Sunday, November 7, 2010

Baby Dragon

I just participated in my very first craftster swap and it seems my partner likes fantasy and best of all, i love fantasy too! She did say she love dragons so i thought of making her 5 little baby dragons, Yet i wanted it to have a little of artsy touch and cutesy feeling of amiguruminess... so i played around with yarn to create the mini head of a dragon and it felt soooo cute.

Cant believe it took me 2 whole day to "design and create" and now that i have the pattern, it takes less then 5 hours to make one... + - the in-between pause break i had to run off too. This little one is as big as my palm and just too adorable to stare at hehe, im very pleased on how this turn out.

Mommy Mommy!! I want a hug!! Uwaaah.... uwaaah i want a hug!! (Its too small for a cuddly hug though :P)

(The bell is kinda addition so it looks cuter :P Its up to you to accessorize)
The Smaller Version is here : Mini Keychain Baby Dragon
Okay okay... here is how to make,

the pattern :
Updated : Added the total stitches at the corner in RED. Please do give any other suggestion if this aint fitting as well. Thank you :) oh and will update the rest later, not enuf time... chao

Note 1 : Row 12... the slip stitch should be the jaw area, there fore... From row 11 end... Add in extra 2sc dec if it didnt reach the center of the back head till its equally centered so when you move on to row 12, the slip stitch will be falling on a curve like area for the jaw (The mouth area

Note 2 : If its too complicated, You can substitute row 12 with (sc, dec in all) and row 13 with (dec in all)

Note 3 : The last few rows after row 13 is all dec, finish it off and slip the yarn inside as it wont be used anymore.

It will look like duck a bit in the start, but dont worry keep up with it.

It should look something like this below, just decrease till no hole and hide the extra yarn off.

The Body is made from bottom to top, so its easy to sew up the head with the remaining yarn at end,

Note : The body is plain, so i didnt alter anything here... but the yarn should be long enough to sew the head in place

Sew in the Tail first as it will be easier to hold the Baby Dragon
The tail is a bit confusing as i worked in plain straight sc turning into circle then sewing it up so it looks pointy and cute. (I know my brain is working weirdly... i didnt like doing magic rings and curving them up into shape... as its not as curvy and pointy as i liked... well if i have the mood i will do that pattern too) ... (Update : The magic ring tail is Tail type 2)

The tail is pretty confusing abit, but if you imagine a circle, divided to A as the Upper part and B as the lower part, well i used the circle as the size of how big the tail should start off. The A part is always in increase mode as it will curl outwards while B as the lower part of the circle is the decreases where it will curl inwards.

It says imaginary divider (cant see clearly)

okay for the pattern, its not the usual one as i dont know how to explain this properly...


Tail : Type 1 (Wont do this in new Pattern Look as its based on feel)
row1 : 26 or 27 chain, connect to the start of the chain to create a loop,
row 2: 26 sc <-- make sure the loop is not twisted row 3: [2 sc, dec] x5, [sc,inc]x3 row 4: [sc,dec]x5, [2 sc, dec]x3 row 5: 5 dec, 4 sc, 4 inc, 4 sc row 6: 2 dec, Finish off and start sewing as the thread should be in the middle

Tail : Type 2

Thats what the second type looks like, still i prefer the first much platter and pointier as the second one is soooo hard to start off with.

Then the arms and foot...
There are several type of wings i played around with, as i didnt like the first few types, so i ket on making different ones :D So choose which you prefer :

1. Flappy Type Dragon Wings

Dragon Wings x 2

7sc, chain and turn

5sc, inc, chain and turn
sc, inc, 4sc, slip stitch, chain and turn
sc in second stitch, 4sc, inc, sc, chain and turn
sc, inc, 5sc, chain and turn
sc in second stitch, inc, 3sc and continue sc around till the end of first row

2. Cute Type Dragon Wings

Dragon Wings x 2 second type

Magic Ring 4 chain

sc, inc, sc, inc

sc, sc, inc, inc, inc, inc

inc, inc, sc x8

sc x 4, dec x 4

dec x 4

whip stitch the sides up according to shape

3. Sweet Fairy Dragon Wings  AND Few Other Wings are Blogged out Separately. Here.

(This is from the comments below)

1. Use a similar color pen and draw the lines both side so you know where the ridges grow out. (usually its The eye brow area)

2. The fierce eye ridge is started with slip stitch always at near the nose or eye brow area(ignore the hanging yarn at the slipstich or hide it inside the head)...
You can just tie the yarn on the edge real tight so it gives a depth (carefull can ruin the yarn/head)

3. Like normal SC (it is normal single stitch, not surface stitch or chain stitch, its single stitch from the pen line area you draw as guidelines earlier)

4. keep sc on the guideline to the other end, slip stich and end it off... (this will be the red dragon look)
if you turn from the last slip stitch and SC back to the start but stop at the first SC with a slip stitch again... turn and back to the end and slipstich hide the yarn in bewteen the first two rows you made and into the head.

 Here is a close up of Yellow dragon ridge... 

The yellow dragon ridge is kinda the same as the red, but the yellow dragon have 4 rows and i lost the scribbles i had for that. I think it had 3 or 4 rows but the last row is only from the middle of the rows to the back of the head. When working on the other side of the ridge flap, i used slip stitch to get to the middle. Though there might have 1 or 2 inc or dec but i cant remember where exactly and it was made out of mistake actually. Here i just update a close up picture, that i had before it was gone. 

Oh to those who wish to use my pattern for profit and publications please do get my permission. But if its for charity project, please use it as you wish, and please show me what you have done with it :D For any other usage of my pattern please do contact me :)


  1. OMG this little dragos is gorgeous, thanks for share your pattern with us.

  2. Thank you :D Im glad u love them :D Hope my partner does too :)

  3. could you maybe dumb it down for those of us who don't know this shit...? i've hunted around and there aren't any tutorial sites or anything that can help me. and just saying what to do won't help either... -_-;

  4. Spruce_tree, im sorry you dont understand this, however i would love to help out but i really dont know which part you dont understand here.
    Are you referring to the surface stitch or the tail?

    if surface stitch, here i googled some that helps (Like the yellow and red baby dragon)

    I will put up a better tail pattern in a week or two when i have the time to make another.

  5. They are adorable. Thanks so much for posting your pattern, I cant wait to make some.

  6. Thanks :D Just updated the tail and its finally complete... yet no art was ever completely perfect to the artist eye...

  7. Thanks for posting this pattern! I'll make one soon and upload a pic asap :P

  8. Thanks Robot Mushroom Master, i really am hoping to see what you have made :D

  9. Hi there! I started working on your pattern today and it's so great :D There was just one thing (well, actually four) I bumped into... Where are the patterns for the arms and legs??

  10. Oh, I'm terrible sorry! I just saw there ARE patterns for the arms and legs :$ Sorry!! Then I'll be crochetting again :3

  11. i would just like to ask on how are you writing these patterns? As lets just say the for the body, would i read row 2 inc in all 10 ? as well a sc chain style?

  12. Thanks Emma and sanders.john56,

    How im writing these patterns?
    um, mostly imaginations and a little math (As i dont rely on math and more on feel, the pattern is often problematic)

    row 2 : inc in all means repeat the inc over and over till the end of the row and usually the number 10 shows the number of stitches made so far.

    sc chain style must be a typo or my mumbles... where was this located please? Or do you mean the "sc in chain" or so... well the chain refers to previous row. I hope it helped :D

  13. I love your dragon and would love to try to crochet it.
    I'm new to crochet that's why I have a question to the head. In row 2 you write increase, do you increase with a slip stitch or what kind of stitch.

    Thank you!

  14. Thanks heikee, i rarely use slipstitch but i did only at row 12 for the head.

    i believe you are referring to "sc" which is "single crochet" at ROW 2.

    Im glad you are trying to learn, its relaxing when you get used to it. :)

  15. I love how these look, and would love to make them, but when I read "Magic Ring 5 chain," And "Chain 5 chain chain," I don't quite get what you're saying. There just doesn't seem enough to the pattern after you say "Magic Ring."
    I've also read that somebody else has asked you to dumb it down a bit, which would be a fantastic idea. If you could just over explain your steps, then it'd be much easier for everybody to enjoy.

  16. Yikes sorry, didn't realize that was confusing, i guess i mumble too much unnecessary stuff though currently i dont have much time to rewrite the blog, though i will fix what is confusing. Thanks for pointing out, it really helps.

    btw :
    "Magic Ring 5 chain" is... starting of with a loop of 5 chain.
    "Chain 5 chain" is another mumble error... its just to say, "Do 5 chains". This part i couldn't seem to find it though.

    mogo, thanks for the kind suggestion, when i get my free time i will work on it.

  17. Sorry to be thick but i wanted to contact you but can't find a contact button !! Sorry if its obvious
    Thanks very much

  18. Jane in the Uk,
    Yikes so sorry, Didnt notice that is not around either :P though i dont know how to add the button yet, maybe in the future i will add it. Meanwhile i can be contact at or just leave me a message here. Thanks for noticing it :D

  19. I have done a lot of crocheting but I have to say that this is one of the most confusing sets of instructions I have ever run across. You might consider scraping the "table" format and just typing the rows out in a line so that a person can tell what instructions go with what row number. The dragons are cute and I will keep struggling with the colums of instruction until I get one done. Thanks for sharing.

  20. Anonymous, Thank you very much for the problem u faced with this pattern, i couldn't understand what was the main problem at first till you explain out, i hope the picture format is better? as i just copy paste the same pattern without redoing the dragon, instead of "[]xn" mode i just retype them out.. hope its better now.
    Again, thank you very much for helping to improve the pattern :D

  21. they look so cute in the pictures!! :D
    i started crocheting this but when i finished the head it was huge so i was wondering what tupe of needle and yarn you used on yours?

  22. Um, Its minlon yarn or nona yarn which are rare to be found outside Malaysia, its feels soft and thin when pressed and i consider it as half thickness of lionbrand yarn. Needle... i have no idea what type i use, but a thick yarn can go through the needle and the needle it self is thick and heavy compare to normal needles. It doesnt sew well on plain fabric as its really thick.
    ~ Hope that helps :) Do play around with different types of yarn, it all gives different effects. Thanks again :D

  23. It's a great pattern so far. :) I've just finished the head. The only thing I'd like to add is that it would help if you could add at the end of each row how many stitches you should have. That way, you can always check if you're still on the right track. Especially with the head, because it starts out so very flat and for someone doing it for the first time, it might seem like they're not doing it right. :)

    Will move on to the body soon. Think I'm gonna look for some varieted yarn as well. :D Think a blue-greenish dragon or something would look adorable too.

  24. I wonder if you could be a little bit more specific on how you did the eye ridge fierce look on the yellow and red dragons. I can't get it to look right and I've tried a couple different things. Other than that, this was and awesome pattern. Thanks for posting it.

  25. Hi Lenihanfighter,
    Glad you reminded me, just updated the total stiches in Red. Hope it helps. Ad ofcourse it will look great in multicolored natural dragon look! Here we dont have mixed colored yarn and been awhile i ruined my yarn ball trying to color it with cloth dye... and never tried again since.

    Hi Anonymous,
    Here... Later i will add details of this above but for now hope this helps.

    1. Use a similar color pen and draw the lines both side so you know where the ridges grow out. (usually its The eye brow area)

    2. The fierce eye ridge is started with slip stitch always at near the nose or eye brow area(ignore the hanging yarn at the slipstich or hide it inside the head)...
    You can just tie the yarn on the edge real tight so it gives a depth (carefull can ruin the yarn/head)

    3. Like normal SC (it is normal single stitch, not surface stitch or chain stitch, its single stitch from the pen line area you draw as guidelines earlier)

    4. keep sc on the guideline to the other end, slip stich and end it off... (this will be the red dragon look)
    if you turn from the last slip stitch and SC back to the start but stop at the first SC with a slip stitch again... turn and back to the end and slipstich hide the yarn in bewteen the first two rows you made and into the head.

    (Its the same as normal crochet a plain rectangle but instead it will look round if the edges are slipstitches, Dont worry once you get used to it, it will be easy).
    Again Thank you so much for your kind replies :)

  26. Thanks for sharing! I'd like to make some, I'll let you know how it goes.

  27. Hi! I have a question.... I want to crochet the fairy-type wings and I was wondering what you meant by the little arrow that say "Try finishing off, finishing off, off" at row 15. I know what finishing off is, im just not sure what you mean at that point in the pattern and where it goes specifically. I only ever finished off at the end of a project.

  28. OH! (This is the same Anonymous person from 2 minutes ago I just forgot to ask something.) I saw that you explained how to do the little red dragon's ridge on the head, but how do you do the little yellow guy's ridge? If you could explain it, that would be great. Thanks!

  29. Ok, I'm trying to do the fairy wings right now, I am so confused. The words are repeating and I'm not sure what's supposed to be there and what isn't. Could someone help? I looked and there are other set of directions that are in the same layout and are just as confusing, but I really love these dragons and would really like to make them.

  30. Hi, my wings aren't coming out as they look in the picture. I'm making the second type of wings. I have no idea what I did wrong. Can someone explain how they did it or something?

  31. Yikes, i believe thats 3 accidental messages...

    Anony1+2 n Anony3 n Anony4 :
    Sorry about the wings, i guess typing error there, finish off so it looks round or just keep going there, but i removed that part as its pretty confusing. Though the wings was not made for the baby dragon size, unless baby dragon looks sweet in aneglic wings :P

    Just updated the ridge and im sorry i dont have a written note on it...

  32. Hi.
    I was wondering if it is okay with you if I did one of theese little guys and sold it?
    The plan is to make one so that you can hang it on a stroller, my aunt really wants one and I really like this pattern.

  33. Sorry for late reply, finally got online with my own pc... but borrowed bro's monitor :D

    Oh and Sure no prob if its hand made, but if its commercial i have to disagree.

    (to me if its machine involve, like making 10k and selling, its commercial... well it just kills the feeling of amigurumi)

  34. I haven't tried anything yet but I'm planning to make one for my nephew who happens to be five. The only problem I will have is trying to figure out how to do the eyes with yarn because he has an almost 1 year old brother and I don't want to risk it. Thankfully, I have figured out how to do yarn eyes on a multitude of things.
    This looks really fun and I can't wait to get to try. I do know changing the hook size can also change the size of whatever it is one is crocheting. So it isn't just different yarns that affect/effect(can never remember which one of those two) the size of the project.

  35. (different anonymous)

    This will be my first time attempting an amigurumi. I was wondering what size hook you used along with what you meant by "inc" versus "[sc, inc]". Did you mean a regular slip stitch instead? I tried reading through the comments for any info, but couldn't find it. :( And thank you so much for the pattern! It's darling!

    Sorry if anything I said is redundant :/

  36. - well you could try embroidering a patch of circle on as eye, made of either 5magic ring then inc the next row will be ten, and as you keep inc in all for each row the circle gets bigger. Then you can use a smaller black circle to paste on for the pupils.
    - inc in the whole row will make the curve flat. Its usually used for flat surface like carpets. [sc, inc] on the other hand means you repeat the single stitch and increase and again till end of the row. It will give a 45 degree curve angle. You can try using the left over yarn and keep working on just inc only for self learning project, and try another wit just [sc, inc], it will show the difference.

  37. what kind of crochet hook do u use

  38. When you decrease, do you skip a stich or do you normally decrease?

  39. crochet hook? 3mm -4mm i think, and no i dont skip stitch unless i mention skip stitch. i take 2 yarn over from two stitch and turn them into 1 for decreases. Skip stitches cna also be used but i use it only to create a forced "bend" look only and not for normal curves.

  40. The fairy wing pattern is kinda confusing...

  41. Hey sharastar, thanks for the wonderful pattern! I was wondering if i could make a few of these and sell them at a craft sale? I would credit you on the tag for the pattern of course. I really wanted to ask, because that's the only way to go. Great pattern! :)

  42. Yes Delia, you may sell anything you made from the patterns i made. Its the love one put in craft makes craft special, so yes i absolutely support your craft sale in spirit! Have fun making it :)

  43. QUESTION: What did you use for eyes? Are they buttons?

    I have crocheted for many years, but this is my first
    Amigurumi piece.(guess I should of started out with a simple piece) I am almost done with the head and I am assuming I stuff it before closing it up. Is that correct? (sure it is,DUH).

    When do I add the eyes?? before stuffing or after??????

    Thank you so much for this pattern, he is as cute as he can be..

    Any help or hints would be appreciated.

    Thank you

  44. Its ordinary buttons with back loop for sewing.
    ( Something like that link, but mine is plain.

    Yes, you have to stuff in along the way :)

    Hints : Sewing the head and body up is kinda hard as you need to carry the body weight and the head and it may stretch if you dont. Also Try adjusting the body size as you wish. As i made it smaller then the head.

  45. Could not find the buttons on that link.

    Do you have a certain stitch count of where you place your eyes??? (Like how many sts down and how many across for each eye?) Yours all look pretty even in the pictures.

    Also I am confused how to stuff. I assume you stuff each piece as you go. When I see pictures of amigurumi they look very FIRM. (Or maybe its just the way they are crocheted that makes it appear they are firm)
    I have searched everywhere on this matter even bought a few books and still no mention of how FIRM to stuff them.
    JoAnns craft store is offering a class on making an amigurumi bear, and it was not stuffed very firm at all. So then It really confused me.
    I assumed that amigurumi was stuffed firm. Or is it just a personal thing. Patterns in the books will just say stuff the head or?
    Patterns I have got on line some don't even mention stuffing after completing head -OR-

    So would like to know what your suggestion is on stuffing the amigurumi's.

    Thank you once again.

  46. Try this for the buttons :

    The eyes, well i usually use a yarn and place it as temporary marker after its done, just to make sure its equally placed. when i place the sewing needle in i remove the marker yarn, and i use the same string on that first eye button to go to the other eye from underneath the first eye.

    Stuffing depending on "what you use to stuff with", "how tense your crochet is" and "what kinda yarn you use". If its heavy stuffing, like old cloth, dont put too much, if its cotton fluff, put in as much as you can. If you crochet tensely, you dont need to worry of how much you stuff and generally stuffing firm will be great. but if its loosely crocheted, its better not use heavy stuffing and not stuff it firm as it will stretch. lastly, the kinda yarn you use effects as if its already soft and using a rough stuffing will make it look firm, and while using a soft cotton fluff as stuffing with the soft yarn will look too softy squishy. If the yarn is thick and rough, then whatever you crochet it to be will turn firm and rough, and never soft cushy feeling. Suggesting to use medium yarn which is not too soft nor rough, with cotton based stuffing (if you willing to spend the extra) or if you have soft old cloth just chop it into small bits and stuff em in, not much as its still cloth material. (The old cloth version can be washed but gently with hands)

    I have not followed any amigurumi book as i learn the basic of crochet from a lady at a store who is kind to teach me "sc, half single crochet, slip stitch, and double crochet" and the rest of it like "inc, dec, magic ring" and such i learn through the net. After realize, a plain square patch and a circle base taught by the store lady can be turned into doggy toy, with a little stuffed herbs besides old rag. So nope, i never had any books to start with and my resources are google search. Therefore im not sure how it will be on books.

    Hope it helped, and You are absolutely welcome :) (I love long messages, it also mean you care :) )
    Thank you :D

  47. Thank you for your response, Saw the picture of the buttons, here they refer to them as Shank backs guess that is why I was confused about loops.

    What kind of thread do you use to sew on the eyes??

    Yarn is 4 ply and I am stuffing with polyester fiberfill, My stitches are tight. I will use 2 ply yarn on my next dragon. I just assumed these where stuffed very firm.

    Well guess it is time to start the body.

    Thank you for responding so quick. B

  48. Hi,
    "Shank Backs" the words are a new thing to me, i guess i will use shank backs button for future patterns. Well, I use ordinary thread to sew normal cloths with.

    (I start by having at least a meter of thread, putting the one side thread into the needle and tying off the both ends. Holding firmly the knot end and place in and out the needle on the first "sew" on amigurumi eye; i tie the knot end up with the needle thread leaving a long sewing gap securing the thread, only after that i place the shank back button and i poke the needle to the other eye and get the other shank back button eye in place. I keep repeating left eye to right then left to right making sure its firm and not wobbly. When im pleased i use the needle to sew down to the neck area which is gonna be covered with the body and end the yarn there with a knot. This way the thread wont move much and the eyes will stay in place.)

    Yes it is stuff firm but i used chopped up bits of fabric. Press the stuffing on to the inside of the amigurumi wall firmly and keep stuffing till the shape it should give pop out. Thats what i usually do, for the inner walls have been layered with similar color so the skin don show much of stretch effects.

    Your welcome and thank you :D

  49. Another problem:

    The head pattern went well UNTIL ROW 13:


    I STILL HAVE 3 STS EXTRA BEFORE REACHING THE SLIP ST. I have torn out and re:done this row several times and it is still not coming out right.

    Row 12== Says it has 18 stitches=== When I count the stitches it seems to come out 21 stitches???

    Please advise on how to fix this.

    Thank you

  50. add in more dec, dont worry, as long as both slip stitches in row 12 is in front of the face and symetrically center. that shows you are in the right track.
    row 13 is suppose to be dec in all, but to give the jaw area some opening i added inc at the slipstitch area, so from tight pulled up jaw it will grow out and loosen up a bit.

  51. Having trouble with row#6 it says 2sc,inc,...I thought 2sc was the inc in 1st.please can you clarify this up for me.Thanks

  52. When reading pattern you were unclear at the beginning if working in circles until I saw picture.Can you fix that part,and row six is confusing.HELP PLEASE!! I want to make one for my freind who is dieing from cancer. I will crochet a heart to sew on it for her.Thanks so much in advance.:-)).

  53. Sorry, recently i get on net once or twice a week.
    Anonymous, i wish to help you but i dont understand what you mean by row 6 : 2 sc, inc... um... and which picture need to be fixed please?

    Oh and yes the numbers in-front of sc is actually the number of stitches to single crochet on. so it would be "sc, sc, inc, sc, sc, inc...".

    well if you made a mistake you can always unravel it back to the start and do over, (exception to furry or special type yarns; better to try on normal yarn first before working on special yarns).

    Thank you and hope your friend will feel better!

  54. Thanks now I understand that row#6,but that little pointy tail worked in pink is unclear.Am I working continues rnds or rows then sewing it up? Oh before I forget my freind had a blood trans.doing alittle better,but still will tryit out. Thanks for clearing up things in pattern.Tail might be alittle tricky,pink one in your illistrations.Will try hard to get it done before I run out of time.Thanks again greatful.

  55. Oh the pink tail? well yes it is worked in continues rows. Read first then try.
    - Start of with chain stitch... combine the end with the start when you reach the desired length.
    - place the ring you just made on the body, just to measure if it is the size of the butt.
    - then you single crochet on that ring working around and around like a normal amigurumi.
    -do not flip it inside out unless you want to
    - Okay now the "asian baby dragon" technique is used... well notice the
    "row 3: [2 sc, dec] x5, [sc,inc]x3"
    The dec area is at the bottom while the inc is the pointy part of tail. Be brave to remove or add inc or dec, dec closes the tail while inc is opposite. So dec should be the bottom part, while inc used only on the inc it self on next row to give the pointy tail part.
    - row 4 and 5 or maybe 6 depending on how many rows you add or substract with inc and dec, once done; press down the opening of roughly 10 stitches left and sew it together. mattress stitch not whip stitch. Before you sew, pull the tail out pointy first. End off...
    Now you should have a tail looking wobly flat.
    Stuff it and place it on the body and pin it up to sew with new thread.

    Hope that helps,and am glad your friend is a bit better, take good care both you and your friend there.

  56. I was wondering if I could use this pattern to support me raising money for college? 70% of the money made will go to the college fund and the other 30% will be reused to buy supplies for it. I was just wondering.

  57. could I sell these, I have hand made some before, so I was just wondering

  58. Hi,
    could you write down how to just make the yellow dragon for me I would appreciate that thank you great pattern


  59. The Yellow dragon is the same as the other dragons, the ridges are the only thing different and i just went with the flow of "freeform" crochet, so i dont have the exact pattern, but i remember it was 2 or 3 rows with some inc at the top and dec at the end. the eye was a mixed black and transparent "shank back" buttons.

  60. I cannot for the life of me get either one of the tail patterns to come out right. I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong but is there any way to make it even the teensiest bit easier?

    1. Well yes there is, dont follow the pattern or any rules.

      First Technique :

      The trick is,
      - Start with your own choice of magic ring, 2 or 3 or even 4 magic ring circle.

      - keep repeating this till a cone like shape at least 4 or 5 rows. = Inc, sc, inc, sc, inc, sc... (keep repeating the same "inc sc").

      - count the total stitches (lets say its 20 stitch)

      - divide two, and place a marker yarn at the start and middle stitch. (number 1 stitch and number 10 stitch)

      - Do this repeatedly to give that quarter sphere curve. "Turn on second stitch from hook (or dec from the turn), sc across till the marker yarn". do another time to keep the "right side" and "wrong side" back to normal.

      - you may do the above instruction again if the curve at the tail is not there yet. but doing this give s little crinkle like texture due to the turned work.

      - if you are satisfied with the curve, "sc, inc" around once and end off to sew.

      This is one of the freeform technique, with no exact pattern, but more to sculpt as you crochet.

      As i said no rules, so incase you want to add more inc or less its up to you. but for small mg to large diameter of the tail, dec is not required unless to force bend it, thats why i prefer skipping a stitch after turning which gives much cleaner surface. Slip stitch after turn still gives that unwanted bump... unless you like it, go for it instead of skipping the stitch.

      Hope this is easier then the above, after all been so long i made these that there are plenty of ways to make the same thing. reading from below or above its the same.

      Second technique :

      Example tail 2, start from reading bottom to top, 28 stitch.
      So make 29-28 chain bind it to form a loop and sc around till its 28 stitch.

      Replace the inc into dec, and dec into inc, and read it
      "4sc, inc, 4sc, inc... " turn into "4sc, dec, 4sc, dec..."

      And so on for all the other rows. but careful this second technique "Upsidedown pattern Reading" is only for patterns that is accurate. So you may have to count the total stitch every rows if its not accurate.

      Hope this helps, Happy Mother and Teachers day!

  61. HI! thank you for this adorable pattern! I'm curious, if I changed the pattern a bit, could I sell things I made with this? I've only changed the body some what and I have a different idea for a tail. I would give you the credit. Again, thank you for the pattern ^-^

    1. Yes, do as you please, i encourage you to try doing things differently, after all thats where the fun of creating comes. Thanks :D

  62. hey i love you design but i'm quite confused on a few details:
    so you don't Slip stitch after each row?
    do you "inc" with single crochet or double crochet?
    and what do you mean by in row 4: [sc, inc]?

  63. Has anyone been able to successfully complete one of these baby dragons?? If so, did you re-write the pattern and if you did, would you be willing to share it?? Thanks in advance!!

  64. Hi, thanks for this brill pattern. I made loads of these for my kids and my friends loved them so made for their kids too. I was just learning at the time and found the pattern good to follow. Have now been crocheting about a year and think I have greatly improved so have decided to make another little guy for myself. Hoping this one will be perfect compared to the first ones. Thanks again x

  65. I did this Dragon, put a ridge on it and added spikes. I also made an egg for it and put buttons on the side so I could put it in and out.


    (Use the back of your Dragon as your chain)
    Row 1- sc, hdc ch1, dc ch1,hdc ch1 sc in same stich, repeat until desired length.

  66. Row 6 for the head is very confusing. Can you help me a bit? Thanks


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