Friday, April 8, 2011

My First 3D Beading

I got to admit it, 3D Bead making is tough for beginners...

It all started with my mom reviving her craft passion in her with beads, she taught me how to make rings with tiny beads (which my mom dont wanna share online :( ...) and so i googled up for more techniques on beadings. Instantly falling in love with 3d beading and learned alot from few sites and mostly swarvosky, um at the allcoolcraft channel in youtube. I didnt understand what she says, but i understood the technique...

Photo aint that clear, but it looks nearly like pikachu and kitty mix, im so pleased with my first ever beaded 3d creation :D

Beading is simple actually, but its so hard to understand at first.
My notes :
- 3D Bead creatures are made of many tiny rings...
- Rings can be of 3 to 5 or as many as you like, i enjoyed making in 4 beads in a ring and 5 beads in a ring.
- It is rings joined side by side, like the number 8 it self, top ring and bottom ring shares a bead...
- Try not to go over the same bead too many times, as it will get hard to pass through the cord. Um... i use fishing line... :P

The first row of diagram... is 4 beads in a ring, while second row is 5 beads in a ring. This is the basic to use for sculpting.

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