Saturday, October 30, 2010

WIP : Crochet DragonBall Character

I started off with wanting to make an Anime Char thats Perfect enough with its tiny nose and that curvy face cut. The journey to DragonBall Char just started...

Started off with a Head and the shoe base... and i was enthusiastically ready to tackle a cuddly Anime Char...

The head Pattern can be found at My Nearly Perfect Anime Head Pattern

I had to make the shoes as i really have no idea how to make even a baby shoes before, but then i used my real shoes as reference and made a base and two side and whip stitch them up. it looks cute...

The Shoes are soooo adorable and i kept on playing with them taking steps on, i wonder it can be turned into baby boots are shoes but then again, i really would never put on those for my baby as the stitches are tight and there is no padding at all.

I made the right arm first then moving on to the 2 chest bulges and then the left arm... Hmm i have the pattern but i dont think i wanna post it unless it is requested for.

As soon as the shoulders were done, i chained and made the arm loop and work the arm out.

The Shoulders are painfully confusing and hard to do, but somehow withs lots of increases and the right places to decrease, it turn out quiet well with the adams apple and the arm muscles gap thingy just in place (Kinda proud of my self for this accomplishment, even though its tiny :P)

Double checking whether i did any mistakes or not, so far everything seem well and just the legs need to be longer as i stopped at the knees.

The Abdomens are muscular, im too picky, Dragonball warriors have 6 pack tummy and so will my crochet Dragonball char! I had to whip stitch patches of the abdomen muscles together... and it was really worrying me how to do the rest of the body... as i wasnt working in rounds

Yippie The Pants is longer!! eh, no no the butt will look weird with small thighs... Redo!!! I added a triangle like for the hips, and fuh...... its done... moving on... So tired...

The butt went bulgy at a side... ah... had to reopen and re-crochet all over again from the hips!!! I know im insane to do so, but argh i went to far to watch it turn to rubbish!! Exhausting... oh my... little more i say to my self... At this part i totally lost mood to write down the pattern. As non stop bad luck was hitting me.

Im Losing inspiration to complete this one........ Argh!!! Out of Orange Yarn and i really hate the way the "butt" turn out to be. Why is it so hard to make... its k, i will try improving it instead... :( So disappointed...but aint quitting so as soon as i get the yarn i need, im going back to this.

There redo version, of the butt....... finally it took a month of motivation and spirit away... and yes got the yarn but err... slightly different color as you can see at the waist there... (I actually reopen the round butt and the legs... sc all the way and used that handy triangle method at the front with inside whipstitch at the back for the curvy shape...) Now im pleased with the bottom,...

To move on with the hands and hair, later on... as now im pure lazy again...


  1. This is absolutely amazing, I'd love to know your arm pattern--I want to make a Trogdor amigurumi and your beefy arm is terrific!

  2. Thanks Sarah Jo,

    However, the shoulders are attached with the arm, yet i believe you can start off from the loop, oh the pattern is updated in the previous blog, Here :

  3. I love this! I am trying to figure out a way to crochet Super Saiyan Gohan for my little brother. I see the patterns for the head, neck and arms on your other page; is there any way you could post the whole thing? Then I'd only have to figure out the hair. :) Excellent work!

  4. Wow! I love this. How can I get the pattern, indeed to make a Goku for my nephew


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