Thursday, April 14, 2011

My Experience in 3D Games Art

Recently i went for Games Art training at CG SKILL, its a 3 month course which you get paid for learning, allowance actually. The best part was, i finally got to learn 3dmax and im amazed with 3dmax's abundance of tools. The teacher was incredibly patience and willing to teach us in depth even when we missed out a few lessons or didnt understood till had to repeat alot. The weird thing is i do art as a hobby for relaxation, but imagine doing "relaxation" non stop... which led me to super relaxed mode and had to take up Math to find the fuel (stress) so i can relax more... weird right? Oh yes, i passed my maths and also this 3 month training, Here's my art works...

My Feelings... The concept art is as blur as me which you can find at, but my favourites are below :D

Avalakia Healing Enchanted by ~sharastar on deviantART

My other Final Video uploaded at myyoutube

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