Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Bottle Bag or Iphone Pouch?

I haven't updated the blog recently as things getting hectic and "normal" again. So here goes something i manage to make during the "waiting for train" breaks and an hour from saturday's. Besides that been working on mini iphone pouch.

How i made the top one : Its NOT CROCHET, though the side edging are :P its mostly Knitted on simple garter stitch for around 42rows i think... then crochet the bottom edge with flat crocheted circle. It started with 7 magic ring and i kept increasing till it reaches 42 to whip stitch the knitted side. Um... i did use mattress stitch to join it up into cylinder and made a handle of 3 or 4 knitted rows then attaching it to the top. The bottom part is plain large circle mat, divided by 7 and stitched on every 5th stitch as 2 stitches spacing for yarn knot it up into a flower. (Somehow the circle bottom is larger than the cylinder rectangle above)

Iphone Pouch : I usually make a plain rectangle of... 24 to 30 chain and work rows of sc above it for crochet or just 15 cast on chains and work 6 ro 9 rows with 10mm knitting sticks. With just plain rectangle i play with folding it and whip stitching the sides leaving. The most simplest thing for a beginner to do which have the basics. (After all, this is what i did recently trying to learn knitting :P Am still learning too, more to practicing)

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