Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Crochet Ganesha Amigurumi doll

Pillayar /Ganapathi / Ganesha / Vinayagar / Hindu Elephant God

It is said that Ganesha have many hands, and 4 are the common. A friend of mine said that Ganesha in his relax mode can have 2 hands while the war mode have more. So here you go, The Cute "relax mode" Ganesha, i really don't like the crochet tusks as it look ugly, so i left it out. I have basic crocheting skills, but as i finish making this little one, i realize i could do more by adding sequence on the crown and some additional feature like making his food pot and cute mouse and so :D I guess i'll blog that on another time.

If you are tired of large ones like this, here is the Miniature Ganesha
Here is an example of 2 handed Modern Ganeshaat Ireland as i kinda doubted my friend about Ganesha having 2 hands only...

The Pattern... Below. As this is my first pattern, so it may have few errors. After all i havent remake this yet and kinda wrote down the pattern along the way. So Enjoy, and please feel free to comment on my mistakes and possible modifications. Above all that, please do share your final piece :D I really do wanna see them!!

First Step to Barbie Doll Bed

Was so bored, saw some old cardboard and wasted stickers my parents no longer use. Thought of making a Barbie doll Bed, I have got rid of all my barbie dolls so i dont have the measurement size. Lucky Wikipedia had the length of a barbie doll, and it shocked me... 11.5 inch!!! So i made 12 inc with a little bit slanting for the pillows using the left over cardboard Looks pretty Ugly now, as its just the skeleton piece.

Was thinking to sew up some soft stuffing using old cloth for the top, or... should i leave it plain with just covering? hmmm... i wonder

Update Part 2 :

Okay its going slow to finish this up... im pure lazy when i have no desire of what my current imagination of the bed will look... so here is looks like now.

Update Part 3 :

I hate this I hate this, i sewed last time, but i hate it soooo badly, its nothing close to what i want... argh i dont care i must go on, its a battle alrighty... so here i use Staplers for this :D hahaha see its easy :P

I guess i will pause on this again :P

(Abandoned Project)

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

My First Amigurumi

Figure out how to Crochet Amigurumi's : Pikachu

As i was googling on crocheting, i stumble across a word called "Amigurumi" and so i googled up what is amigurumi and peek into the images.... omg SO CUTE!!! I must have one, best of all u can make this, well here is where i get the Pattern on how to make Pikachu Amigurumi!! You can also find so many cute pokemon amigurumi too. Here is the First ever amigurumi i crocheted.

Well back to what i have learned from following the steps of amigurumi creating a cute little pikachu; i realise the increase and decrease works to shape the amigurumi.
I also learned that by doing two sc (single crochet) in a chain/sc repeatedly in a row makes a circle look flat :P

Um while googling earlier, i found this lovely heart shape amigurumi pattern and it matches with my sweet pikachu lovers well.

Besides that, 'inc' and 'dec' plays a huge role in creating 3D like shapes, and i played with those 'inc' and 'dec' alot for the ears and tail, thats why it looks weird. However the body is made following Umbreon's Body by Wolfdreamer.

Now that i practised my basic Amigurumi, i cant wait to make my own pattern. Gosh it is really annoying to write down every few steps along the way and remove couple of rows when it dont look right... There must be a better solution, i keep saying that to my self though :P
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