Sunday, October 17, 2010

Crochet Polygon Shapes

Recently i was having trouble with Crocheting shapes and the curves... So i decided to play around with crochet. Here is my Problem which made me do this tutorial... See the belly and the curve. Its confusing on how to write down the whole pattern. But yet i do this instead :)

Here is the curve i made and it worked, yet with a regret, i should have worked on the Rayquaza directly instead of separately (Ah i had no confidence to work on it straightly... the fear of failure in perfection attacked my mind again)

Some Basic Polygon shape Formula

Basic Crochet Sphere Shape :

- The rule is simple, start of with magic chain, (example 5 magic chain) and remember 5 chain means you will do 5 times of the same repeats. Second row is always followed with double increase in all. third row is 1 sc then increase, fourth 2sc then increase... this goes on till how big your diameter you want.

Formula : [X + inc]Y where X is the increasing number of sc and Y is the number of repeats.

Basic Crochet Cone Shape

- Start of with as smallest chain (example 3 magic chain) as 3 is an odd number i make the next row sc, sc, inc or sc, inc, sc. its the same i guess... In other words, it will be in cone shape if you keep going [sc, inc] around. If accidental add or skipped a stitch it will look pretty weird, so undo that row. <--( Found this while working on the spikes hehe)

Formula : Y = Y+1....... [sc, inc]Y where Y is repeats

Basic Crochet Square Rectangle shape with sharp edge :

- Extremely simple, just make your self 6 patches of Square and whip stitch all sides together.
Formula : Not necessary i guess...

Triangle edges that i always mention...
he Triangle Pattern are :

1) chain 2 <- If you dont like the pointy edge which will be missing after you place the hair, you may start at chain 5 or more as it wont look pointy. (I use the starting string to sew it up to the head when im done)
2) inc in second chain, chain turn
3) sc in first sc to the second last. At the end stitch use inc (as i dont like sc in the chain), chain an turn...
4) repeat row 3 till you get the height you need for the neck to start the joint. Then move on to the type of Anime you are creating, either Warrior, Women,Plain (Will update the Women, and Plain Anime, when i start working on them :P)

Basic Crochet Square with round edge

- At each corner/edge just add in 3 sc in that particular stitch

Basic Increase and decrease to shape in Amigurumi :

- Increase on a straight plain area will give a bump or curve going outwards from the Amigurumi
-Decrease will give a tighten and shape the Amigurumi inwards.

Basic U-Turn curve:

-1) If you start with a tube shape or a sphere and stopped at the diameter or the length you want to start curving it has a confusing method but works. Choose a point where it will curve or the vanishing spot. Put a marker yarn there so you know. Start of with a dec and sc all the way near the marker, dec and chain to the marker and again repeat till you are satisfied with the curve. Sc around all and ur done :)

-2) Okay the first one is tough, so why not make a separate half sphere thats twice as big as the stuff you want to curve and attache it together? ( i don't like this way, as the line are visible... im just no good at invincible whip stitch)

So far this is what i learned, and if i found more better shapes, i will post it here.

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