Saturday, December 18, 2010

Keychain Bottle Top Angel

I wanted to make a cute nifty angel as simple and small i could yet with some details... Played around with yarn and here is my little angel. Some how the season of Christmas made me feeling a little Magic feel... every time when there is a festival i feel this feeling... i guess it should be normal right as its holiday season after all.

From an idea to have an Angel Crochet Keychain... i fell off the track to angel bottle cap with another idea to make a mini Christmas tree. Hopefully that will turn out just nice. Lucky i wrote down the pattern and will definitely use it later for Keychains... yet stuffing is pretty annoying when you dont have the proper stuffing's to use.

(Not sure to write down the pattern as its too simple and boring... So snap shots will do.)
The rough pattern is below :

Head and neck :

row1 : 5sc magic ring (5)

row2 : inc in all (10)

row3 : [sc, inc] in all (15) <-- add in extra row of sc if face not long enough row4 : [sc, dec] in all (10) row 5: dec in all (5) + extra dec so it would be (4) stitches left row 6: sc all (4) <-- finish off when you feel the neck is long enough or add extra row of sc Dress : continue from the neck with 4 sc... or finish the neck off and sew it on later... if so start off with 4sc magic ring. row 1 : sc inc all (6) row 2 : sc inc in all (9) row 3 : inc in all (18) row 4 : [4 sc, 2 chain, skip 5 stiches from the last sc]x2. (the 2 chain give you arm pit of the dress) <-- the holes are for the arms... dont need stuff in... row 5 : sc in all (10) row 6 : sc in all (10) row 7 : sc in all (10) <-- waist row 8 : inc in all (20) row 9 : sc inc in all row 10 : 2sc inc in all row 11 : sc in all <-- you may want to replace this with 3 sc and inc if its not curvy enough row 12 : sc in all <-- repeat this till the dress is long enough row 13 : 3 sc in one stitch for the edge... improve it and finish it off :) oh the arms... um... started off with an a single chain and 3 or 4 sc in that single chain for the first arm... then stitch it to the first chain and start chaining the length of the arm and another 3 or 4 sc at the last chain and finish off so that the 3 or 4 sc looks like palm... then just gently push in the arm into the hole made earlier above the armpit and wala... it should look something like below. The hair is on your own creativity... or you could refer to this for assistance :D

Easier Hair do with hairpin lace

However i did cut off some random yarn around 4 to 5 inches each strand... and bend it half so it will form a loop at an end... with that end placing in a stich on the head... and pushing the other 2 ends of the yarn into that loop and tighten it will form a hair strand... or 2 :P

Its simple as its made out of the basic shapes... Sphere for the head, Half sphere and a cylinder for the upper body and huger half sphere for the lower with some flares of 3 in 1 sc...

I tried on the cap so it fits, um its around 20 to 30 stiches i thing... never measured it, just tried it on and it fits :P

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