Saturday, October 15, 2011

Baby Grifin / Gryphon Pictures Only

For now just pictures, pattern will be updated as soon i remake the exact wings,
And improve the back legs, it just dont feel like a fierce lions feet... then again, when did amigurumi looked fierce in the first place?

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Basic Music

Okay, i have no knowledge on music writing or reading, but im so facinated with music that its already years in my to do list. So why not learn it through the net i told my self and walla!! I found a super awesome tool that turn my PC keyboard into Piano!! ("shh... i googled for the full version crack")

I made a midi short sound clip for my phone, and to me a novince, its pretty amazing!!! Err dunno how to upload it here so it gonna take sometime...

But anyway here is the software

and ... the crack just google it out, download the keygen and use it to register :) the best part i love of this software is the "String Ensemble 2"... It just soooooo beautiful... if you love melodic orchestra type music.

Baby Asian Dragon Amigurumi

Baby Asian Dragon
This is a mistake turn out great, well if there is errors in the pattern here (This is the original pattern that have not been tested out yet). I hope that you can understand the technique, so you know where the other part of the circle starts and ends. Just a note, the part where you have slip stitches, please do not do it tightly, or it will look weird.

Pattern Below :

Little Pony Version 2

Heart vs Hate Pony...
The horse/pony/unicorn/pegasus feelings kicked into me again. So here is the second version of pony :)

Patterns Below :
The Luminate