Sunday, October 10, 2010

How to make Mini Roses

Im pure lazy to put up the roses in a basket of small green sponge foam thingy. I will update the picture later...

Suggested Material :

Paper Strip, or Ribbon, or even a straw!!

Its just Twisting and Turning only afterall. The more longer the strips the more heavy the petals will look. The more thicker the size of the strips, the more bigger the rose will look.

But here is how to make paper roses :

1) Roll the edge up so it look like the pict above.

2) Bend down the strip thats heading too upwards (bending either front or back doesn't matter much but i prefer bending like the picture above)

3) Roll the bended strip over while holding on tightly so it doesn't unravel itself

4) Bend down outwards and continue rolling along

5) As it keep bending down and turning around, to start making the petals look bigger turn it upside down so you can press the petals down to hold it like my thumb in the picture. (Dont press it too hard)

6) Keep doing the same thing which is Bending it inwards and turning till it has no more strips or you cut off and attach it off (You may attach with whatever you feel best)

Suggestion, if its so hard to use gum or tape, try get some flower shells from decorative flower shops to hold the rose strips in place.

This Website
I stumbled across to have some flower shells for sale on net.

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