Saturday, December 18, 2010

Keychain Bottle Top Angel

I wanted to make a cute nifty angel as simple and small i could yet with some details... Played around with yarn and here is my little angel. Some how the season of Christmas made me feeling a little Magic feel... every time when there is a festival i feel this feeling... i guess it should be normal right as its holiday season after all.

From an idea to have an Angel Crochet Keychain... i fell off the track to angel bottle cap with another idea to make a mini Christmas tree. Hopefully that will turn out just nice. Lucky i wrote down the pattern and will definitely use it later for Keychains... yet stuffing is pretty annoying when you dont have the proper stuffing's to use.

(Not sure to write down the pattern as its too simple and boring... So snap shots will do.)
The rough pattern is below :

Head and neck :

row1 : 5sc magic ring (5)

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Learning Chinese Knotting

Recently im trying to figure out Chinese knotting and oh boy........ i seriously misjudged it as a simple tying knotting work... its extremely delicate and artistic plus it takes a huge amount of patience and time for something that i would normally be satisfied with. I didnt wanna do the simple hand knotting type, as it doesnt feel much of a challenge... so here i go choosing a complicated piece as my first time chinese knotting.

Googled, and youtubed... it was ridiculously hard to get some good tutorials and knowing me i wanted purely Chinese knotting and not other camping knotting... so i tried googling translation of Chinese knotting in Chinese, and found so many breathtaking sites that i cant seem to understand...


here is a few that helped : (For self references and remembrance too) <-- a really good site if used with google translator... (Web based Tutorials) <-- Woa the simplest form ever. Its another simple board grid thingy. <-- Videos on chinese knotting and so many weird knottings... (I dont think i can go through them all so im skipping this one and learn the ones that i want)

Googled Translated ZGJ Site

Okay the pattern i tried was... aaa... this one from zgj

But before that i needed a board to pin the chinese knotting thingy on...
so i made it simple...

A small polystyrene board covered with a piece of paper... there simple.
(Planning to make one pin cushion board later on when i have the tools, but temporarily just to learn this, why not a simple one :P)

My board looks plain and simple with my pins ready to be pinned :) ... Pinning it is confusing... and i made mistakes alot... and worse mistake was using a fine thin string to test out... when i tighten it....... it looked like this...

Well it did turn out but... with flappy edge strings... so i decided to use a thick chunky yarn... another mistake... its too soft... err i guess i have to go buy my self some lanyard string/yarn thingy to really try it. Well, at least i learned something and yippie!! i get to make some really cool key-chains... err that will take my precious time away... (its okay as long for the sake of art :) )

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Cute Little Bird

Wanted to make Lovely Love Birds, as the season of pink effecting me greatly... around end of the year i get reminded of my sweet romantic memories... err instead of bugging him all the time, as that's what i do when i feel pinky... i think i bad let out my feelings in pink... It will sure be a cute valentine gift too right :D

Its kinda a miniature

Hook Size : B (2.25mm)
Yarn : Acrylic "Nona Brand" (Slightly thinner then lionbrand)

 Note on Abbreviation used often :
inc = Increase
dec = Decrease
sc = Single Crochet
Additional Note : This is not doily, so when it says "5sc inc in all", it means "sc, sc, sc, sc,sc, inc" then repeat it till end of the row) 
The "Magic Ring 5 Chain" is a typo, its just 5mg or 5 magic ring / circle.

The Black one was the inspiration as it was previously a grim reaper... that look awe-fully cute and err... grim reaper looks weird in cute form... so... i transform it into a black crow... but have no idea on the wings nor tail, so came online for some picture of bird species... (no way im making all of the bird species, but only the one amuse me)

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Baby Dragon

I just participated in my very first craftster swap and it seems my partner likes fantasy and best of all, i love fantasy too! She did say she love dragons so i thought of making her 5 little baby dragons, Yet i wanted it to have a little of artsy touch and cutesy feeling of amiguruminess... so i played around with yarn to create the mini head of a dragon and it felt soooo cute.

Cant believe it took me 2 whole day to "design and create" and now that i have the pattern, it takes less then 5 hours to make one... + - the in-between pause break i had to run off too. This little one is as big as my palm and just too adorable to stare at hehe, im very pleased on how this turn out.

Mommy Mommy!! I want a hug!! Uwaaah.... uwaaah i want a hug!! (Its too small for a cuddly hug though :P)

(The bell is kinda addition so it looks cuter :P Its up to you to accessorize)
The Smaller Version is here : Mini Keychain Baby Dragon
Okay okay... here is how to make,

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Crochet Princess Serenity

I love Sailormoon and this is her best form ever as she looks sooo innocently sweet and adorable. My Sweetheart suggested that instead of making something for everyone, make something for yourself... and i did. She is adorable... but... its seating in my bag of "created" stuff... which i have no heart to get rid of nor keep on the shelves... after all amigurumi serenity may turn grey and dull with dust serenity... i dont want that to happen. She is lovely...

Princess Serenity by ~sharastar on deviantART

WIP : Crochet DragonBall Character

I started off with wanting to make an Anime Char thats Perfect enough with its tiny nose and that curvy face cut. The journey to DragonBall Char just started...

Started off with a Head and the shoe base... and i was enthusiastically ready to tackle a cuddly Anime Char...

The head Pattern can be found at My Nearly Perfect Anime Head Pattern

I had to make the shoes as i really have no idea how to make even a baby shoes before, but then i used my real shoes as reference and made a base and two side and whip stitch them up. it looks cute...

Saturday, October 23, 2010

My Semi-Naruto One hand Glove

I know, Malaysia is a rain-forest country, Why do i need a mitten/glove in the first place. Last week my hand started hurting real bad... Too much Knitting and Crocheting. So i thought if i made my self a mitten/glove the pain can be tied up, yes it worked, some how the heat it gave with the tightness of the gloves kinda made my hand feel way better. Here is my lovely Semi-Naruto gloves. Its also my first Glove/mittens i ever made. However i do really need to learn how to end the finishing string neatly...

I added on a Button and two little hanging heart beads.

So sorry, as this is my first mitten/glove... i dont have the pattern for this, as i made it based on my hand size and shape. See the last finger, the finish off thread is still hanging loose there... I couldnt get a Free Naruto Glove Pattern Online, so i made a simple "Cincai" one for my self :D (Cincai = Fast and Messy Made)

I will update this if i ever made another one :P

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Dragon Ball Char in Progress Pattern

Recently i've been working on Anime for my close ones... And i really don't like the nose-less anime characters with buttoned eye, so i decided to make a customized Anime Head as after all, the big cute eyes are the main attraction to Anime in my perspective :P

I know... my embroidered eyes are hideous... hey its a testing piece so i don't mind. The head seem to fit nearly any Anime series like Inuyasha, Dragon Ball and so... The heads are just too cute so i made few of them but too lazy to embroider them.

How to Make it is below :)

This is how i started my work and yes it took hours and hours of opening rows and redoing the "Math" till i get it right. Somehow im still not satisfied with the nose as its cute but its not sharp enough for me :P Was thinking to add in plain row of sc in between of the increase n decrease rows at the nose part but then im afraid i will ruin this cute head. So i will do it later.My work in progress and how terrible my Pattern writing was. Its as big as my palm, yup BIG head and small body goes well in chibi version, but some how i feel that this isnt a chibi version or is it?

Okie, the Pattern... Here you go :D

Crochet Polygon Shapes

Recently i was having trouble with Crocheting shapes and the curves... So i decided to play around with crochet. Here is my Problem which made me do this tutorial... See the belly and the curve. Its confusing on how to write down the whole pattern. But yet i do this instead :)

Here is the curve i made and it worked, yet with a regret, i should have worked on the Rayquaza directly instead of separately (Ah i had no confidence to work on it straightly... the fear of failure in perfection attacked my mind again)

Some Basic Polygon shape Formula

Sunday, October 10, 2010

How to make Mini Roses

Im pure lazy to put up the roses in a basket of small green sponge foam thingy. I will update the picture later...

Suggested Material :

Paper Strip, or Ribbon, or even a straw!!

Its just Twisting and Turning only afterall. The more longer the strips the more heavy the petals will look. The more thicker the size of the strips, the more bigger the rose will look.

But here is how to make paper roses :

1) Roll the edge up so it look like the pict above.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Paper Lego-like Swan

I learn this Paper craft years ago when i was at high school, (Warning skip the paragraph as im mumbling) My parents own a stationary shop so i always see a lot of unwanted chopped off papers at the back. Last few months ago, i was "working" with my parents at shop and got tooo bored... so my itchy fingers kinda dig up the pile of papers and made a staff working here to help cut it down into the size i want (of course not by hand but by a humongous paper cutting machine) I sat there watching customers come and go as my job was pretty much watching and accounting, when done with that i make these legos as i wasn't allowed to use my lappy. I made few hundreds i guess, and join them up a little at a time to give some inspiration to keep doing that :P When im done in a whole day (took me hours) i manage to finish it up and i left it at shop... Recently mom took all my "Trash" from shop and dump it to me... and i saw these extra pieces of paper lego's and some unfolded papers and decided to do this blog :) (Mumbles are over)

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Crochet Ganesha Amigurumi doll

Pillayar /Ganapathi / Ganesha / Vinayagar / Hindu Elephant God

It is said that Ganesha have many hands, and 4 are the common. A friend of mine said that Ganesha in his relax mode can have 2 hands while the war mode have more. So here you go, The Cute "relax mode" Ganesha, i really don't like the crochet tusks as it look ugly, so i left it out. I have basic crocheting skills, but as i finish making this little one, i realize i could do more by adding sequence on the crown and some additional feature like making his food pot and cute mouse and so :D I guess i'll blog that on another time.

If you are tired of large ones like this, here is the Miniature Ganesha
Here is an example of 2 handed Modern Ganeshaat Ireland as i kinda doubted my friend about Ganesha having 2 hands only...

The Pattern... Below. As this is my first pattern, so it may have few errors. After all i havent remake this yet and kinda wrote down the pattern along the way. So Enjoy, and please feel free to comment on my mistakes and possible modifications. Above all that, please do share your final piece :D I really do wanna see them!!

First Step to Barbie Doll Bed

Was so bored, saw some old cardboard and wasted stickers my parents no longer use. Thought of making a Barbie doll Bed, I have got rid of all my barbie dolls so i dont have the measurement size. Lucky Wikipedia had the length of a barbie doll, and it shocked me... 11.5 inch!!! So i made 12 inc with a little bit slanting for the pillows using the left over cardboard Looks pretty Ugly now, as its just the skeleton piece.

Was thinking to sew up some soft stuffing using old cloth for the top, or... should i leave it plain with just covering? hmmm... i wonder

Update Part 2 :

Okay its going slow to finish this up... im pure lazy when i have no desire of what my current imagination of the bed will look... so here is looks like now.

Update Part 3 :

I hate this I hate this, i sewed last time, but i hate it soooo badly, its nothing close to what i want... argh i dont care i must go on, its a battle alrighty... so here i use Staplers for this :D hahaha see its easy :P

I guess i will pause on this again :P

(Abandoned Project)

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

My First Amigurumi

Figure out how to Crochet Amigurumi's : Pikachu

As i was googling on crocheting, i stumble across a word called "Amigurumi" and so i googled up what is amigurumi and peek into the images.... omg SO CUTE!!! I must have one, best of all u can make this, well here is where i get the Pattern on how to make Pikachu Amigurumi!! You can also find so many cute pokemon amigurumi too. Here is the First ever amigurumi i crocheted.

Well back to what i have learned from following the steps of amigurumi creating a cute little pikachu; i realise the increase and decrease works to shape the amigurumi.
I also learned that by doing two sc (single crochet) in a chain/sc repeatedly in a row makes a circle look flat :P

Um while googling earlier, i found this lovely heart shape amigurumi pattern and it matches with my sweet pikachu lovers well.

Besides that, 'inc' and 'dec' plays a huge role in creating 3D like shapes, and i played with those 'inc' and 'dec' alot for the ears and tail, thats why it looks weird. However the body is made following Umbreon's Body by Wolfdreamer.

Now that i practised my basic Amigurumi, i cant wait to make my own pattern. Gosh it is really annoying to write down every few steps along the way and remove couple of rows when it dont look right... There must be a better solution, i keep saying that to my self though :P
The Luminate