Sunday, December 12, 2010

Learning Chinese Knotting

Recently im trying to figure out Chinese knotting and oh boy........ i seriously misjudged it as a simple tying knotting work... its extremely delicate and artistic plus it takes a huge amount of patience and time for something that i would normally be satisfied with. I didnt wanna do the simple hand knotting type, as it doesnt feel much of a challenge... so here i go choosing a complicated piece as my first time chinese knotting.

Googled, and youtubed... it was ridiculously hard to get some good tutorials and knowing me i wanted purely Chinese knotting and not other camping knotting... so i tried googling translation of Chinese knotting in Chinese, and found so many breathtaking sites that i cant seem to understand...


here is a few that helped : (For self references and remembrance too) <-- a really good site if used with google translator... (Web based Tutorials) <-- Woa the simplest form ever. Its another simple board grid thingy. <-- Videos on chinese knotting and so many weird knottings... (I dont think i can go through them all so im skipping this one and learn the ones that i want)

Googled Translated ZGJ Site

Okay the pattern i tried was... aaa... this one from zgj

But before that i needed a board to pin the chinese knotting thingy on...
so i made it simple...

A small polystyrene board covered with a piece of paper... there simple.
(Planning to make one pin cushion board later on when i have the tools, but temporarily just to learn this, why not a simple one :P)

My board looks plain and simple with my pins ready to be pinned :) ... Pinning it is confusing... and i made mistakes alot... and worse mistake was using a fine thin string to test out... when i tighten it....... it looked like this...

Well it did turn out but... with flappy edge strings... so i decided to use a thick chunky yarn... another mistake... its too soft... err i guess i have to go buy my self some lanyard string/yarn thingy to really try it. Well, at least i learned something and yippie!! i get to make some really cool key-chains... err that will take my precious time away... (its okay as long for the sake of art :) )

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