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Crochet Large Fox Amigurumi

The Head is Orange, Do not stuff in yet.

Continue on with White yarn, from the exact stitch you stopped. (I would normally end off with a slip stitch, after the row is done, so i would slip stitch on the last sc made and sc on the white yarns slip stitch  and on it goes in round)

At Row 4, please take a break, make a "nose" in black, (The Oval nose : 5mg, inc in all (10), 5 more inc, slip stitch end off long yarn to sew.)

Flip the head inside out, Whip stitch or mattress stitch the nose up at the "hole" made by the chain, make sure that the orange stitches is sewn to the black stitches as 1: 1 ratio (10 stitches for orange),  while the remaining is 2:1 as white to black when you sew (5 remaining black stitches at the nose). If this place goes wrong the nose will look weird. however, please do try making your own version of nose in black yarn = triangle of 5 stitches for white and 10 stitches of orange Or Mix and match noses (roughly 15 stitches)

Ears (updated) + HAPPY MOTHERS DAY!! will mumble about that some other time :P

Fair isle style but can also be read as one colored yarn by ignoring the color changes:
Start With Orange, All of the ears are orange except the part i mention white.

1................. 3mg, sc, inc, + Inc (reset marker), inc, (White : 2sc), inc, inc, inc, inc, sc (White : sc, inc, sc), inc, sc, inc, sc, inc, sc, inc, sc (White : inc, 2sc, inc), sc, inc, 11sc, turn
6.................On second stitch from hook, 2sc dec, 2sc, dec, 2sc, dec, turn (no white), inc in all (no white) End off.

The previous one (Based on the partial notes):

1................. 3mg, (White : sc), inc, inc, (White : sc, inc), inc, inc, inc, sc, (White : sc, inc, sc), sc, inc, inc, sc, inc, sc, (White : sc, inc, sc, inc), sc, inc, sc, sc, inc in all (no white)

Okay, the pattern may not work for the ears... Since i kinda slash out too many things here.
At the end of my note, it says "sc, inc" in all till 4 or 5 rows with white only placed from second row forming a piramid. When i make it i will update it. For now i will stop here.

Re did the ears, since as i estimated, fair-isle is tough! Hope it turn out as neat as my new little fox ears.

Okay did the body, and not satisfied with it at all. Its no where like the picture above (well the shape looks identical enough but the tummy white patch is not.)

However since i made from the half scribble notes, The First Part of the Pattern for Body is the Actual one.

Body (Please Read First before making it)

Okay here i decided to put both the new and old pattern So Starting with the new one, Looks neat fair-isle curves but im not satisfied with it.

O means Orange yarn, W means White yarn. 

Here is the New Body Pattern (Still need alot of tweaking since the tummy white patch turn out a little weird)       

The Messy Second part of the note

Keep in mind that i if it says 2sc dec repeats... keep doing so, till its near the white yarn patch, be generously patient enough to keep removing and adding stitches during the "changes between the orange and white yarn". The pattern below is rough note, so sometimes it may have 2 or 3 extra stitches left, just sc in it.

example :

there is 10 stitches, you needed to do "sc dec in all", so you did, and it came out with "sc, dec, sc, dec, sc, dec, sc". Notice it ends with an sc. similar to that, incase its 2sc dec in just 7 stitches, "2sc, dec, 2sc.... + sc".

Will be working on the legs and arm... based on what i remember (lost the whole leg and arm pattern, or i may not have written it down). 

Update :

Arms :

Im a little dizzy with sinus today to do maths, so here is the freeform version :

White yarn.
- 6mg
- inc in all (12)
- sc inc in all (18) 
- End off

Orange Yarn
- sc in all (18)
- 2sc, dec (4 times) (14?)
- sc in all (14)
- 2sc, dec (4 times), 3sc.(Didnt follow any rules here but did exaxtly this)
- sc in all (do  2-3 rows depending on how long you want the arm)


if you want similar to the picture with a little larger then arms with "triangle" like paws, try the following :

White yarn
- 5mg
- inc in all
- "sc, inc" in all
(OPTIONAL : Turn your work here. if you want to get the toe effect, which will make the next 5 inc as toes, sometimes i dont like putting the toes on when i forget easy of which is the toe and which is the heels)
- 5 inc, sp, turn
(this will create a triangle like circle taking 5 stitches in each 3 corners even if you dont turn  your work before the 5inc.)
- sc in all (20)
-End off

Orange Yarn
- sc all (20) (I prefer to skip this and do directly the next row, then its up to you)

- 2sc, dec (5 times)
- sc all (15)
- 2sc, dec, 2sc, dec, 2sc, dec, 2sc (Reset marker)
- sc in all (2 rows)
- End off.

Note : Need someone to verify this pattern whether it turn out right. Fiberfill sometimes pushes the dents out as bump if stuff too much on the head. However, the rest of the part would be more lovely with plumpy fiberfill stuffings (if you love the plumpy feel like i do)

PLUMPY TAIL (Not for many tail kyuubi / fox)
(Needs to be confirmed please, its not following row by row but more to continuous)

- 4mg
- (inc, sc) do 12 times till 16stitches
- inc, inc, sc, inc, inc, sc, inc, inc,18sc,
- (sc, inc) do 16 or 17 times till 38 stitches in total
- sc all (38)
- sc all (38) might want to change color in this row.
- (2sc, inc) in all around  (52 stitches in total)
- sc all (52)
- (4sc, dec) in all around ends with 4sc +dec (reset marker if you are using markers)
Should have 41 or 42 stitches
- (sc, dec) in all, add extra sc dec if needed so total stitches are 30 stitches.
- sc all (30)
- sc all (30)
- sc all (30)
- 13sc, dec, 13sc, dec (Total 28 stitches)
- (5sc, dec) in all (Total 24 stitches)
- sc all (24)
- (4sc, dec) in all (Total 16 stitches)
- sc all (16)
- (3sc, dec) in all
- (2sc, dec) in all
- INC IN ALL and END OFF to make the sewing of the tail easier and stronger.
 Thin Long TAIL (Not for many tail kyuubi / fox)

(Needs to be confirmed please, Do add more "sc in all" rows if needed)

- 4mg
- (inc, sc) do till 24 stitches in total
- (5sc, inc) in all ( Total 30 stitches)
- sc all (30) Might want to change color here
- sc all (30)
- sc all (30)
- sc all (30)
- 13sc, dec, 13sc, dec (Total 28 stitches)
- sc all (28)
- sc all (28)
- 6sc, dec,12sc, dec 6sc) in all (Total 26 stitches)
- sc all (26)
- sc all (26)
- (11sc, dec, 11sc, dec) in all (Total 24 stitches)
- sc all (24)
- sc all (24)
- (4sc, dec) in all (Total 18 stitch)
- sc all (18)
- (3sc, dec) in all (Total 12 stitch)
- sc all (12)
- (2sc, dec) in all ( Total 6 Stitch)

-  Make as many as you want the kyuubi/fox to have. Use 1 tail as the center piece like a flower. and whip stitche around ONLY that center piece adding other tails on.
- Once done, whip stihch each and every space in between the"petals" so its sealed properly. this helps the tail to be much sturdier and doesnt rip off easily.
- Sc around that whole bunch of tail (Only on the outside perimeter)
- Sew it on, if its too big, 2 sc dec around till its small enough to fit as a tail.

 THE PREVIOUS CINCAI TAIL (Just a quick note on tail for those who have done complete the parts and bored waiting)

-White. start with 3mg, "sc, inc" several rows. end off.
-Orange. Continue, this time "sc in all" several rows, but every 1 or 2 rows add 1 or 2 "dec" randomly. The number of dec is your choice, whether you want it only 1 to 4. if you add more, it shrink faster.

If i take too long to upload the remaining parts, please be brave enough to do a little freeform. The body is "fair-isle" stitch and im still struggling in writing such pattern down...


Hook Size : B (2.25mm)
Yarn : Acrylic "Nona Brand" (Size 2)

 Note on Abbreviation used often :
inc = Increase
dec = Decrease
sc = Single Crochet
sp = slip stitch
Additional Note : when it says "5sc inc in all", it means "sc, sc, sc, sc,sc, inc" then repeat it till end of the row) 
The "mg" is magic ring / circle.



  1. With the head.... Is there going to be no white on it with the given directions?

  2. after trying several patterns for the multi-tailed fox, I edited it to one I like and wanted to share it. I like the shape and size of this for a nine-tailed, but it could work with less tails too.

    1) 4mg
    2-?) inc, sc till 24 stitches
    3)sc all
    4) sc all
    5) 10sc, dec, 10sc, dec
    6) sc all
    7) sc all
    8) (4sc dec) all (when you get to the end, finish that set before going to next row)
    9) sc all
    10) (3sc dec) all
    11) sc all
    12) (2sc dec) all

    end off



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