Saturday, December 17, 2011

Gryphon Amigurumi Pattern

Gryphon Amigurumi (Updated by Shara)


After a long harsh moments in life, im finally able to fix this post the way i do, but im not willing to do much changes on the pattern below till my hard moments in life gone. For now, the pattern below is just draft. My scribbled up notes were gone in this few months and i manage to "sms" text them to NavlesDA so he could upload them, though might have a few mistakes but overall it works. the simple body with no neck pattern was missing, so for now the pony body is substitute. Sometimes when things are hard in life, everything just gets messed up along the way, not easy to untangle from this mess and even though i keep my pattern notes in a file, the notes that i didnt write down that comes naturally in mind is missing.

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Baby Grifin / Gryphon Pictures Only

For now just pictures, pattern will be updated as soon i remake the exact wings,
And improve the back legs, it just dont feel like a fierce lions feet... then again, when did amigurumi looked fierce in the first place?

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Basic Music

Okay, i have no knowledge on music writing or reading, but im so facinated with music that its already years in my to do list. So why not learn it through the net i told my self and walla!! I found a super awesome tool that turn my PC keyboard into Piano!! ("shh... i googled for the full version crack")

I made a midi short sound clip for my phone, and to me a novince, its pretty amazing!!! Err dunno how to upload it here so it gonna take sometime...

But anyway here is the software

and ... the crack just google it out, download the keygen and use it to register :) the best part i love of this software is the "String Ensemble 2"... It just soooooo beautiful... if you love melodic orchestra type music.

Baby Asian Dragon Amigurumi

Baby Asian Dragon
This is a mistake turn out great, well if there is errors in the pattern here (This is the original pattern that have not been tested out yet). I hope that you can understand the technique, so you know where the other part of the circle starts and ends. Just a note, the part where you have slip stitches, please do not do it tightly, or it will look weird.

Pattern Below :

Little Pony Version 2

Heart vs Hate Pony...
The horse/pony/unicorn/pegasus feelings kicked into me again. So here is the second version of pony :)

Patterns Below :

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Miniature : Fox Kyuubi Amigurumi

Hook Size : B (2.25mm)
Yarn : Acrylic "Nona Brand" (Slightly thinner then lionbrand)

 Note on Abbreviation used often :
inc = Increase
dec = Decrease
sc = Single Crochet
Additional Note : This is not doily, so when it says "5sc inc in all", it means "sc, sc, sc, sc,sc, inc" then repeat it till end of the row) 
The "Magic Ring 5 Chain" is a typo, its just 5mg or 5 magic ring / circle.

Due to a friends request and design, Mini Nine tails fox were made...
Its not as simple like the other miniatures i made, this is kinda tough, the tricky two color mode and the nine tails it self was painful... yes literally painful to my fingers as to flip the sharp point inside out as all of my patterns are inside out.
The Larger Version of this Fox is Here .

The below in plastic packs is on sale at moms shop, it is also made from the fox pattern, it kinda fits to most creatures, just change the ear and tail and expression... (Sorry, i lost the big fox pattern parts and dont wanna make em again, The pict of the big one is here )

Patterns below... Sorry need to click it to read...

Celebi Pokemon Amigurumi Development

Pokemon Celebi
(Project in pause for few weeks more, out of green yarn... )

 COMPLETED!! But as usual lazy to type down the pattern (=.o)

Okay making the head with two tone color of Black and light green is kinda tough for first time doing something from sketches and not directly from mind like i usually do. the small head was made first, but i wasnt pleased with the size, though it turn out just as i sketched, but the second head went awefully wrong though some what had that feeling of " I just must do this complete first before judging whether its satisfactory or not"... So i did the Bigger head first...

 Had to do the bigger head first, and realize YES!!! The bigger head is better, just need to look alot more like the smaller head with black patch. Or maybe i shouldnt have made the black eye patch, but i seriously hate painting over black patch as it doesnt feel nice. So maybe the 3rd head i make of celebi will be better... Aint giving up on it till i feel life in it.

Here is the completed First Pokemon Celebi Amigurumi (Similar size as the Pokemon Mew i made) The 3 Baby legends will be complete with the next one later on. For now, this one is completed on my plate, Bon Appetite :D hehe kidding :)

Will upload the Pattern when im actually satisfied with this...

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Pokemon Mew Amigurumi or so i think

I was trying to make a White Cat halfway got distracted after months i forgot what i was making without referring to my notes and after finishing i realized it suppose to be Chinese good-luck kitty but with a little mixture of cuteness it turn out into that white little "baby version" of Mew if Mew can look more "baby" like if possible :) Seriously i should focus on finishing something then dragging it for months, see what happens... :)

Pokemon Mew

Pokemon Mew with Bow and Bells (I love Bells)

Mixup Kitty Pokemon Mew

Pattern Below :

"Its a Pokemon!" thats the reply of a friend and so i decided to make a more actual look of Pokemon Mew and walla it turn out like the pink one above and Kawaii!!! I used the Pattern of Baby Dragon body again :) Its easy to recycle patterns then making one, infact i made a redundant White Baby Dragon Body and thought to turn it to kitty. Hehe..

Mew Head

Mew Ear
 Arm and Leg

 Dragon Body used in Mew
For the Tail, its similar to Arm, but at 3rd row replace with sc inc instead. and 5th row repeat sc in all and ONLY 1 Dec randomly or non till its long as you want.

Dragon Body may be a little altered if you want, by skipping row 6 and or 7, it will be just fine.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Wheel Bracelet Maker

Nostalgic memories during my diploma college years, i always wanted to tie one of this friendship bracelet on my guys wrist... and he always runs away. back then he was just a friend and i told him, if i tie it on his wrist, he will be my official bro... well glad i wasn't able to tie it. He manage to snatch both the bracelet and the wheel from me and hide it till now. Years later i saw my little cousin sis was wearing one of these and i asked for my wheel to make more of the friendship bracelet yet my sweetheart still doesn't wanna give me back my old friendship bracelet wheel as superstitious enough that i would tie one on him :P. So here i google up on bracelet makers but couldn't find what im looking for till i bump into this site... its exactly what i meant :D <-- this has a template on making your very own marudai (the disk looking thing) <-- this is a must try for making the bracelets, its flash and the pattern-making tool is great too

So once again i used a small polystyrene board and a cd to draw the layout on and cut the polystyrene circle out, then i divided 32 equal sections and cut half a centimeter at the edges just like the kumihimo tutorial. and of course i cut off the center hole making it a little bigger from the cd inner circle shape.

(The pictures will be posted as soon as i get my net and my cam working again... but please do take a look in the second links gallery, it has practically everything i was mumbling about.)

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Miniature Amigurumi Dolls

The Site is Being updated... and yeah it takes time...  maybe weeks depending on my free time.

Miniature Version of Amigurumi Character...

My Default Version that can be manipulated into variety of characters.

-Default Simple hands are like the baby monkey, simple and plumpy
-Default Human Hands are like the ones on goku and ganesha like fist.

-Default Legs and Continue part of Tummy are also ganesha and goku parts.

(Chibi moon was made with the "Default Legs" with extra rows of sc in all and modifications, as the hand and the Lady type body pattern will be updated later but it was exagurated a little bigger then default size)
(Dragon Ball Goku Spiky Hair is made of several cones sewed on,  i stitched on about 6 cones of (3 magic ring, non stop repeats of sc, inc).)
(The cute fury thingy is made from the exact same pattern of the monkey head with fur instead of dark yarn with duck legs which havent been updated yet and may not as its too complicated to explain in words)
( Baby monkey, i use the same "Default Legs" and stopped at row 5, i add in 2 rows of "sc in all"... then i sewed the body up. the body "Plain Baby Body" ... err should be a normal sphere where the maximum circumferences is made of 25 to 30 sc. add in couple rows and walla...)

The Patterns are below...

Thursday, April 14, 2011

My Experience in 3D Games Art

Recently i went for Games Art training at CG SKILL, its a 3 month course which you get paid for learning, allowance actually. The best part was, i finally got to learn 3dmax and im amazed with 3dmax's abundance of tools. The teacher was incredibly patience and willing to teach us in depth even when we missed out a few lessons or didnt understood till had to repeat alot. The weird thing is i do art as a hobby for relaxation, but imagine doing "relaxation" non stop... which led me to super relaxed mode and had to take up Math to find the fuel (stress) so i can relax more... weird right? Oh yes, i passed my maths and also this 3 month training, Here's my art works...

My Feelings... The concept art is as blur as me which you can find at, but my favourites are below :D

Avalakia Healing Enchanted by ~sharastar on deviantART

My other Final Video uploaded at myyoutube

Friday, April 8, 2011

My First 3D Beading

I got to admit it, 3D Bead making is tough for beginners...

It all started with my mom reviving her craft passion in her with beads, she taught me how to make rings with tiny beads (which my mom dont wanna share online :( ...) and so i googled up for more techniques on beadings. Instantly falling in love with 3d beading and learned alot from few sites and mostly swarvosky, um at the allcoolcraft channel in youtube. I didnt understand what she says, but i understood the technique...

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Horse Amigurumi

My little Crochet Horse Amigurumi.

My final satisfied horse, fuh... it took several tries to make it and here it is my black stallion that fits a dark knight, though it has no armor on, but it looks great and the wire in it legs is working wonders to pose him.

Did several type with many techniques... however its a mix and match.

The pink horse below is large head with thin legs.

The pinky white tiny pony like without its hair is large head with large legs.

The black one at the top of the page is small head and thin legs adding extra row of "sc, inc in all for the front legs". (This one is made of that fur like black yarn with minlon black yarn, and the neck is made with sewing the rectangle patch of hair part and a patch of the front neck into cylinder like shape)

The plain white one is the first trial and the body is made in 2 parts where the back legs are made first then joining to the front of the body. (Failed to get the pattern down though).

Few more that aint attached to each other is yet to be uplaoded in the future (so as any changes or varieties of parts) Hopefully i will manage a pegasus wing next...?

I know i have been away for some really long time, so here is something i had in mind for sometime, Partially done...

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Bottle Bag or Iphone Pouch?

I haven't updated the blog recently as things getting hectic and "normal" again. So here goes something i manage to make during the "waiting for train" breaks and an hour from saturday's. Besides that been working on mini iphone pouch.

How i made the top one : Its NOT CROCHET, though the side edging are :P its mostly Knitted on simple garter stitch for around 42rows i think... then crochet the bottom edge with flat crocheted circle. It started with 7 magic ring and i kept increasing till it reaches 42 to whip stitch the knitted side. Um... i did use mattress stitch to join it up into cylinder and made a handle of 3 or 4 knitted rows then attaching it to the top. The bottom part is plain large circle mat, divided by 7 and stitched on every 5th stitch as 2 stitches spacing for yarn knot it up into a flower. (Somehow the circle bottom is larger than the cylinder rectangle above)

Iphone Pouch : I usually make a plain rectangle of... 24 to 30 chain and work rows of sc above it for crochet or just 15 cast on chains and work 6 ro 9 rows with 10mm knitting sticks. With just plain rectangle i play with folding it and whip stitching the sides leaving. The most simplest thing for a beginner to do which have the basics. (After all, this is what i did recently trying to learn knitting :P Am still learning too, more to practicing)
The Luminate