Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Miniature Amigurumi Dolls

The Site is Being updated... and yeah it takes time...  maybe weeks depending on my free time.

Miniature Version of Amigurumi Character...

My Default Version that can be manipulated into variety of characters.

-Default Simple hands are like the baby monkey, simple and plumpy
-Default Human Hands are like the ones on goku and ganesha like fist.

-Default Legs and Continue part of Tummy are also ganesha and goku parts.

(Chibi moon was made with the "Default Legs" with extra rows of sc in all and modifications, as the hand and the Lady type body pattern will be updated later but it was exagurated a little bigger then default size)
(Dragon Ball Goku Spiky Hair is made of several cones sewed on,  i stitched on about 6 cones of (3 magic ring, non stop repeats of sc, inc).)
(The cute fury thingy is made from the exact same pattern of the monkey head with fur instead of dark yarn with duck legs which havent been updated yet and may not as its too complicated to explain in words)
( Baby monkey, i use the same "Default Legs" and stopped at row 5, i add in 2 rows of "sc in all"... then i sewed the body up. the body "Plain Baby Body" ... err should be a normal sphere where the maximum circumferences is made of 25 to 30 sc. add in couple rows and walla...)

The Patterns are below...

Thursday, April 14, 2011

My Experience in 3D Games Art

Recently i went for Games Art training at CG SKILL, its a 3 month course which you get paid for learning, allowance actually. The best part was, i finally got to learn 3dmax and im amazed with 3dmax's abundance of tools. The teacher was incredibly patience and willing to teach us in depth even when we missed out a few lessons or didnt understood till had to repeat alot. The weird thing is i do art as a hobby for relaxation, but imagine doing "relaxation" non stop... which led me to super relaxed mode and had to take up Math to find the fuel (stress) so i can relax more... weird right? Oh yes, i passed my maths and also this 3 month training, Here's my art works...

My Feelings... The concept art is as blur as me which you can find at, but my favourites are below :D

Avalakia Healing Enchanted by ~sharastar on deviantART

My other Final Video uploaded at myyoutube

Friday, April 8, 2011

My First 3D Beading

I got to admit it, 3D Bead making is tough for beginners...

It all started with my mom reviving her craft passion in her with beads, she taught me how to make rings with tiny beads (which my mom dont wanna share online :( ...) and so i googled up for more techniques on beadings. Instantly falling in love with 3d beading and learned alot from few sites and mostly swarvosky, um at the allcoolcraft channel in youtube. I didnt understand what she says, but i understood the technique...

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Horse Amigurumi

My little Crochet Horse Amigurumi.

My final satisfied horse, fuh... it took several tries to make it and here it is my black stallion that fits a dark knight, though it has no armor on, but it looks great and the wire in it legs is working wonders to pose him.

Did several type with many techniques... however its a mix and match.

The pink horse below is large head with thin legs.

The pinky white tiny pony like without its hair is large head with large legs.

The black one at the top of the page is small head and thin legs adding extra row of "sc, inc in all for the front legs". (This one is made of that fur like black yarn with minlon black yarn, and the neck is made with sewing the rectangle patch of hair part and a patch of the front neck into cylinder like shape)

The plain white one is the first trial and the body is made in 2 parts where the back legs are made first then joining to the front of the body. (Failed to get the pattern down though).

Few more that aint attached to each other is yet to be uplaoded in the future (so as any changes or varieties of parts) Hopefully i will manage a pegasus wing next...?

I know i have been away for some really long time, so here is something i had in mind for sometime, Partially done...

The Luminate