Saturday, January 14, 2012

Gizmo Amigurumi another missing project

Gremlin Gizmo Work in progress


Since i have been inspired by gremlin last november and been working on it, though... I couldnt get my first try amigurumi pattern written down as this time its extremely complicated methods as usual. Nope i just cant give up so i made the pink version.
Last year june till december was in extremely "anti-net" world i live in and now its getting better. compiling all the messed up pattern works i made during those time are gone with the clean up clutters. Made the first just the head at the top with weird eye button (just ordinary button), then the remade version turned out great but i didnt write down the pattern the second time... so i made the pink head next, which seems to be similar with the second one but again its hard to write down the pattern exactly. So here is no pattern version of gizmo... Okay enough with my mumbling... (Conclusion... No Pattern available till i get my mood swing to make better heads of the quality i wanted)

Here is the Messy Method i used (Not Complete Pattern) :

Monday, January 2, 2012

How to write Amigurumi Pattern draft before Making it with Yarn

Happy New Year, Belated Merry Christmas and Soon to be Chinese New Year!! Missed out alot on this festivities and holidays. So to make up for it, here is some "Wisdom" and also reasons why my pattern scribbles always get messed up and missing...Yikes... Sorry.

Here is a demonstration on how to imagine out the potato body before even making it... Just for learning purpose and you will be undoing somepart along the way. Have patience and Confidence :D

The Luminate