Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Stewie from Family Guy

Work in progress for now...

To all my readers please email at as i cant reply any comments here in the blog for time being. Pc is dead and i dont think it will be fixes in the near future. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Back to topic... Stewie from Family Guy is being made for Bonnie. Its Christmas Edition and a remake attempt. Previously i made it flat head. Didnt realize till some time later that stewie has a ufo shaped head.

Patterns will be upload in image handwritten as soon as im done with it. Cant type it out like i used too.

To those who wanna crochet along, here is a sample of my pattern in progress scribbles. Confusing... Till i rewrite ut down.

Just notes... The red and white part are gloves. The blue is shoes. I used surface stitches to start off with new color. It gives the puff effect.

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Mini recycled container

Havent posted anything and my pc is still broken to update the previous posts. So just trying to blog with this blogger app for android. Here you go:
Things i used..
Container, uhu gum (similar to elephant gum), ribbon, metalic color paper, permanent pen and an old torn down brown fabric flower petal.

Glued thr metalic paper onto the cover... It looked messy and had to press it out even carefully so it dont get torn. Cut and cleanned the sides and it still looked messy! So i used more drops of uhu gum at the corner covering up the sides (better use a double sided tape or be extra delicate as the gum slips through the ribbon fabric and can create smudge).
Finally i made a rose out of that same ribbon leftover and glued the brown petal and the rose in the middle. Used permanent market to draw the vines and added drops of golden glitter to cover up those smudges on the ribbon. Done!

Currently working on another biscuit tin, so far just painted it black and made 8 maroon roses and glued maroon ribbon around it. It looks almost like a blackforest cake and it will as soon as i figure out how to make white whip creap effect. I guess pvc glue and mash down tissue? Looking for alternative though.

Friday, July 6, 2012

How to Enlarge an Amigurumi Technique


I've been receiving many requests for large Baby Dragon and Asian Baby Dragon.

Since i just have no "mood" to work on large projects, here are the most simple way to whip up a large Amigurumi to cuddle...

1) Use a Large yarn lets say size 4 and appropriate Hook for it. (Depends on your crochet tension actually)

2) Get any small Ami Pattern and set how big you want the work to look.
(Example you want it Two or 3 times the size or even 4 times the size of the Actual small Amigurumi. So lets say two times bigger then the actual amigurumi.)

3) Rewrite the whole pattern in x2 multiplication row by row. give a line spacing after each row for later use.

Break :  Understanding the Rule to Enlarge Ami.
Dont get what i mean when it comes to multiplications right?
Well it means, when you see a pattern says "2sc, dec, 3sc inc, 2sc, dec", and if multiplied by 2, it will be "4sc, dec, dec, 6sc, inc, inc, 4sc, dec, dec". BUT THATS NOT NEAT AND LOOKS BUMPY. Thats because the dec and inc when multiplied, it creates a tension when you enlarge it.
So the trick is to do it like this " (2sc, dec)x2, (3sc, inc)x2, (2sc, dec)x2"... It also can be written like this "2sc, dec, 2sc, dec, 3sc, inc, 3sc, inc, 2sc, dec, 2sc, dec". Notice how i combined the sc with the inc and dec... Well that helps alot in making it less bumpy.

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Cat from Devil?

I wanted to make a Manchester United Devil Amigurumi for Navles  who is one of the MU Soccer fan but since MU Devil on the logo is so confusing to me, i just made up an imaginary Devil Amigurumi... and being me (child~like toy lover) making devil are kinda a huge challenge.

 (Sorry about the extreme poor picture quality)
It turn looking cute and with characters like a cartoon cat?! I love how it turn out, but Navles said it dont look like a devil, its more of a cat, so i tried in a different color and yeah... it does look like a cat (Especially when i gave a muzzle to it!).

Its kinda simple Ami and the only thing that was hard was the ears.
Lets start with the Head :
Notice the ears, well its attached separately to the Head
- 6 magic ring/circle
-INC all to get 12 stitches in total

Sunday, June 3, 2012

My Flash Collection

When i was a teen, i loved Both Art and Science Equally... but i grew to hate programming just few years ago and Navles kinda kept knocking my head with motivation quotes "GO FIND YOUR TECH LOVING YOU AGAIN SHARA!". But I just didnt had the heart to as i gave in thinking that i just turned into a woman and no longer could code or do anything related to codings. (The rest of my mumbles are moved below)

So here is what i still have with me.

(Roughly 2mb so its better to Right Click and Download first before Clicking the Link if The Internet Connection is Slow)

Extra Notes about ABC Game :
- Clickable Picture
- The Mouse Picture is hard to click
- Its my voice on the pictures
- the music is not mine at all
- POOR QUALITY WORK but i learned alot of important codes

 (Roughly 200kb so it can be Viewed directly on WebPage)

Extra Note about the Pet Game :
- Extremely Lame Quality as did this in just few hours to spare in this couple of days
- Migrating to Actionscript 3.0 is not that hard, reminds me of Object Oriented Codes
-Try rolling the mouse over the bunny :P
- The bunny dies so fast... Sorry about that
- Probaby have a lot of Bugs to be tested out and improved but it works, Im Happy :D

Will see what the future holds for Flash Works... To be Update for another few years perhaps.

(Continued Mumbles) ... During my diploma, i made the ABC game~sort of for toddlers with Macromedia Flash MX. Back in those days, it was so much fun programming and coding with my friends. My passion for programming was still alive... But as i move into Degree, it was a "black and white ethic coded" life style. There was no fun, no colors or art in that world and everything came crumbling down when i just couldn't code a simple C++ program anymore. I thought it was the growing up stage of becoming a woman... The passion for Art, Fashion, Music, and girls stuff took over me. I WAS ABSOLUTELY WRONG! It was not the evolving stage of a girl to a woman, but actually the lack of "colors" in those business like environment which artistic people struggles to relate to... um... Not sure how to express that, but i felt programming was boring and just plain dull, i was forcing my self to code and ended up failing miserably. What happened to me...? Well many issues arose during this 7 years gap so i'll leave those out.

Ever-since my Hard Disk crashed... I nearly lost all hope that my 'ancient' data and work has all gone especially my "Fun Exploring Happy Years" at Diploma. Being ignorant to search for any back ups, i ran from the pain of lost data for few years and just last few days i found an old CD filled with my My works from 5th Semester and some extra back up.

I wondered... am i capable to do simple flash applications still? HTML was easy but flash has Actionscript 3.0 now and im familiar with the older version.  I did!! Its the Pet Game. Hehe, Still need to get out of those old habits of 'in frame codes', but im satisfied for my first try in ActionScript 3.0 :D

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Medium Angel Wing

The Baby Dragon's wings are made recently with some special abbreviation like "BAR stitch" which can be found on Vampire Wing Page. It also can be used as applique.

The Baby Dragon Body Other wings can be found at the main Baby Dragon Site.
This is just an add on parts to the Baby Dragon Size Amigurumis.

The Angel wings are pointy and i sewn it as if its wide open instead on the other way around. No wire is needed but Modge Podge to make it hard is recommended. (I didnt use it since i just hate getting glueiiiiiieee...)

The Green Baby Dragon in the Picture was made from the same pattern but half way there. This is more of a Tutorial then Pattern to show how Pointy curves can be done with "Bar Stitch". Do try the pattern below for practices and tell me how it turn out :D

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Princess Jasmin

I was not supposed to blog this pattern. But here goes even though i dont think i would re-make her again... (Its the actual notes i wrote down so it will have mistakes) She is HUGE! well im not used to crocheting large sized dolls like i used to those days.

Anyway, for now the progress pictures, in few days the pattern will follow up part by part, since im not making the redo version, so the pattern will have to be tweaked while you make it. (If there is tweaking needed, pls do inform me so i can update it here for other readers to follow up)
The Head Pattern :

There is two ways i made the head... Currently uploaded only first method, the second method is the same, but i used "5, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30, 38" em... the 5multiplication method at start to 30 stitch then symmetrically adding 8 inc in the next row forming 38. (Might not be getting that pattern done for now. Again its the same, so nothing to worry about, the only difference is the size of the heads roundness at the forehead area.

Friday, May 18, 2012

Smocking Technique Finally Learned

Lately i keep getting distracted from projects to projects and never get anything done!
Well, i told myself, its MAY and still in the taurus ruling part of the month ; Let it be as now you start at december you finish everything.

So while working a little bit of everything on folded Roses for sale, Disney Characters, Fairies, Other Language Practices, extra crochet dolls,... Now... SMOCKING is tempting me so badly to ignore all the other projects and learn that! Gosh i seriously should stop thinking that this world is just like those MMORPG games which needs to level up based on skills. Im collecting plenty of unnecessary skills which i cant work on everything at the same time. Focus Shara Focus! I guess thats being me, so curios to try everything at the same time and ended changing phase every time. But at-least im glad i do come back to the same skills again and again when i need em for some mix and match creative explosion! Life is great when you admire the little things around you. Okay enough of the mumbles...

Back to SMOCKING inspired by Inaria and introduced by craftster members to these wonderful tutorials that taught me how ; Katafalks Honeycomb Smocking and Patchworkunderground's Canadian Smocking. Oh i chosed to do Canadian Smocking since the tutorial above looks easier to understand but i refer the other one on basics of how it worked. Youtube is not showing any easy to learn SMOCKing for beginners few weeks back, but surprisingly now i think there is few helpful videoz available since once again the rise of fluff fashion is gonna hit the world! Seriously its too pretty to ignore this lovely work called SMOCKING!

(Sorry for the extremely poor quality of the picture below)

The Front Part... So messy with few mistakes, My first try after all, done on a ripped down silky pants. The Square patch was like 10inch x 10 inch!! It shrunk to like 3 or 4 inch... But looks lovely and im happy for it turning out great. Oh yes forgot that despite the pretty fluff effect, the end knot/ secure the knot thingy... well i didnt know how to sew that. so while trying it out, i kinda messed up a simple knot. For my self note : Hand Sewing Basics


This is the back side, a little messy with threads since i kinda had to keep adding new thread on. The Back side is lovely with diamond puffs, i wonder is there anyway to reverse this work or any name for that "pattern"?

I see many "patterns" on smocking online but i dont understand how to reads some cabled images into smocking... That is bugging my head till i ask myself too much "isnt there an easier way to do smocking? After all its similar to crochet, it works ROW by ROW. Just... this time, multiple COLUMNS are considered in it. GRID works... hmm. 

Just googled up for videos and woa its true, there are more smocking tutorials available now.
This is my fav so far ~> PinkChalkTV : Smocking in the round
(Just because its exactly alike of what inspired me :D)

Note : Im afraid of thread getting tangled when sewing by mistake and that is so hard to untangle... untill recently i found out using two needles to slowly loosen the tangled mess up works well and i no longer use a ruler size thread

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Crochet Large Fox Amigurumi

The Head is Orange, Do not stuff in yet.

Continue on with White yarn, from the exact stitch you stopped. (I would normally end off with a slip stitch, after the row is done, so i would slip stitch on the last sc made and sc on the white yarns slip stitch  and on it goes in round)

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Samsung S2 Crochet Covers (Not Pouch)

Mom gave me S2 for my birthday, and i was over excited and ended crocheting these nonstop... most freakiest thing was, at the very same week before, Navles got the same s2 from his mom too! Ha double the fun. And to sweeten my excited heart, this week ICS upgrade is officially released for Malaysia? not sure about it though but am extremely excited! (Looks cute with Princess Serenity as the wallpaper! yeah, am pretty childish when it comes to personal stuff, who isnt?! hehe)

Okay back to S2 Crochet Covers :
The Best part of crochet covers are you dont need to remove the cover to click/tap anything even volume, just slide the finger at the corner and click it. I dont need to worry of the back or front surface getting scratched as long its placed down the right way! With just a gentle touch on the crochet to use the menu and back buttons, i could navigate through easily. It have a small hole for the camera and its so easy to make (Assuming you have been crocheting for sometime)!

Start of from a long chain the  size of the bottom part of width length. turn and sc ill end and turn for several rows, when the height of the rectangle patch is at the "camera", at the turn, count stitches till reach the camera (roughly 3stitches). 

So "3sc turn 3 sc turn" (till the top of the camera), you should have one side of the camera patch done, since i dont cutting the yarn off for a separate 3 chain, turn 3 sc repeat rows for the other side... i went on with slip stitch all the way to the last 3 stitches and did "3sc turn 3 sc turn 3sc"

Done that, sc till the edge where the camera top would be, chain equally as the bottom of the camera stitches and 3 sc turn, sc back and again if it is needed.

Okay you got the Back part done. Two ways here : 

Either end off and make a new patch which i prefer

If you made 1 or 2 stitch smaller then the phone for the rectangle back patch earlier, do these, it will turn into that pink with ribbon. Neat!

Front Patch : chain till the same length of the previous patch length. work few rows of "turn, sc all" just like above, preferably 4 rows only. (This will be the front bottom rectangle patch) once the height reached near the top of the "menu, back buttons" (assuming 4 rows),  turn 2sc turn 2 till near the top of the screen (mine was roughly 14rows or less with g size hook) end off long yarn.

Do two front patch, turn one over, Sew using Mattress stitch at the 2sc corners. end off at a corner hide the yarn off.

The fun part, well to me... you need a really long yarn, (the soft pink) sew mattress stitch or whip stitch if you prefer it, Either one would do. (I used a b size hook and gave inc in all around the both front and back patches for neater look) Keep checking the size as you make!


Front Patch2 :  Continue on if you made a larger rectangle then the phone, with sc all twice, and um, tricky part... at the crocheting at the top side, 4 sc, turn, skip first stitch, 2sc, dec (the corner), sc all the way to the other corner at the other side top, dec, 2sc turn, skip first stitch, sc, dec, sc all the way to the other side, dec, sc, turn, dec, sc to the other side, dec... NOTICE the dec shrinks the corners and forces the flap of many sc to bend, well do the same at the bottom part. So either slipstitch or sc all the way to the bottom opposite and redo, 4 sc, turn. (The 4sc is actually the rows, it will later be 4 rows, because of the dec), done these slipstitch or sc back to the start of the "tricky part" and... well i'll leave this part to you to end off or slip stitch around for circular look.) (NOTE : THIS PATTERN IS FREEFORM so "4sc turn ...dec..." part are up to you, you can add 2-3 dec at corners to give a more tighter look) Keep checking the size as you make! 
(It will turn out similar to the below couples in shiny light brown, looks nearly gold as its nylon thread but weirdly it dont look anywhere as the picture turn out)

If its too hard to follow the pattern, will try to write down one when i make another again. Most of the covers are free form after knowing the technique to make it, so i dont think pattern is necessary since i love playing with different hook sizes, The Pink is g hook for the darkpink and b hook for the edge in pink while just plain g hook for the brown. The one on the left is hdc at the back patch while the one on the right is sc in back patch. The plain sc looks much neater.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Manga Eyes for Amigurumi Practice

Bonnie introduced me to "fiona mcdonald" and "ByHooksand Hand"... their dolls are just so inspiring!! Check them out for more pretty thingies :)

Oh btw : There is a tutorial on "ByHooksandHand" on Manga Eyes and Lovely Spirit Dolls!!
Which is what inspired me to try out "Manga Eyes" but... i dont know what satin is exactly and what are the tools used by "ByHookandHand". So instead of painting on with acrylic and ink, i chosed the easy way out... Drumroll... Tadaaah!! "TSHIRT TRANSFER PAPER"!!! 

Incase you dont know what im talking about (Since this is also my first time using it) : WiseGeek Explains it.

There are few Brands out there :
- Epson Tshirt Transfer Paper
- HP Tshirt Transfer Paper
- Forever Tshirt Transfer Paper  
- Showay Tshirt Transfer Paper
- Tesco Tshirt Transfer Paper  

 Anyway, I was thinking to try printing this below on the "TShirt Transfer Paper" with color printer ever since Bonnie suggested some alternative eye's for the amigurumi. So here im sharing the whole hour spent on photoshoping the eyes... and some just that were taken from the net since its just so cute the way it is :s )

Update : Disney Princess Eye Set and Mickey Minnie too... Missing Few Princess Eye's Though... (Snow White and Ariel are among the one's i havent do yet)

The one i print compact into A4 size page is below...

From Bottom Left upwards (Tiana, Snow White, Ariel, ArielBubbleEye?, Aurora, Belle1,  Belle2, Cinderella, Pocahontas, Mulan, Jasmin) The rest is Mixed up... Just to pack all eyes on a page. Note : Please do stretch the eye vertically if you want that large bubbly eye effect like Tiana, since for some weird reason my mom and the ladies here loved the big tiana eye which i accidentally stretched b4 printing. (decided to leave it such as it looks so sweet)

You design your own pair of eyes too, 
- once you draw a pair of eyes (MAKE SURE THE LIDS are BLACK and CORNEA WHITE)
- The Pupils in Grey or Half Toned Color
- Duplicate the Layers in Photoshop... and move the eye to somewhere you can see it.
- In Layer "Blending Options" (right click the layer of the duplicate eye) >> color overlay >> choose the color you want the pupils to be and change the blend mode to HUE.
- There, duplicate as many pair of eyes you want and change the colors. 
Ha Simple :P Or you could just download the one above.

After Printing, Cut it up and iron on another small patch of fabric and glue it on. im a little scared to try it on the amigurumi made of acrylic yarn directly... WHAT IF IT MELT?! err does acrylic yarn melt or shrink? Oh, IRON on before stuffing in the amigurumi ... I have no pictures for those yet though.But if anyone tried it with acrylic yarn, please send some "confidence" this way :D


I wanted to place the usual back buttons like the baby dragon's eye, since it fit perfectly for the new large size ami i made. But instead i decided to try out with the printed jasmin like eye (suppose to be tiana, the printer didnt have much ink to give a darker color print on it) Oh i usually poke the hook into the eye area just to get a rough measurement of the eye placed, sometimes a yarn for marking the spot are placed until i decided on the eye. when sewing on, i would remove it and work on 1 thread 2 buttons to give a dent at the eye area.

Anyway, here i've already printed, cut down and iron on an old piece of white cloth that dont look white enough. (The Above picture is to compare which is better, my heart said the button looks good but i went on with my mind just for the testing some new things.)

There, after Iron on, i dabbed "nail polish varnish" on the eye to give that shine look, (Glad the nail polish is tinted pink it pops the eye out! Left it to dry overnight. Few hours would do but i did this at night. So in the morning i glued them on and left it aside again! so the glue dries off. Noticed few white fabric at the corner, didnt like the stick on effect, so i used a permanent black pen to "dab" lightly the corners. (Careful, over dabbing it will smudge the eye like i nearly did at one of the eye. you can see the over darkened eyelid at the bottom of the pupils.(Not much noticeable since i've cut that part off :P)

So now ive played with "eyes" and still chose the back button and beads eye as my fav, glue varnish and more sticky stuff is slow and takes utmost patience!

 Thank you for reading, if you have any suggestions on eye and Hair (The Dreadful part of amigurumi) please do share, im almost lost to an extent of quitting human style amigurumis since none of the "male" hair do's are "fun" to do. (Dont think will be posting any hair tips till i actually have enough yarn/ thread to waste on hairs... Just dont have the heart to NOT CROCHET the hair... heart vs mind)

Monday, April 16, 2012

Mini Baby Dragon (Keychain Size)

Based on the Medium size Baby Dragons. Had this pattern Quiet a while now, but never tested it till recently till i "dug" up my messed up patterns in a pile of plastic bag. Its so small and cute that it only fits the "Tiny Baby Dragon Wings". Making the wings are a little tedious to me, so i never made it much.

Wing : Vampire Wings

Made this for a friend, and sharing the wing pattern here, (Sorry for the bad quality pictures, the Dragon in purple cant turn out as pretty as the real one... it turn blue somehow...)

Since i got too excited crochetting, i didnt write down the body pattern... so i will have to try making another one, too bad it may never be like the first one... (This one belongs to Bonnie!)

Friday, March 30, 2012

Wing : Fairy Wings

Wing Collection: Sweet Fairy Wings
(can be plain angel wings actually though it dont look like it)
Medium size wings...

Miniature Goku (Dragon Ball)

Miniature Collection... 

Previously the Miniature Collection was placed under one page, now it is broken into Individual format. I might have forgotten some stuff here, oh the wristband was surface stitched around and the eye is plain blue bead (3mm-5mm).

Hook Size : B (2.25mm)
Yarn : Acrylic "Nona Brand" (Slightly thinner then lionbrand)

Miniature : Monkey

Hook Size : B (2.25mm)
Yarn : Acrylic "Nona Brand" ( Just like vannas glamour size lionbrand)

 Note on Abbreviation used often :
inc = Increase
dec = Decrease
sc = Single Crochet
Additional Note : This is not doily, so when it says "5sc inc in all", it means "sc, sc, sc, sc,sc, inc" then repeat it till end of the row) 
The "Magic Ring 5 Chain" is a typo, its just 5mg or 5 magic ring / circle.

Baby Monkey (No heart to ruin it with Ears... Its just Cute the way it is lol). The Face was Drawn on with permanent Black pen. Its crocheted with 2 colors, this is also my first time writing mixed color crochet pattern. Any mistakes please feel free to comment. Thank you :D
Previously the Miniature Collection was placed under one page, now it is broken into Individual format.

Miniature : Ganesha

Mini Ganesha re-sized version of the larger one...

Miniature Collection... Little Ganesha's Eye are Green beads (3mm to 5mm?)... and probably added an extra row of (sc in all) at the tummy with random inc at the front to give the bulgey tummy look. Though it did not turn out such so below is the default tummy of most of my miniatures.
Previously the Miniature Collection was placed under one page, now it is broken into Individual format. 

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Liebster Award

I just receive my 1st Liebster blog award from Sharon of Homemade Obsessions. Thank you!! Feels like teleported to an evening red carpet Glitz all of a sudden with no clue whats going on lol. Though im feeling extremely lucky to receive this! Thank you again Sharon :) Oh Im not sure exactly what Liebster award is exactly, but it sounds Great!! :D For more info please check out Sharons Explanation of Liebster.

So i have to choose 5 Next LIEBSTERian... Tough... I wish i can give to all Bloggers but this is liebster award rule, so here goes :

1. Elizabeth at Elizabeths Lace 
(Picked randomly from google : I Enjoy her detailed lace work, its so pretty!)

2. Nuschinka at nuschinka 
(Picked from blog readers : I dont understand what she wrote there, but her site has pretty card crafts that is inspiring to me, "Soft and Delicate")

3. Monali at deltazelta
(Picked from my Dashboard Reading List, this site populated the entire reading list! Never seen a dedicated nonstop blogger in crochet before :P)

4. Mike at The art of krome
(Picked from my Deviantart list i watch, One of the Amazing painters i looked up to when i joined Deviantart)

5. "J" or Aspie at Letters from Aspergia
(Picked from a friend)

Please do check their wonderfull blogs above... And hope everyone gets a Liebster Award too!

Oh i almost forgot... 5 random facts about my self :

  1. I live in my fantasy world more then reality and would get blur too often in reality due to this. We always live in many world and its all in our head! Wished i had healing magical power like a shaman priestess with water element.
  2. Oh i Like Bugs, Insects, Reptiles, Amphibians, Mammals but NOT Birds and Fish... Y? If i like them i would be vegetarian :P
  3. I Love eating DURIAN (grade D24) the worlds smelliest Fruit and Yellow Sweet Mango. Yum!
  4. The First guy i ever wanted to marry was "Prince Endymion" from Sailormoon, Usagi grabbed him from me lol!! kidding... yea my first crush was a comic character.
  5. I did the chicken dance last year and still do it in room with my bro when we get excited! (Its fun and funny, you should try it too!!)
Im Done :P (Couldn't get on PC with net for so long!! finally did and its only an hour :(...  )

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Gizmo Amigurumi another missing project

Gremlin Gizmo Work in progress


Since i have been inspired by gremlin last november and been working on it, though... I couldnt get my first try amigurumi pattern written down as this time its extremely complicated methods as usual. Nope i just cant give up so i made the pink version.
Last year june till december was in extremely "anti-net" world i live in and now its getting better. compiling all the messed up pattern works i made during those time are gone with the clean up clutters. Made the first just the head at the top with weird eye button (just ordinary button), then the remade version turned out great but i didnt write down the pattern the second time... so i made the pink head next, which seems to be similar with the second one but again its hard to write down the pattern exactly. So here is no pattern version of gizmo... Okay enough with my mumbling... (Conclusion... No Pattern available till i get my mood swing to make better heads of the quality i wanted)

Here is the Messy Method i used (Not Complete Pattern) :

Monday, January 2, 2012

How to write Amigurumi Pattern draft before Making it with Yarn

Happy New Year, Belated Merry Christmas and Soon to be Chinese New Year!! Missed out alot on this festivities and holidays. So to make up for it, here is some "Wisdom" and also reasons why my pattern scribbles always get messed up and missing...Yikes... Sorry.

Here is a demonstration on how to imagine out the potato body before even making it... Just for learning purpose and you will be undoing somepart along the way. Have patience and Confidence :D

The Luminate