Saturday, August 27, 2011

Pokemon Mew Amigurumi or so i think

I was trying to make a White Cat halfway got distracted after months i forgot what i was making without referring to my notes and after finishing i realized it suppose to be Chinese good-luck kitty but with a little mixture of cuteness it turn out into that white little "baby version" of Mew if Mew can look more "baby" like if possible :) Seriously i should focus on finishing something then dragging it for months, see what happens... :)

Pokemon Mew

Pokemon Mew with Bow and Bells (I love Bells)

Mixup Kitty Pokemon Mew

Pattern Below :

"Its a Pokemon!" thats the reply of a friend and so i decided to make a more actual look of Pokemon Mew and walla it turn out like the pink one above and Kawaii!!! I used the Pattern of Baby Dragon body again :) Its easy to recycle patterns then making one, infact i made a redundant White Baby Dragon Body and thought to turn it to kitty. Hehe..

Mew Head

Mew Ear
 Arm and Leg

 Dragon Body used in Mew
For the Tail, its similar to Arm, but at 3rd row replace with sc inc instead. and 5th row repeat sc in all and ONLY 1 Dec randomly or non till its long as you want.

Dragon Body may be a little altered if you want, by skipping row 6 and or 7, it will be just fine.
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