Wednesday, September 29, 2010

First Step to Barbie Doll Bed

Was so bored, saw some old cardboard and wasted stickers my parents no longer use. Thought of making a Barbie doll Bed, I have got rid of all my barbie dolls so i dont have the measurement size. Lucky Wikipedia had the length of a barbie doll, and it shocked me... 11.5 inch!!! So i made 12 inc with a little bit slanting for the pillows using the left over cardboard Looks pretty Ugly now, as its just the skeleton piece.

Was thinking to sew up some soft stuffing using old cloth for the top, or... should i leave it plain with just covering? hmmm... i wonder

Update Part 2 :

Okay its going slow to finish this up... im pure lazy when i have no desire of what my current imagination of the bed will look... so here is looks like now.

Update Part 3 :

I hate this I hate this, i sewed last time, but i hate it soooo badly, its nothing close to what i want... argh i dont care i must go on, its a battle alrighty... so here i use Staplers for this :D hahaha see its easy :P

I guess i will pause on this again :P

(Abandoned Project)

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