Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Stewie from Family Guy

Work in progress for now...

To all my readers please email at as i cant reply any comments here in the blog for time being. Pc is dead and i dont think it will be fixes in the near future. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Back to topic... Stewie from Family Guy is being made for Bonnie. Its Christmas Edition and a remake attempt. Previously i made it flat head. Didnt realize till some time later that stewie has a ufo shaped head.

Patterns will be upload in image handwritten as soon as im done with it. Cant type it out like i used too.

To those who wanna crochet along, here is a sample of my pattern in progress scribbles. Confusing... Till i rewrite ut down.

Just notes... The red and white part are gloves. The blue is shoes. I used surface stitches to start off with new color. It gives the puff effect.

The only part not done yet is the red strap, his santa hat, and a special red devils cloak which was suppose to be last halloweens theme. Stewie got delayed till today! And im still worried whether it will reach for christmas or valentines. Does stewie look cute with angel wings and heart bow? Gotta try later on.

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