Saturday, August 27, 2011

Pokemon Mew Amigurumi or so i think

I was trying to make a White Cat halfway got distracted after months i forgot what i was making without referring to my notes and after finishing i realized it suppose to be Chinese good-luck kitty but with a little mixture of cuteness it turn out into that white little "baby version" of Mew if Mew can look more "baby" like if possible :) Seriously i should focus on finishing something then dragging it for months, see what happens... :)

Pokemon Mew

Pokemon Mew with Bow and Bells (I love Bells)

Mixup Kitty Pokemon Mew

Pattern Below :

"Its a Pokemon!" thats the reply of a friend and so i decided to make a more actual look of Pokemon Mew and walla it turn out like the pink one above and Kawaii!!! I used the Pattern of Baby Dragon body again :) Its easy to recycle patterns then making one, infact i made a redundant White Baby Dragon Body and thought to turn it to kitty. Hehe..

Mew Head

Mew Ear
 Arm and Leg

 Dragon Body used in Mew
For the Tail, its similar to Arm, but at 3rd row replace with sc inc instead. and 5th row repeat sc in all and ONLY 1 Dec randomly or non till its long as you want.

Dragon Body may be a little altered if you want, by skipping row 6 and or 7, it will be just fine.


  1. Hi.Your baby-mew is soooooooo adorable........i want to make one,what type of eye you use for it,its very lovely?

  2. Monali Mishra, It was a simple button actually, usually can be found in plain black, but i bought all sort of colors and this one is kinda light blue. The button have a thread hole at the back.

  3. I just love this Mew. It turned out great. Thanks for sharing this pattern.

  4. Silly question - this is the first Amigurumi I've made (very beginner crotchetter!) - with the body, do you leave it at the 18 stitches, stuff it, then sew the open end to the head?

  5. Yarn Yoke, your welcome, i love sharing the patterns.

    Jo, My first AMIGURUMI Was a Pokemon too :D Oh yes the open end is sew directly to the head, i prefer leaving a long long string to put a needle at the end of the body. as the head is already closed so you can position the head anyway you like. Use that long needle pin thingy to make sure the head dont move much on the body while sewing, and thank you thank you thank you for making this one as your first ami :D i feel like cloud9!!

  6. I'm really enjoying making it - I've had to do the head twice now as I started on too large a hook, and when I stuffed it, it just looked too big - what size hook did you use to make yours? I've moved down to a 6 mm, and this one is looking a lot better (the holes are a lot smaller for a start! It took me ages to get the hang of the magic loop!

  7. Jo, Im not sure on how to check the size but mine says 3/0 and 4/0, i use the 3/0 side as its smaller. The way i estimate the yarn size with the hook is, the head should be nearly the same diameter as the yarn. if the yarn is thicker then the hook, its better. but if its too thicker then the hook, its hard to crochet.

  8. Not sure if the last comment got through or not - I finished him...! Though mine does look a lot more like a beaver than a cat (the tail is quite a funny shape) - however, for the first thing I've crocheted, I'm very pleased. Certainly a lot easier than knitting, and I've learnt loads in making him :-)

  9. Jo, Im glad you have finished him and learned alot in the process, I also hope you can try taking time making your own version, its alot of fun to do seeing how the "sculpture" takes shape. After all i made only 2 of this and never did a re-test version. As both turn out just right when i stuff them tight and press it out. Third shall be the charm :D I really would love to see your work if its available online. :D

  10. Updating : The third one i made in yellow turn out just the same, though i do admit placing the ears straight, looks different. Thank you again :)

  11. Hi.i just started making a mew for me out of this pattern.I find just a simple writing mistake,in head round-1 you said magic ring,5 chains.Ithink it will be magic ring,5 single crochet(sc).

  12. I dont suppose you would sell one or trade some item for it? 9I like it very mucj the design, but i am beginner and do not know enough to make such wonderful pattern :) please let me know your descision!

    lucilleb123 at

  13. Hey Anonymous - it *really* isn't that hard to make - I used this pattern to make my first ever crochet piece - it took me a few hours, but I had literally been crochetting for about an hour in total before I found this pattern (so much more fun than the lace doily patterns you find!). It takes a while to get a hang of the magic circle, but there are loads of really great videos on YouTube which will help you.

  14. Monali, im sorry its actually 5 chains in a magic ring.
    Anonymous, i don make to sell but make for fun, and usually i get bored doing the same project. You could get a partner or friend who can crochet to make for you. Crochet is quiet simple just like jo mentioned, you can learn in few days, just need a crochet hook, 2 pc of buttons, needle n thread and yarn. Oh stuffing too, i use old cloths i cut into bits but better if can get cotton like stuffings.
    Jo, thank you for your kind help. Its much appreciated. Thank you so much.

  15. um im not sure, i only have 1 crochet hook with both sides hook. it says size 3-4, and i use the size 3 for all my work. It belonged to my mom and im not sure where she bought it either.

  16. Where did you buy those button from? XD I love the color and want to put it for my baby mew when its finish. Btw did you stuff the mew with cotton? and did you put the eyes on before putting all the body parts together XD.

  17. Hi, I love pokemon and love pokemon dolls and everything, but they are usually so expensive that I don't buy them normally.
    I saw some pattern books at my mom' house and imagined that someone must have thought about doing a pokemon using crochet and I discovered amigurumi and saw this mew and I just need to do it, so now I'm learning and it's going to be the first thing that I do.
    Thank you for sharing.
    (sorry for my bad english, not my native language and I haven't used it for a long time)

  18. I usually don't crochet that often because I'm really slow at it, and I'm an impatient person. haha. x3 but this Mew is SOOOOOO cute, I will have to try. ironically, I have some pink acrylic yarn laying a box under my bed. It will do perfect for Mew <3
    I, too, love the buttons you used for your Mew. I have plain black safety eyes, but I love those blue buttons so much that I think I will look for something similar.


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