Saturday, December 18, 2010

Keychain Bottle Top Angel

I wanted to make a cute nifty angel as simple and small i could yet with some details... Played around with yarn and here is my little angel. Some how the season of Christmas made me feeling a little Magic feel... every time when there is a festival i feel this feeling... i guess it should be normal right as its holiday season after all.

From an idea to have an Angel Crochet Keychain... i fell off the track to angel bottle cap with another idea to make a mini Christmas tree. Hopefully that will turn out just nice. Lucky i wrote down the pattern and will definitely use it later for Keychains... yet stuffing is pretty annoying when you dont have the proper stuffing's to use.

(Not sure to write down the pattern as its too simple and boring... So snap shots will do.)
The rough pattern is below :

Head and neck :

row1 : 5sc magic ring (5)

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Learning Chinese Knotting

Recently im trying to figure out Chinese knotting and oh boy........ i seriously misjudged it as a simple tying knotting work... its extremely delicate and artistic plus it takes a huge amount of patience and time for something that i would normally be satisfied with. I didnt wanna do the simple hand knotting type, as it doesnt feel much of a challenge... so here i go choosing a complicated piece as my first time chinese knotting.

Googled, and youtubed... it was ridiculously hard to get some good tutorials and knowing me i wanted purely Chinese knotting and not other camping knotting... so i tried googling translation of Chinese knotting in Chinese, and found so many breathtaking sites that i cant seem to understand...


here is a few that helped : (For self references and remembrance too) <-- a really good site if used with google translator... (Web based Tutorials) <-- Woa the simplest form ever. Its another simple board grid thingy. <-- Videos on chinese knotting and so many weird knottings... (I dont think i can go through them all so im skipping this one and learn the ones that i want)

Googled Translated ZGJ Site

Okay the pattern i tried was... aaa... this one from zgj

But before that i needed a board to pin the chinese knotting thingy on...
so i made it simple...

A small polystyrene board covered with a piece of paper... there simple.
(Planning to make one pin cushion board later on when i have the tools, but temporarily just to learn this, why not a simple one :P)

My board looks plain and simple with my pins ready to be pinned :) ... Pinning it is confusing... and i made mistakes alot... and worse mistake was using a fine thin string to test out... when i tighten it....... it looked like this...

Well it did turn out but... with flappy edge strings... so i decided to use a thick chunky yarn... another mistake... its too soft... err i guess i have to go buy my self some lanyard string/yarn thingy to really try it. Well, at least i learned something and yippie!! i get to make some really cool key-chains... err that will take my precious time away... (its okay as long for the sake of art :) )

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Cute Little Bird

Wanted to make Lovely Love Birds, as the season of pink effecting me greatly... around end of the year i get reminded of my sweet romantic memories... err instead of bugging him all the time, as that's what i do when i feel pinky... i think i bad let out my feelings in pink... It will sure be a cute valentine gift too right :D

Its kinda a miniature

Hook Size : B (2.25mm)
Yarn : Acrylic "Nona Brand" (Slightly thinner then lionbrand)

 Note on Abbreviation used often :
inc = Increase
dec = Decrease
sc = Single Crochet
Additional Note : This is not doily, so when it says "5sc inc in all", it means "sc, sc, sc, sc,sc, inc" then repeat it till end of the row) 
The "Magic Ring 5 Chain" is a typo, its just 5mg or 5 magic ring / circle.

The Black one was the inspiration as it was previously a grim reaper... that look awe-fully cute and err... grim reaper looks weird in cute form... so... i transform it into a black crow... but have no idea on the wings nor tail, so came online for some picture of bird species... (no way im making all of the bird species, but only the one amuse me)

The Luminate