Friday, March 30, 2012

Wing : Fairy Wings

Wing Collection: Sweet Fairy Wings
(can be plain angel wings actually though it dont look like it)
Medium size wings...

Miniature Goku (Dragon Ball)

Miniature Collection... 

Previously the Miniature Collection was placed under one page, now it is broken into Individual format. I might have forgotten some stuff here, oh the wristband was surface stitched around and the eye is plain blue bead (3mm-5mm).

Hook Size : B (2.25mm)
Yarn : Acrylic "Nona Brand" (Slightly thinner then lionbrand)

Miniature : Monkey

Hook Size : B (2.25mm)
Yarn : Acrylic "Nona Brand" ( Just like vannas glamour size lionbrand)

 Note on Abbreviation used often :
inc = Increase
dec = Decrease
sc = Single Crochet
Additional Note : This is not doily, so when it says "5sc inc in all", it means "sc, sc, sc, sc,sc, inc" then repeat it till end of the row) 
The "Magic Ring 5 Chain" is a typo, its just 5mg or 5 magic ring / circle.

Baby Monkey (No heart to ruin it with Ears... Its just Cute the way it is lol). The Face was Drawn on with permanent Black pen. Its crocheted with 2 colors, this is also my first time writing mixed color crochet pattern. Any mistakes please feel free to comment. Thank you :D
Previously the Miniature Collection was placed under one page, now it is broken into Individual format.

Miniature : Ganesha

Mini Ganesha re-sized version of the larger one...

Miniature Collection... Little Ganesha's Eye are Green beads (3mm to 5mm?)... and probably added an extra row of (sc in all) at the tummy with random inc at the front to give the bulgey tummy look. Though it did not turn out such so below is the default tummy of most of my miniatures.
Previously the Miniature Collection was placed under one page, now it is broken into Individual format. 

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Liebster Award

I just receive my 1st Liebster blog award from Sharon of Homemade Obsessions. Thank you!! Feels like teleported to an evening red carpet Glitz all of a sudden with no clue whats going on lol. Though im feeling extremely lucky to receive this! Thank you again Sharon :) Oh Im not sure exactly what Liebster award is exactly, but it sounds Great!! :D For more info please check out Sharons Explanation of Liebster.

So i have to choose 5 Next LIEBSTERian... Tough... I wish i can give to all Bloggers but this is liebster award rule, so here goes :

1. Elizabeth at Elizabeths Lace 
(Picked randomly from google : I Enjoy her detailed lace work, its so pretty!)

2. Nuschinka at nuschinka 
(Picked from blog readers : I dont understand what she wrote there, but her site has pretty card crafts that is inspiring to me, "Soft and Delicate")

3. Monali at deltazelta
(Picked from my Dashboard Reading List, this site populated the entire reading list! Never seen a dedicated nonstop blogger in crochet before :P)

4. Mike at The art of krome
(Picked from my Deviantart list i watch, One of the Amazing painters i looked up to when i joined Deviantart)

5. "J" or Aspie at Letters from Aspergia
(Picked from a friend)

Please do check their wonderfull blogs above... And hope everyone gets a Liebster Award too!

Oh i almost forgot... 5 random facts about my self :

  1. I live in my fantasy world more then reality and would get blur too often in reality due to this. We always live in many world and its all in our head! Wished i had healing magical power like a shaman priestess with water element.
  2. Oh i Like Bugs, Insects, Reptiles, Amphibians, Mammals but NOT Birds and Fish... Y? If i like them i would be vegetarian :P
  3. I Love eating DURIAN (grade D24) the worlds smelliest Fruit and Yellow Sweet Mango. Yum!
  4. The First guy i ever wanted to marry was "Prince Endymion" from Sailormoon, Usagi grabbed him from me lol!! kidding... yea my first crush was a comic character.
  5. I did the chicken dance last year and still do it in room with my bro when we get excited! (Its fun and funny, you should try it too!!)
Im Done :P (Couldn't get on PC with net for so long!! finally did and its only an hour :(...  )

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