Thursday, September 8, 2011

Celebi Pokemon Amigurumi Development

Pokemon Celebi
(Project in pause for few weeks more, out of green yarn... )

 COMPLETED!! But as usual lazy to type down the pattern (=.o)

Okay making the head with two tone color of Black and light green is kinda tough for first time doing something from sketches and not directly from mind like i usually do. the small head was made first, but i wasnt pleased with the size, though it turn out just as i sketched, but the second head went awefully wrong though some what had that feeling of " I just must do this complete first before judging whether its satisfactory or not"... So i did the Bigger head first...

 Had to do the bigger head first, and realize YES!!! The bigger head is better, just need to look alot more like the smaller head with black patch. Or maybe i shouldnt have made the black eye patch, but i seriously hate painting over black patch as it doesnt feel nice. So maybe the 3rd head i make of celebi will be better... Aint giving up on it till i feel life in it.

Here is the completed First Pokemon Celebi Amigurumi (Similar size as the Pokemon Mew i made) The 3 Baby legends will be complete with the next one later on. For now, this one is completed on my plate, Bon Appetite :D hehe kidding :)

Will upload the Pattern when im actually satisfied with this...


  1. cute...can you please do a pikachu pokemon???? i love it,but the free patterns available for pikachu are not so cute :(

  2. i dont think i will be making the pikachu again, but a little tips, its true i didnt follow wolfdreamers pattern exactly, i accidentally made "pichu" head and guessed the neck and body from there, i was suppose to make based on pikachu, but i was reading the wrong pattern... but the rest of the body parts are the actual pikachu.


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