Saturday, October 23, 2010

My Semi-Naruto One hand Glove

I know, Malaysia is a rain-forest country, Why do i need a mitten/glove in the first place. Last week my hand started hurting real bad... Too much Knitting and Crocheting. So i thought if i made my self a mitten/glove the pain can be tied up, yes it worked, some how the heat it gave with the tightness of the gloves kinda made my hand feel way better. Here is my lovely Semi-Naruto gloves. Its also my first Glove/mittens i ever made. However i do really need to learn how to end the finishing string neatly...

I added on a Button and two little hanging heart beads.

So sorry, as this is my first mitten/glove... i dont have the pattern for this, as i made it based on my hand size and shape. See the last finger, the finish off thread is still hanging loose there... I couldnt get a Free Naruto Glove Pattern Online, so i made a simple "Cincai" one for my self :D (Cincai = Fast and Messy Made)

I will update this if i ever made another one :P


  1. I think these gloves could have more details in the like holes and strings something!

  2. Yes, me too, however it was my first trial, so made it simple as possible :) Thanks :D


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