Thursday, October 7, 2010

Paper Lego-like Swan

I learn this Paper craft years ago when i was at high school, (Warning skip the paragraph as im mumbling) My parents own a stationary shop so i always see a lot of unwanted chopped off papers at the back. Last few months ago, i was "working" with my parents at shop and got tooo bored... so my itchy fingers kinda dig up the pile of papers and made a staff working here to help cut it down into the size i want (of course not by hand but by a humongous paper cutting machine) I sat there watching customers come and go as my job was pretty much watching and accounting, when done with that i make these legos as i wasn't allowed to use my lappy. I made few hundreds i guess, and join them up a little at a time to give some inspiration to keep doing that :P When im done in a whole day (took me hours) i manage to finish it up and i left it at shop... Recently mom took all my "Trash" from shop and dump it to me... and i saw these extra pieces of paper lego's and some unfolded papers and decided to do this blog :) (Mumbles are over)

Thing you need to make the Paper Lego thingy (I don't know what its called actually as its a very old paper craft thingy i learned ages...)

You may need lots of papers in the size around... 8.5cm tall and 1.5cm wide. My pieces are a bit out of size though its 8.6cm vs 1.8cm sharp... But all it needed is 4 : 1 size squares.

So how to make the Paper Lego-like thingy? Here you go...

1) Bend it in half to get the symetrical line to guide for the next step...

2) Bend down-wards using the symmetrical folded line as guidance

3) Bend the other side downwards too equally

4) Turn it so it faces so you can work on the other side, (like the picture above)

5) Bend both down flaps upwards like the picture above

6) Bend them above again

7) Repeat bend above like the picture

8) There its done, and make another 100 to 1000 pieces and start building your Swan or pineapple or whatever you wish to sculpt :D

Below is how to attach it... Incase its confusing :P

Again here is the done Master Piece!!

(Note : This is not my pattern and its too general as kids make them usually, for their class room art like i did. Just thought to share as some may not know how to do, Enjoy!)

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