore all the other projects and learn that! Gosh i seriously should stop thinking that this world is just like those MMORPG games which needs to level up based on skills. Im collecting plenty of unnecessary skills which i cant work on everything at the same time. Focus Shara Focus! I guess thats being me, so curios to try everything at the same time and ended changing phase every time. But at-least im glad i do come back to the same skills again and again when i need em for some mix and match creative explosion! Life is great when you admire the little things around you. Okay enough of the mumbles...

Back to SMOCKING inspired by Inaria and introduced by craftster members to these wonderful tutorials that taught me how ; Katafalks Honeycomb Smocking and Patchworkunderground's Canadian Smocking. Oh i chosed to do Canadian Smocking since the tutorial above looks easier to understand but i refer the other one on basics of how it worked. Youtube is not showing any easy to learn SMOCKing for beginners few weeks back, but surprisingly now i think there is few helpful videoz available since once again the rise of fluff fashion is gonna hit the world! Seriously its too pretty to ignore this lovely work called SMOCKING!

(Sorry for the extremely poor quality of the picture below)

The Front Part... So messy with few mistakes, My first try after all, done on a ripped down silky pants. The Square patch was like 10inch x 10 inch!! It shrunk to like 3 or 4 inch... But looks lovely and im happy for it turning out great. Oh yes forgot that despite the pretty fluff effect, the end knot/ secure the knot thingy... well i didnt know how to sew that. so while trying it out, i kinda messed up a simple knot. For my self note : Hand Sewing Basics


This is the back side, a little messy with threads since i kinda had to keep adding new thread on. The Back side is lovely with diamond puffs, i wonder is there anyway to reverse this work or any name for that "pattern"?

I see many "patterns" on smocking online but i dont understand how to reads some cabled images into smocking... That is bugging my head till i ask myself too much "isnt there an easier way to do smocking? After all its similar to crochet, it works ROW by ROW. Just... this time, multiple COLUMNS are considered in it. GRID works... hmm. 

Just googled up for videos and woa its true, there are more smocking tutorials available now.
This is my fav so far ~> PinkChalkTV : Smocking in the round
(Just because its exactly alike of what inspired me :D)

Note : Im afraid of thread getting tangled when sewing by mistake and that is so hard to untangle... untill recently i found out using two needles to slowly loosen the tangled mess up works well and i no longer use a ruler size thread

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