Friday, March 30, 2012

Miniature : Monkey

Hook Size : B (2.25mm)
Yarn : Acrylic "Nona Brand" ( Just like vannas glamour size lionbrand)

 Note on Abbreviation used often :
inc = Increase
dec = Decrease
sc = Single Crochet
Additional Note : This is not doily, so when it says "5sc inc in all", it means "sc, sc, sc, sc,sc, inc" then repeat it till end of the row) 
The "Magic Ring 5 Chain" is a typo, its just 5mg or 5 magic ring / circle.

Baby Monkey (No heart to ruin it with Ears... Its just Cute the way it is lol). The Face was Drawn on with permanent Black pen. Its crocheted with 2 colors, this is also my first time writing mixed color crochet pattern. Any mistakes please feel free to comment. Thank you :D
Previously the Miniature Collection was placed under one page, now it is broken into Individual format.

Mni Monkey Head (Need to be tested)
Row Instruction TotalStiches Made
1 start with dark, 6mg 6
2 inc in all 12
3 (inc inc sc) in all (20), (forgot : add another row of "3sc, inc in all" after this row...) 25
4 (4sc inc) in all (you may skip this row if its big enough) 30
5 sc in all 30
6 11sc dark, 3sc light, 2sc dark, 3sc light, 11sc dark 30
7 (2sc, dec, 2sc, dec, 2sc) dark, 5sc light (make sure its in center), sc dark, 4sc light, (2sc, dec, 2sc, dec, 2sc) dark. 26
8 (dec, 2sc, dec, 2sc, dec, 2sc) dark, 10sc light, (2sc, dec,2sc, dec, 2sc, dec) dark. (this row might have a mistake as I cant read my smudged writing in my notes) ?
9 (2sc, dec, 5sc) dark, 5sc light, (4sc, dec, 2sc) dark. ?
10 9sc dark, 3sc light, 9sc dark ?
11 dec in all ?
12 dec in all ?

Notes from the previous post i mentioned... :
( Baby monkey, i use the same "Default Legs" and stopped at row 5, i add in 2 rows of "sc in all"... then i sewed the body up. the body "Plain Baby Body" ... err should be a normal sphere where the maximum circumferences is made of 25 to 30 sc. add in couple rows and walla...)

The monkey Head below... Okay the redo version is better as the stitches are even and its cuter... after all both the pants monkey and the baby monkey are made with this head idea after all.  

The Legs

Default Tummy

The Arms :


The Luminate