Sunday, October 2, 2011

Little Pony Version 2

Heart vs Hate Pony...
The horse/pony/unicorn/pegasus feelings kicked into me again. So here is the second version of pony :)

Patterns Below :

Pony Head Pattern

Pony Legs x 4

Pony Body with Neck

The Ears are well... stitched/crochet directly onto the head,
- 4  stitches and turn and repeat 4 sc on it, and turn, skip a stitch dec, and skip a stitch sp at the head directly. and hide both ends of the string (i secure it by putting both strings at a hole together and tie and then hide it.)

The Tail and Hair are tied on directly so tightly and flip it to a side. no extra sewing was required if its tight.

SC = Single Stitch
DEC =  Decrease Stitch
INC =  Increase Stitch

SP =  Slip stitch
RB = Repeat the pattern Backwards


  1. nice im gonna try one this weekend.

  2. Thank you both dawn and trinsmom, i wonder how would it turn out though?

  3. that's so cute!
    I'm gonna make one for my 3 year old daughter.

  4. i kinda had trouble understanding some things like what MG was so i improvised a lot. its not bad for a first try at something like this. the girl i swapped with thought she was cute. i wish i had a better eye for the fluttershy pony i did but i just had to go with that. she can replace the eye if she finds a prettier one.

  5. Why did I not find this earlier?! I may have to remake my friends Rainbow Dash based off this pattern instead of the one I originally used.

  6. What size hook did you use? Anyone?

  7. yah, what is MG? I've been crocheting for a long time and these are kinda hard to understand. Like Dawn said, I just did my oen thing!

  8. dawn, finally got the chance to view flutter shy, its cute!! Love the colors you choose, and it feels like flutter shy turn out soft and plushy :D

    Oh Sorry, mg is magic ring, i think i use mg in most of my patterns, I usually write it for my own understanding, then i forget its not a common jargon used. (to me : 'M'a'G'ic ring = mg)

    If not mistaken, i use the 3mm/4mm (its written on my needle)

  9. have you tried making these with wings or horns? Anywahy, it's adorable! Can't wait to try this ^_^ Thanks!

  10. Wow... this pattern is really confusing... I've done a lot of crocheting over the past year, but I've never seen a pattern so weird...

  11. Ok, so mg is magic ring. what is a magic ring?

  12. Magic ring stitch is a loop of chain stitch forming a tight circle without hole in the center, try googling it out, its actually a simple technique to do adjustable circle size of chain stitch. Though normal loop of chain stitch technique can be used though in amigurumi its rarely used as it almost always creates a hole in the ring.

  13. I also found the pattern really confusing, mostly the part for the body. & the head I made seemed to turn out a little to small for the body, & I used the same size hook. I know one thing that might help is if you wrote how many stitches were at the end of each row instead of just a select few. Or maybe some progress pictures so we can see what you mean and how it's supposed to look?
    The ponies you made are really adorable though! I love them :)

  14. Im not quite sure of counting the stitches after "turn" rows as the base row is not easy to explain.
    If you know what is single crochet over the side of the base rows sc bar, that would help. as you usually i place a single crochet over the bended side of the base sc so it wont stretch as it is curving.
    Here is a picture for what im trying to say actually... The Bar of SC is where i wrote go up or go down.
    Its pretty complicated, hope you can understand though...

    For time being i cant upload photos but this is the best i can do so far. Sorry for the inconvenience and Thank you for the suggestions :D

  15. QUESTON:

    At the end of row 7 It says--SP TURN???? Does that mean to turn at the SP or do another SP area????????????

    Also do you chain 1 when you do a turn?

    ROW 8== DEC-DEC-- (1-2) SC DOWN??? I think it means to SC ONE OR TWO in the SP area. HOW DO YOU DECIDE WHICH ONE TO DO???? (One or Two).

    Can this pattern be used for the ASIAN Dragon Head??? Or Do I have to make any changes?

    My nose extends out better on this one than it did the dragon. I have RE:Done the head (Asian Dragon) about 5 times so far and still having problems getting the nose to stick out like it shows. But going to try again.

    Thank You

  16. At the end of row 7, only 1 sp, yes turn at the sp it self.

    No, there is no chain at the turns.

    Row 8, yes its 2 dec, and yes you may add another sc (2 sc) but that will give a slight bigger jaw. those dec dec was suppose to be in the center.
    Lets say you did "sp," on the previous row dec dec" which should be at the center of under the mouth if not mistaken, then it says 2sc, well it means on the 2 previous rows the around the corner place 1 or 2 sc depending on whether you use the "bar" or not. From this on try to end off, but you will notice that it will stretch by ("dec" in all), thats why i place (sc dec in all) instead for row 9. Dont worry, when you push out the jaws with stuffing it should turn just right.

    Yes this head pattern can be used in asian dragon, however if you think the asian dragon body can fit this head then try it :)

    Im glad it gets better :D Practices makes perfect :)

    Your welcome and thanks for helping me find whats the "hard area" of this pattern. Thank you.

  17. OOOPS Me Again

    AM I missing something??? You added a new word "BAR" (Whether you use the "BAR" or not). Where And what is this BAR thing???? I'm confused enough with out any help.ha

    Thank You

  18. um... if you manage to get through just fine that the bar thing is not important. relax and let your creative side take over.

    Im not sure what you call crochetting from the corners of the rows means. I was just trying to explain what "going down/ up row" means and yikes... sorry i think i made it more complicated with bar.

    My mistake sorry :P

  19. is this continuous or are we tieing off rows?

  20. Hey shara! :D

    Just tried your pattern - best one out! I was itching to try it out - so I asked my best friend and she went ecstatic for a Lyra (MLP:FIM background pony)... So I made one!

    I modified the pattern a bit in that I adjusted the legs when sewing them into a more seated position (she has a thing for sitting lol). I also added her horn, made by winding around a shaped paperclip.

    Anyway here is the result! I decided on a dome shaped button for the eyes.

    Left Side:
    Right side:

    Thanks so much SharaStar for this sweet pattern! :D Will be trying again to make Lyra's matching accompaniment, Bon Bon :)

  21. I've already crocheted a head - my got bump from the one side of muzzle - don't know, maby missed a stitch or somethin'. (but from the other side, in my opinion, it looks close to perfect)

    I don't get, when there is "inc in all + 2 extra inc", why do not write "inc 13 times" or something like that. Is there a difference? I dunno.

    Thank you so much for that pattern. I hope i'll finish my little pony.

    P.S. Honestly, I very like the shape of the head, imo, it's the best i've seen (speeking of pony-patterns).

  22. eni,

    The little Pony are sooo cute! Cant believe i missed this comment :)

    Oh i wrote + extra inc to show that after having inc the whole row which should be 24 stitches in total, i added additional inc to get the stitches reach 26 for row 4 head. If it makes too much difference creating a bump because of the extra inc placed on 3rd row.

    Try playing with,
    row1 : 7mg
    row2 : sc once, inc the rest to get 13 stitches.
    row3 : inc all to get 26 stitches.
    and continue the rest of the rows as above making sure its symetrical.

    It may give a bad magic ring/circle curl at the head or may be loose. Thats why i rarely use 7mg to start.

    Thank you and in case anyone dont understand what is bar i mentioned, check out vampire wings, it has a short tutorial on "my abbrevation" used.

    1. Thank you for your answer, i'm very grateful. (sounds formal, but i'm realy am)

      Btw, my 2nd pony head ended up as on the picture, though my 1st appealed to me more (dk why, but it's taller and have square muzzle... maby it's stuffed thicker). Also my 1st pony ended up with quite long neck and weak leagie, if u're interested, u may see her there:

      I'll definetly try 7mg scheme and check out bar-thing.

    2. MaF, Im happy it turned out sooo cute for you! Actually im feeling thankful to you too, since every comments i receive inspires me to make more creations. Thank you again :D

      I really loved how your pony turn out, loved the colors! Hope you get a good pair of eyes for him/her :)

  23. I just wanted to say, and pardon my enthusiasm... but OMG!!!!! I stumbled across your work and have fallen in love... I just had to let you know. If I may... *hug* thank you!!!

  24. I was a bit confused at some of the directions, but having read the comments and replies I think I can now give it a go. Your creatures are really wonderful and your pony is the best one on the web. I am a knitter usually, but am learning crochet because of a hand injury that makes using the smaller needles agony. Also I love to make toys. I have looked all over the web for a god pony pattern and there are even some for sale that don't look as good as yours.
    Do you have wings to go with the pony? My Brony son is a big fan of Twilight Sparkle so I must ask if you have a horn pattern so I can make a unicorn?
    You are very talented. If you can standardize you pattern abbreviations you really should try to get a book deal. I have a book in front of me right now on Amigurumi animals and the patterns aren't even half as good as yours are.
    Thank you for sharing your talent.
    If you want to find me on FaceBook I would love to have you as a friend.

  25. I translated your LIttle Pony to Czech language and showed to my non-profit web for funs of this lovely "art". I added a link to your website - Everybody who want to see your website, can follow this link. You are great!
    If you do not agree I will delete. I hope that everything is OK. My email -

  26. I love your pony! I just found it and will be trying it as a christmas present for my kids. Out of all the pony pattern pics I found, this is the cutest! can't wait to try it out. can you tell us how to do a magic ring or should we just google it?

  27. I was very carefully counting stitches to make sure everything was even on my 2nd pony, but then I got stuck on rows 13 and 14. In Row 13 you end with 18 sts after doing the up and down, but row 14 only has 14 st so I end up with unworked st and I think it throws my pattern off. Any suggestions? I still am not sure how I finished the first one since I used the same pattern, maybe I shouldn't crochet when I am tired! :) I was also curious what weight of yarn you used, I did mine in worsted but your pic looks more like a sport weight?

  28. Omg i love this pattern! I am trying my best to follow and alot of the comments helped with the head, but I'm having trouble understanding this section on row 8. ,2sc... 3sc dec, what do the dots stand for? And with 3sc dec, is the comma missing purposely? If so, how is 3sc dec achieved? Thanks! I'm looking forward to finishing this pattern :)

  29. Thank you so much for providing such a lovely little pony...I do like the hard work you put into what you do and how it turns out...I applaud you for writing patterns, something I cannot do myself. Thanks for sharing!

  30. I didn't see as to what you it thread or yarn? and what size? I thank you for the pattern and hope to try it as soon as I know what to use LOL I can be thick sometimes...Have a wonderful time!

  31. I forgot to this done with an aluminum hook or a steel hook? Thank you so much for your time...wish I could see your first pattern too. Much happiness to you and yours.

  32. I know this is May 2014 but I finally found someone asking about the dots, 2sc, , , 3sc dec and there is no answer. Help please!


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