Saturday, December 17, 2011

Gryphon Amigurumi Pattern

Gryphon Amigurumi (Updated by Shara)


After a long harsh moments in life, im finally able to fix this post the way i do, but im not willing to do much changes on the pattern below till my hard moments in life gone. For now, the pattern below is just draft. My scribbled up notes were gone in this few months and i manage to "sms" text them to NavlesDA so he could upload them, though might have a few mistakes but overall it works. the simple body with no neck pattern was missing, so for now the pony body is substitute. Sometimes when things are hard in life, everything just gets messed up along the way, not easy to untangle from this mess and even though i keep my pattern notes in a file, the notes that i didnt write down that comes naturally in mind is missing.
The Luminate