Sunday, October 2, 2011

Basic Music

Okay, i have no knowledge on music writing or reading, but im so facinated with music that its already years in my to do list. So why not learn it through the net i told my self and walla!! I found a super awesome tool that turn my PC keyboard into Piano!! ("shh... i googled for the full version crack")

I made a midi short sound clip for my phone, and to me a novince, its pretty amazing!!! Err dunno how to upload it here so it gonna take sometime...

But anyway here is the software

and ... the crack just google it out, download the keygen and use it to register :) the best part i love of this software is the "String Ensemble 2"... It just soooooo beautiful... if you love melodic orchestra type music.

Part 1 : Journey to learn music started,
First step, i bought a sheet music empty book, and rewrite nearly everything on the site... just to understand what it meant. oh the site was a crash course from
Its a great site that actually made me "write" down my own version of music that i've been humming years ago. Well i still haven't mastered the time and which notes exactly, but i did understand the pitch or err is that what they call the do, re, mi, fa, so, la, ti, do... but err the tone goes higher and sweeter thing? So many questions, learning with only net as my teacher is kinda tough but yet fun to explore. By combining both keyboard music piano with this studies, i think pretty soon my poems will turn music... hopefully :D

Part 2 : Im in Awe,
Seems like i underestimated music and now i feel its impossible to learn it all in jiffy but it takes years of practice and above all, now im in awe and respect heavily to musicians that plays music directly from instrument while reading the notes from the music sheet. Its kinda easy to compose a song with all the "adobe sound booth", "cool edit pro" and such music editing softwares. Yes, anyone can make songs, with those tools by chopping part of some music or some midi or waves or already recorded sounds and mix meshing them together... but not many can actually read or write and play music with a real instrument. I was imagining how hard it was to play a music from a music sheet that i downloaded at the net with keyboard music, but it was so easy to play based on the numbers it provided... Well, so i assumed from bottom to top of those lines where the dots (key notes) are were numerically placed. it worked, the sound that i wanted came just right, reading it. But i still couldnt play a whole song, reading directly from the music sheet. So here on im gonna practice practice practice till i can play at least one full song reading directly from music sheet.

Part 3 : Due to absent from the world of computers/ Tech... my learning continue in the form of paper notes of music and ended in few days as i dont feel im progressing anywhere... Now that im back, i tried playing songs and realize my fingers need to get adapted to the keyboard again. Well  I made few tunes more to feelings turn music... though i still need to figure out how to balance the divided music into a whole... Um, i mean its a 1min music, combine in 4 parts but when its switching between parts it sounded weird. What does one call that in the first place? Well i will continue studying this in regular weekly mode again... glad i remember a few but forgot the rest. lol Lucky i wrote this somewhat journal thingy... (New Year is soooo motivating every year, hope it lasts through the whole year)

Got bored with Music Keyboard and end up playing with Cool edit and adobe sound booth... err mixing up the rythm

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