Friday, July 6, 2012

How to Enlarge an Amigurumi Technique


I've been receiving many requests for large Baby Dragon and Asian Baby Dragon.

Since i just have no "mood" to work on large projects, here are the most simple way to whip up a large Amigurumi to cuddle...

1) Use a Large yarn lets say size 4 and appropriate Hook for it. (Depends on your crochet tension actually)

2) Get any small Ami Pattern and set how big you want the work to look.
(Example you want it Two or 3 times the size or even 4 times the size of the Actual small Amigurumi. So lets say two times bigger then the actual amigurumi.)

3) Rewrite the whole pattern in x2 multiplication row by row. give a line spacing after each row for later use.

Break :  Understanding the Rule to Enlarge Ami.
Dont get what i mean when it comes to multiplications right?
Well it means, when you see a pattern says "2sc, dec, 3sc inc, 2sc, dec", and if multiplied by 2, it will be "4sc, dec, dec, 6sc, inc, inc, 4sc, dec, dec". BUT THATS NOT NEAT AND LOOKS BUMPY. Thats because the dec and inc when multiplied, it creates a tension when you enlarge it.
So the trick is to do it like this " (2sc, dec)x2, (3sc, inc)x2, (2sc, dec)x2"... It also can be written like this "2sc, dec, 2sc, dec, 3sc, inc, 3sc, inc, 2sc, dec, 2sc, dec". Notice how i combined the sc with the inc and dec... Well that helps alot in making it less bumpy.

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Cat from Devil?

I wanted to make a Manchester United Devil Amigurumi for Navles  who is one of the MU Soccer fan but since MU Devil on the logo is so confusing to me, i just made up an imaginary Devil Amigurumi... and being me (child~like toy lover) making devil are kinda a huge challenge.

 (Sorry about the extreme poor picture quality)
It turn looking cute and with characters like a cartoon cat?! I love how it turn out, but Navles said it dont look like a devil, its more of a cat, so i tried in a different color and yeah... it does look like a cat (Especially when i gave a muzzle to it!).

Its kinda simple Ami and the only thing that was hard was the ears.
Lets start with the Head :
Notice the ears, well its attached separately to the Head
- 6 magic ring/circle
-INC all to get 12 stitches in total

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